Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Adult Avatar Aang Costume

Appa-rently Perfect Soaring through the air on a flying bison may not seem to be the perfect way to travel, but its a lot better than most airlines! Instead of cramped, tightly packed seats, you get copious legroom and great views.

Instead of airplane food, you get whatever Sokka has left uneaten in the bag. Instead of having to be aware of exits in case of a crash, you have very limited safety features Ok, that one is not as good.

The only real downside to travel by air bison is the smell. We dont want to go into too much detail here, but we think that Avatar Aang would agree that wet air bison smells about twenty times worse than wet dog!

Not to mention the hair that gets in your food, the bison-sized lice, and the cost of feeding him! Ok, maybe taking a commercial airline isnt so bad after all.

Ready for the Play This Avatar Adult Aang Costume was inspired by the monk outfits of the air nation. Aangs browns, yellows, and oranges are represented here in perfect detail, which pays respect to the traditions of the monks who raised him.

The molded mask has his trademark blue arrow and wide-set, curious, playful eyes. You will look the part of the Avatar when you wear this costume!

Looking Fire If you are out and about, just try to keep a wary eye out for a young man with a scarred face. He has been known to confront people in this costume by challenging them to a duel immediately in order to regain his honor!


Avatar Appa Pet Costume

This is aAvatar The Last Airbender Appa Pet Costume.

Avatar Appa Pet Costume

This is aAvatar The Last Airbender Appa Pet Costume.

Avatar Appa Pet Costume

This is aAvatar The Last Airbender Appa Pet Costume.

Avatar Last Airbender Katara Child Costume

The Power of Water Bending "Long ago the four nations lived in harmony with one another, until the Fire Nation attacked." Katara voiced this opening line that has influenced millions of viewers.

She is a pivotal character that influenced a lot of the story and quickly became a fan favorite. She was the first to find Aang frozen in the ice nearby her village, then from that moment was thrusted into a larger world.

She kept The Gaang together through thick and thin during their journey to defeat the Fire Nation. Now her outfit is available for your child to wear, taking up the mantle as one of the most capable water benders the world has ever seen.

This is a great standalone costume on its own, and gets even better if worn as part of a group costume with the rest of The Gaang! Product Details The Avatar Last Airbender Katara Child Costume comes ready to impress with details coming straight from the television series.

Your child will be immediately recognizable in the iconic blue combat robes, and they will feel like a powerful character ready to take on the Fire Nation.The gloves and bracers will make for some action inspiring poses as they dramatize their water bending skills.

Take Down the Fire Nation Through the strength of water and determination, Katara could accomplish anything she was set on doing and proving the old masters wrong. Now your child can take on inspiration from her and dress as her to the next costume event!


Avatar the Last Airbender Men's Sokka Costume

Water Tribe Pride If you got to choose, which of the four Avatar nations would you join? Each has its own rich history, culture, and customs.

And if you're more interested in combat, your options are certainly not limited! Each nation has produced its fair share of great warriors, both benders and non-benders alike.

And with a cool costume, you can join any of them you want! If you already know you want to sport some Water Tribe pride, then we have just what you need!

Get ready to look just like the "meat and sarcasm" guy we all love when you put on a Sokka costume. Add a trusty boomerang prop or your version of Sokka's space sword, and you'll be ready to defend your family from any Fire Nation invaders you come across!

Product Details Transform into one of the greatest Water Tribe warriors ever with this Adult Sokka Costume! It has everything you'll need to help you look just like this beloved character from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

It starts with a blue jumpsuit designed in the Water Tribe style, with white trim and fingerless gloves. Brown boot covers and a chest strap complete the look.

When you put on this ensemble, you'll look just like Sokka. Check out our other Avatar costumes if you'd like to get Team Avatar back together, or fly solo with your trusty boomerang.

Either way, the only thing you'll need to add now is a sarcastic sense of humor!