90'S Costumes

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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Bill Wig for Adults

Be Excellent..

. To Your Hair Bill and Ted have a simple motto.

Be excellent to each other. Really, the world would be a totally awesome place if we all adhered to that one rule.

We would all be giving each other hi-fives in the streets. The whole world would be filled with rockin guitar solos.

Truly, it would be a utopia. So, why not start now.

You can be just like Bill, spreading excellence across the land but youre going to need to start by being excellent in your choice of hairstyles. Bill S.

Preston Esq. has a pretty tubular do, so maybe thats the place to look for inspiration!

Design & Details This officially licensed Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure Wig gives you the signature style of Bill S. Preston Esq.

Its made out of synthetic fibers and its designed in the tight curly style that hes so well known for. It fits with an elastic mesh net on the interior and it pairs quite well with our Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure costumes.

The Hair Utopia The future is now! You can begin spreading excellence to the world.

You just need a totally radical attitude and this awesome wig. Oh, it also doesnt hurt if you can get your best bud to dress up like Ted!