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101 Dalmatians Patch Headband, Collar and Tail Kit

Make That 102 Can you imagine how much fun it would be to be part of the 101 Dalmatians family? You could cuddle in the biggest, softest, and sweetest puppy pile ever.

The London winters would be nothing if you were around all your spotty brothers and sisters. Not to mention all the fun you'd have when playtime was over.

No creature knows how to have nearly as much fun as a puppy does! Do you have what it takes to become a delightful little Dalmatian puppy?

It's easier than you might think. Slip into this set and you'll be ready to join your new 101 siblings!

Product Details This fully licensed Dalmatian set from Disney makes it easy for you to transform into a puppy. It features a headband with an embroidered puppy face and floppy ears.

The red collar secures around the neck with a hook and loop fastener. It is embroidered with the name Patch and has a gold medallion hanging down from the front.

A white stuffed tail can attach to belt loops or a cord around your waist with a loop that secures with hook and loop fastener to make slipping it onto any ensemble nice and simple. Perfect for playtime and Halloween trick-or-treating, this 101 Dalmatian set from Disney is sure to be a favorite of dog fans everywhere!


101 Dalmatians Pongo Headband Collar & Tail Kit

Quick Change Sure, there may be 101 Dalmatians to choose from, but there's only one leader of the pack: Pongo. Pongo is loyal, laid-back, playful, and smart, Pongo is the perfect petand protagonist!

Hey, actually, Pongo sounds a bit like you. You're known to stand by your friends no matter what, to roll with the punches and take life as it comes, to start the best games and keep the mood light, and to be crafty, witty, and come up with the best plans!

But all that running around, playing matchmaker, and helping your friends plan their Halloween costumes have left you without your own. Classic Pongo, always looking out for others and helping them first.

Have no fear, faithful friend! You can simply add this 101 Dalmatians Pongo Kit to your own black (or black and white) garments and poofyou've managed to turn yourself into your favorite classic character in a flash.

Product Details This cute kit turns you into Pongo from ears to tail! It contains a headband with Dalmatian ears, an attachable spotted tail, and a replica of Pongo's collar, complete with his embroidered name.

You could take time to draw black spots all over your face, too, if you want, but this costume's so cute, you probably won't need to!


1950s Drive-in DIY Kit

Drive-in 101 If you're about to hang out in a 50's diner, you're gonna need to know a bit of slang. Back in the day, the local diner was the place for youths to hang out for hours and get a little rowdy.

With all the hubbub, the cool and collected waitresses came up with their very own slang to tell the cooks in back what to make next. Being cool cats, the waitresses kept on morphing the slang through the years and ended up with a brand new culinary vocab.

For instance, rye toast became whiskey down. A first lady is spare ribs.

And if a waitress hollered for the cook to make a Rueben but 86 the sauerkraut, the resulting sandwich would look pretty similar to a simple roast beef melt! Think you've got a little lingo down?

Well then, you're ready for the costume! Design & Details Whether you're hanging out at the diner or heading to a sock hop, this accessory kit will give you a touch of 50's style pronto!

This Made By Us kit features a classic polka dot scarf, perfect for tying around your neck, a pair of cat eyeglasses, and music note ankle socks. Pair them with a range of fifties looks from slacks, pencil, and poodle skirts and you'll be ready for fifties-style fun!


1960s Accessory Men's Kit

Hey, it's cool with us if you feel like letting your inner-hippie out for a little fresh air. It's a far out way to get in touch with the universe and hug your neighbor, man.

We don't wanna harsh your buzz or anything, but it takes a little more than putting on a tie dyed shirt and listening to some killer tunes in the back of a van to get into the spirit of the 60's. Adding a 1960s Accessory Kit to your groovy costume will make you look totally, like.


far out, man! This collection of flower power paraphernalia will have you looking like you just got back from Woodstock; including a cool pair of blue-tinted shades, a trippy looking headband, and a peace sign pendent, to show everyone that you're all about love, not war.

All you'll need to do then is remember not to bogart the chips, and everything will be totally chill, man!

1960s Mod Accessory Kit for Women

This is a 1960s Accessory Kit.


3 Piece Mouse Accessory Kit

This costume is a mouse-terpiece! Some people shriek in fear of mice, but we can't get enough of them.

Their twitching noses, their fuzzy bodies, and their cute pink ears make them one of our favorite animals, so we can see why you're looking to dress as a mouse. Crafting your costume, using accessories and pieces of clothing you already have in your closet, is a sure-fire way to have a one of kind animal themed costume.

This 3 piece mouse kit will definitely make your task a whole lot easier. This kit comes with the ear headband, the pink bow tie, and the long safety-clip tail.

Just pick up a gray crop top and a matching tutu to get the look that is showcased here. We have a feeling that you'll love this costume you created and you'll go as far as to say that it's a mouse-terpiece (ha, see what we did there?

). Also, you may want to keep a block of cheese in your purse because we have a feeling that you'll get a sudden craving for it!