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American Flag Bandana

She's a grand old flag indeed. It's a little funny we call her that considering she's been changed around here and there quite a few times, and is younger than a ton of other flags out there.

She's always been there to blanket you in freedom and democracy. We feel like everybody before us has basically been patching her together this whole time like some quilt until it was finally passed down to us.

Now it's our turn to carry it with pride, because it's not just a flag but a representation of everything we hold dear and traditional. It's only natural we should be there to keep it waving high in the sky.

Proudly show off your patriotism with this fantastic American Flag bandana. It can keep your head cool and out of the sun or you can wave it around during the fourth of July parade or fireworks display.

It's a perfect accessory to add to any outfit in any way you want.

Betsy Ross Girls Costume

Is your little girl looking to go the patriotic route this Halloween? Does she love the USA so much that she even dresses up for the 4th of July?

Has the opportunity to portray one of Americas great historic figures finally come a knocking at her door? Well, then we have the perfect costume for your kiddo!

Transform your little one into a historical heroine when you grab her this Girls Betsy Ross Costume. Thats right, your very own child can dress up and portray the first woman to ever sew an American flag.

What a great honor for your little girl! The dress is inspired by the style from the days of the American colonies in the late 1700s.

The long skirt, however, is a more modern addition to this old-timey fashion. Instead of having your kiddo carrying around a freshly sewn American flag, we compromised and had the skirt designed after the flag.

The skirt itself has red and white vertical strips and the attached apron is star-spangled blue. Also included with the dress is an adorable white mobcap to top off this patriotic transformation.

If your little one is a fan of accessories, you can bring this costume to the next level of authenticity when you grab a set of shoe buckles and an old fashion pair of wire-framed glasses. Let your little girl show off her love for history as well as her patriotism when you grab her this Betsy Ross Costume.

Just dont be surprised if your little one grows up to lead the next great revolution against oppressing forces when you set her up with such an amazing historical figure as a role model!

Flag Dress Costume for Teens

Let your patriotic flag fly, why don't you? That a girl!

We actually heard that you have been looking for a way to celebrate your country--and your sense of style--for a while now, so we have some good news for you, friend! We have it on good authority that you will have Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam in proud tears when you slip into this stylish Teen Flag Dress.

Plus you will have the time of your life wearing it. Talk about the pursuit of happiness!

This dreamy dress offers an effortless look that also proudly displays the stars and stripes of the United States flag--a true classic! And, really, what more could you want than that on the 4th of July?

Besides burgers. And fireworks.

And a long weekend. And sparklers.

Or maybe you are looking to wear this sheath dress on Halloween. We say let it fly!

You do you, girl. A patriotic costume is always a crowd pleaser.

Remember, this is America, so even if you just want to wear a flag dress to class on a random Tuesday, go for it. This dress is easy to wear almost anywhere, with its simple silhouette and fun, draped striped panel; but its also eye catching enough to feel celebratory any day of the year.

Pick up a pair of red or black heels or festive flats to complete the look and you will not only have our iconic patriots in tears, but youll be revered by friends and family all day long.

Flag Dress Costume for Women

Attention patriotic ladies! If youre looking for a festive look you will love, be warned.


it will only take five minutes of your wearing this dress before you pledge your eternal allegiance to it. And we agree, this fun frock could not be cuter, cooler, or more country-lovin!

Liberty and justice for all are not just words you repeat into thin air, you are the walking embodiment of American aspirations. When you wear this Womens Flag Dress to a 4th of July cookout, holiday parade, or even a Halloween party, everyone will be able to see, plain and simple, where your loyalties lie.

And we bet more than a few partygoers will pledge more than their allegiance to you, my dear--like their eternal love and undying devotion--because this dress isnt just patriotic, its downright sexy! The burgers and dogs wont be the only things sizzlin this July!

Youll feel like youre being followed by your own fireworks display as you strut around in this dress! So what are you waiting for?

Let your flag fly while looking totally trendy and stylish in the stars and stripes. Anyone can put together a look of blue denim, a white tee, and a red bandana but only a bold style maven would dare wear a flag (and make it look so great)!

Pick up a pair of red high heels or find some fabulous flats to accessorize this fitted yet flowing garment. Talk about the pursuit of happiness!


Men's OppoSuits United Stripes Suit Costume

O say, does that star spangled bann-n-ner yet wave..

. When Francis Scott key penned the Star Spangled banner in 1814, he was probably wearing a dark wool double breasted jacket, as we're sure it was a long night sitting in Fort McHenry watching the British bombard the American forces.

He probably never could have imagined that the stripes he held so dear would someday be able to emblazon the suit coat of a modern American, and we're just surprised it took another 200 years to achieve it! Leave it to the suit making masterminds at OppoSuits to finally put them on a coat.

This two piece suit with tie has the classic OppoSuits slim cut suit style, but of course it's infused with a massive dose of patriotic style because, well, 'Merica yo! The striped red and white coat perfectly contrasts the brilliant blue pants, and of course it comes with a coordinating tie so that the wearer can rock the stars and the stripes whenever they feel like it.

This stylish suit set is perfect for the 4th of July, the Olympics, or even for when you have to travel to the Capitol to lobby your senator. Because what's a better way to make an impression than by dressing in the most American way possible.



OppoSuits Stars & Stripes Summer Suit Men's Costume

America the Beautiful There is no image more glorious and patriotic than the U.S.

flag. Why just the thought of that majestic red, white, and blue colors slowly rippling in the wind makes us quiver just a little bit.

It makes us feel the history of this great nation and it makes us remember all of the blood, sweat and tears that our former Presidents put into this country! It makes us want to celebrate this country like our forefathers intended.

Celebrate the 4th of July exactly as our forefathers would have wanted us to! Go break out all of your fireworks.

Get the barbecue started. Put a game of baseball on the TV.

Start baking that apple pie and for goodness sake, put on your Stars and Stripes Summer Opposuit. Product Details This adult Opposuit comes with flashy style based on the iconic American flag.

It comes with a pair of shorts, a short-sleeved jacket and a necktie. Yes, you read that right!

This wacky suit scoffs in the face of tradition by offering the jacket and pants in a summer-friendly style that will help keep you cool, while you keep cool during 4th of July weather. The blue jacket with stars on it and the shorts are bright red to create the look of the patriotic flag.

The tie comes with a red and white stripes pattern to match. The Forefathers Salute You When you wear this mens Starts and Stripes Summer Suit, youll be making your forefathers proud!

You can imagine George Washington nodding in approval at the very sight of this majestic look. You can almost hear the voice of Thomas Jefferson whispering, Awesome suit, dude.

You can almost even feel Abraham Lincoln shaking your hand. You can well, you get the picture.

This suit is going to make you feel very patriotic!