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10 Foot Towering Animated Grim Reaper Prop

Not so Terrible Travel Guide When you signed up to go on the trip of a lifetime, you didn't think that your travel guide would be death, himself. At first, you were a little bit worried about him taking you to your final destination.

But since there were no refunds available, you went ahead with your journey. Turns out, it was a pretty amazing adventure!

The pictures you got of the River Styx are like nothing you've ever seen on the Instagram of your globetrotting pals. You were able to meet long-dead souls like Aristotle and Edgar Allan Poe.

As soon as Death dropped you off on the right side of the veil, you gave his services 5 stars and let him know that he could always visit you, as long as he waited until your old age before harvesting your soul! Product Details This Reaper figure will make a wonderful host for your Halloween display!

He stands at an awesome 10 feet tall. Plug him in and his eyes will glow and blink.

He moves his jaw and moves his head while repeating four different phrases that are on volume control to perfect it to your setting. Death has wide skeletal hands and a dramatic robe that flows around his eerie body.

You can choose from three different activation modes: steady on, motion sensor, and the step here pad. Perfect for a wide variety of Halloween displays, the Reaper is sure to be a favorite prop for many Halloweens to come!


10ft Looming Ghoul Archway Animated Prop

Scaring is Caring There is only one night a year when scaring the living daylights out of your nearest and dearest is considered a kind and considerate thing to do Halloween! On Halloween, people want to live in another world, one of ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and sure, gobs and gobs of candy.

So do the generous thing this year. Simply deck out your doorway in this Looming Ghoul Animated Archway Prop and your Halloween party will start out on the right mangled foot, immediately.

You know what they say about first impressions, after all. They are everything!

This decoration doesn't let your guests get a second of peace once they arrive at your door they will know it promises to be all fright, all night. Awww.

That's so sweet of you. What a good friend you are!

Design & Details Both clever and creepy, this decoration declares your doorway a portal into the realm of terror. It's a sturdy metal frame with printed curtains draped inside and a ghastly ghoul on top.

The printed curtains say "Enter If You Dare" atop the image of an old, creaky door. The frame creates the ghoul's tall spindly legs, and when activated, the creature's eyes light up, its torso rocks, and its mouth moves as it speaks 5 different spooky phrases!


36 Inch Fortune Teller Witch Animated Prop

Fortunately Fantastic! Being three feet tall, you have often struggled to make people respect and fear you the way they fear the other witches in your coven.

Haggerda gets tribute from her terrified town, Morgana never wants for anything, while you cant even get your town to stop trying to buy your potions and spells! Well, maybe telling them their futures when they swing by will be enough!

You can look into your crystal ball and see what horrors await them in life! Will they drop their perfect marshmallows in the campfire?

Will they spill some of their water on the floor and then walk over it in their socks? Maybe they will get comfortable and cozy in bed and have to get up for something?

These horrible futures will be sure to keep those pesky townsfolk away and intimidated! A Cackle a Day Keeps the Villagers Away This 36 Fortune Teller Witch Animated Prop is the perfect addition to your household dcor.

The crystal ball and eyes light up for a very spooky effect that will definitely scare anyone who comes too close. The raggedy green and black outfit goes perfectly with the mottled green skin and perfect hair, giving that perfectly wicked look.

Neighbors and visitors alike will have a witching good time with this prop!

36 Inch Light Up Twitching Animated Scarecrow Prop

Outstanding in Their Field The thing about being a scarecrow is that a lot of people dont think about how much work goes into it. The schooling for the career can take years and that is followed by an apprenticeship.

All told, it can take more than a decade to be considered a full-fledged scarecrow. It takes a lot of courage, heart, and brains to succeed in this field!

The top of each class each year wins the honor of joining the scary scarecrow guild, which is a great honor indeed! On top of their regular duties keeping birds away from crops, these scarecrows also get to try their hand at being spooky decorations for people around Halloween.

That is what we want to bring to you! Scary Good Props We here at Halloweencostumes.

com only recruit the cream of the crop to be our props, which is why we are so excited to offer this 36 Twitching Scarecrow Animated Prop. The patched clothing and classic witchs hat make this costumed prop both thematic and interesting.

You will love the raggedy look, which is part of what makes this prop such high quality! If you are looking for a spooky scarecrow prop, this is the coolest animated one you will find!


36 Inch Little Top Clown Animated Prop

Step Right Up We know that clowns often look scary. In fact, their whacky proportions, unpredictable behavior, and strange clothing are the basis of many people's deepest fears.

But what they say and how they say it can also get beneath your skin if you're not on guard. And we haven't even mentioned the cackle yet, but trust us, a clown cackle tops the list of what makes these circus dolls so terrifying!

That's why this Talking Little Top Clown Animated Prop is such a perfect pick for your haunted Halloween party. It both looks and sounds scary, so your guests can feel that rush of spine-tingling fear on two levels.

You can add it to a whole Big Top theme or let it play amongst your mass of vampires, witches, zombies, skeletons, and the like. Each of the four phrases this clown says ends with one of those creepy, chilling cackles, too.

Design & Details When activated, this 36-inch clown waves his arms back and forth, lights up his yellow eyes, and moves his decaying teeth and mouth to say some irksome phrases 4 of them, to be exact such as, "Step right up kiddies, we've got the craziest place in town right here! Aha-ha-ha.



3-Foot Hanging Faceless Ghost Animatronic

Original Scare Tactic Though there are SO many good Halloween icons to choose from, but you can't argue that the ghost is the original haunted Halloween hero. Well, youcould argue it, but you would likely lose.

Ghost stories, ghost towns, ghost hunting, ghost encounters..

.the paranormal has been captivating lovers of the dark arts for generations.

But we thought it was time the white-clothed ghost got a bit of an upgrade worthy of the modern haunted house. After all, it's easy to pass up a simple ghost in favor of a flashy serial killer, a winsome witch, or a realistic skeleton.

But it's pretty hard to deny the power and terror of this Animatronic Hanging Faceless Ghost Decoration! It captures the nostalgic feeling of encountering a great ghost story as a kid, but it's made for the sophisticated scare-lover you've grown into.

Design & Details Motion, sound, and lights come together to bring this horrific hanging ghost to life. When activated, this 3-foot phantom's skeletal arms try to break out of its chains, it begins to emit the most tortured, haunting cries of agony and grief, and its eyes light up red (but you can't see its face!

). A tattered & stained white gauzy robe completes the piece for a most effective and unforgettable greeting for your guests.