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DIY Black Mask for Adults

Ahh, a fresh slate. This smooth black plastic mask is just waiting for you to take control of its destiny.

How good does that feel? It almost reminds you that life is full of possibilities, just begging for your brilliant and creative ideas.

What can you do with this mask? It's really up to you.

Paint it. Glue some craft supplies on it.

You could even leave it blank for the minimalist effect. The whole world of Pinterest is at your fingertips.

With all those ideas out there, you should probably get more than one of these. Masked events are good ways to hide your face but show what you've got in that noggin of yours, especially when you've decorated your own mask.

Maybe you've gone the sparkly route, maybe you've done something truly avant-garde. We've got ideas but we're not going to interrupt your stream of creativity, we know you're brilliant.

Just remember to have fun with it. Oh, and send us a picture of your creation, just for fun.

We're totally not going to steal your brilliant ideas, we would never dream of it. .

$5.99 $4.99

Military Style Gas Mask for Halloween

Your cousin Mick who built the bunker in his back 40 might be a little odd. He says some weird things like the end of the world is nigh!

Heck, the only nigh you know is Bill Nye, who is trying to save the world from global warming, and greenhouse gasses. Maybe thats what Mick means!

He's just trying to recommend that everyone pick up any necessary accessories to help deal with the problems in the world until we've got a clear fix for them all. Alright, maybe we're giving Ole Mick a little more credibility than he deserves.


but he does create a pretty great character when it is time to gear up in some Post-Apocalyptic style gear. Grab one of these Military Style Gas Masks and you'll look like you're ready to button down in Micks bunker during the end of the world.

You know it's going to go great with your other wasteland wear thanks to the clear plastic visor and open front. Elastic keeps the mask in place, so it is easy to wear and toss off when it is time to party down bunker style.

$12.99 $14.99

Scary Nun Mask

Listen, sometimes our costume designers make cute princess costumes for kids. Other times, they create monstrosities like this scary nun mask.

Just look at the dang thing! This thing looks like it crawled out of a Dean Koontz novel and, quite frankly, it gives us the heebie jeebies.

Yeah, you can thank Randi on our Product Development team for the impending nightmares that this creepy mask will give you. (That girl has a twisted mind.

)Of course, if you're here, looking at this disturbing Nun mask, then you probably like scary things, just like Randi. You probably want to use this thing to scare your friends and family, and we have to say, that it totally delivers.

The mask is made of molded latex that's shaped to look like a ghastly nun with black blood flowing out of her eyes, because..

.hey, why not?

So, when you're ready to give everyone in your neighborhood some nightmares, just put this thing on and head outside!

Woman Mask

Have you ever really wanted to give someone the ol'Shyamalan surprise, you know, the classic M. Night twist, when you straight up blow someone's mind right off the face of the earth?

Well, speaking of faces, we've got an idea..

.and it's so crazy, it might just work.

Step one, throw this Soft and Sexy Woman Mask on with your next costume. Step two, either subtly or suddenly rip it off at some point during the night.

And that's the whole plan, just two easy steps. You'll be sure to give everyone whiplash when they have to do a double take.

With the high quality of the mask, you may even see the victims of this prank continuing to search through the party for Judy or Heather (or whatever the fake name was that you used). So whether you feel like pulling a fast one on your friends this Halloween or if you'd like to dress in drag this Soft and Sexy Woman Mask is sure to help perfect your illusion.