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Adult Pirate and Mermaid Toddler Mommy and Me Costume

First Mate Ahoy! You suited up for the adventure of a lifetimeparenthoodand now your little scallywag is ready for their first foray into the deep abyss.


of Halloween! You always had a feeling your baby may just be made of magic, and now that you see them dressed as a mermaid, there's no mistaking it.

And what is a mermaid without a pirate, sailing by her side, eh? And you, friend, are one fine pirate.

You look ready to tackle anything, from pillaging and plundering to on-the-go diaper changes, not to mention all the arggghhhhs! you'llbe yellin' when you can't sleep through the night.

This Adult Pirate and Mermaid Toddler Carrier Costume, then, is the perfect way to celebrate your new life as a seafaring swashbuckler. Of course, being a pirate doesn't make early parenthood any easier, but it sure is fun to pretend, right?

Plus, we hear having a mermaid in the house is an omen of good luck. And what parent doesn't need that?

Product Details This is one clever costumeit means your utilitarian baby carrier (yawn) magically transforms into a baby costume that includes an iridescent tail, body cover, and shell top! Your little mermaid will even get her own headband with a shiny star accompaniment.

You'll wear your best pirate gear and top it off with this hat and eye patch combo, and you'll both be ready to trick-or-treat to your heart's content. And while we think it would be pretty cool to be a mermaid, Halloween is a holiday celebrated only on dry land.

So, we're glad you two decided to kick it with us landlubbers for a night! Captain o' the Ship Just remember: no matter how much your little one wails, whines, or pleads.


you're the Captain! That may not mean much to a mermaid, mind you, but it should make you feel a little bit better.


Diver and Octopus Costume

Well, we see that your scuba diving expedition was successful. You did it; you managed to find the cutest creature under the sea!

Congratulations, you traveled all the way to Indonesia to take the plunge in one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the world. Hearing your tales of swimming next to a cluster of migrating turtles and touching exotic deep sea coral made us wish that we joined you on your travels.

When we heard your plans to scuba dive, we expected you to see some amazing aquatic curiosities, but we are blown away by your ability to discover the cutest critter we ever laid eyes on. Your octo-baby is absolutely adorable and a very rare creature at that!

Are you a scuba diving professional or was it just beginner's luck? We're also wondering.


can we hold your octo-baby? We've never seen anything SO cute!

Don't be surprised if you hear this question a lot when you are wearing this diver and octopus costume. This unique mommy-and-baby type costume will transform you into a deep sea scuba diver while transforming your bundle of joy into an octopus.

Just wear black leggings and a black turtleneck and put on the matching eye mask and the flipper shoe covers. Strap your own baby carrier over your shoulders and gently place your baby inside, then fasten the octopus cover over the carrier.

Don't forget to plop the cute octopus hat on your little one's head before you go out to show the world your special treasure. Everybody will be ten-tickled to see you two like this!


Diver and Shark Carrier Costume

Misunderstood Monsters Poor sharkies. They're not really as bad as all of those Shark Week specials would like us to think.

Most of them are sweet souls, who would rather swim through a rainbow-hued coral reef and play tag with the stingrays rather than chomp through a small boat or take to the skies so that they can eat people via a whirling tornado. In fact, when they swim up to divers, they're probably just looking for a cuddle!

Right? Maybe that's a little too far, actually - if you see a Great White, you probably shouldn't engage with it, but it's true that many sharks simply want to get as far away from us pesky humans as possible so that they can also enjoy a pleasant paddle.

Product Details Show everyone the beauty of human-and-shark relationships with this Shark and Diver Carrier Costume! Even the most shark-phobic individuals will swim up to you right away in order to coo over your darling baby shark.

The gray fabric cover features a shark's back and fins that attaches over a standard baby carrier, and pairs with a matching hat with shark's eyes, a pointed snout and adorable - um, we mean fearsome - fangs. As the diver, you are equipped with a goggle mask and flipper shoe covers so that you can keep up with your fishy friend!

Baby Shark Have the most unique and playful costume this Halloween by dressing as an intrepid diver with an undersea buddy. Maybe there will even be some Swedish fish for the shark to eat - as long as he has enough of his own fangs to gum them with!


Farmer and Chicken Carrier Costume

Better Than Whole Foods Today's consumers are all about mindfulness and sustainability. We don't just want to scarf down omelettes without thinking (most of the time, anyway).

We want to know if the chicken that produced the egg was happy and well cared for, pecking around freely and enjoying the feel of grass on its tiny chicken feet instead of being cooped up in a laying box all day. Some farmers go so far as to give tours of their facilities.

This farmer takes it a step further and brings the chicken anywhere he goes. Now that's responsible animal care!

Product Details Your little one will squawk with delight at being able to enjoy the Halloween fun and merriment! This super cute Chicken and Farmer Carrier Costume gives you the fun of dressing up with the ease of still being able to wear your baby.

A fluffy white chicken body with dangling orange feet straps onto a standard baby carrier with elastic bands. It comes with a matching cap complete with a chicken's eyes, beak and comb to keep your baby's head warm and cozy.

As for the farmer, you get a rustic burlap hat with a wide brim to keep the sun out of your eyes while you tend your flock of one. Chicken Little Give your neighborhood something to cluck about this year!

When it comes to having an adorable outfit while still having your hands free to hold a treat bag, you've got this thing nailed. We bet that you'll get extra candy corn!


Little Red Riding Hood and Baby Wolf Costume

An Unstoppable Alliance Little Red Ridinghood had a good reason to fear the wolf. The beastie wanted to gobble up everything in site.

He wanted to gobble up the basket of snack, he wanted to gobble up Grandma, and in the end, he wanted to gobble up Little Red as well! But what would have happened if Red and the wolf would have joined together?

Red could get the wolf as many snacks as he wanted and the wolf could be Red's wilderness guide. They could have all sorts of adventures!

They could climb mountains, eat at steak houses, zipline through pine trees, and watch the sunset over grandma's house while sharing a homemade pie. While the tale we know and love might have a happily ever after tagged onto the end but if our two main characters had formed an alliance, we think the whole tale could have been happy!

Costume Details This duo mother and child costume will be a blast for Halloween. No need to convince baby to wear their first Halloween costume, this carrier cover does the job!

The grey wolf costume slips over your front carrier and has stuffed arms and legs while your kiddo gets to wear whatever makes them happy and comfortable. Then, slip the red hood around your shoulders and you'll be ready to head to grandma's house in fairytale style!

Hear that Howl No one loves to hear their baby cry but it's a little more manageable when they're dressed like a wolf. After all, there's no better way to get a picture of your little wolf howling at the moon!

Perfect for heading out to a fairy tale themed party, reading event, or any Halloween event, this costume will keep you and yours both comfortable and festive. Now, that's a costume search with a happy ending!


Master Chef & Maine Lobster Costume

Consider the Lobster..

. and the mom!

It's tough being a chef, and it's tough being a Mom, too. It's just tough all around, mostly because there's never enough time in the day.

So, you've got to keep an eye out for the finer things in life and grab the time to enjoy them when you can. Sure, the old saying says to "Stop and smell the roses," but we think you should stop.


and wear a funny costume, instead. There's a couple different ways we could address this costume.

Yes, it's hilarious. The gag is that you, the adult, are a chef (possibly a famous one) and you're getting ready to cook a meal (possibly in a famous restaurant) and your baby is the lobster that you're going to "cook.

" Obviously, you're not really going to cook the kid, but it's quite funny when these two little opposites are put together. Get the Instagram ready!

The other way to look at this costume is that it's quite handy, too. First, you get two costumes in one, and when you're a mom saving time and money is of the essence.

Second, it's also very handy in that you can keep your child right in front of you at all times, while keeping your hands free. We call this a win-win.

The costumes themselves look very nice, with the chef being your standard chef look with a puffy hat on top. The lobster costume is bright red and orange with friendly eyes on the headpiece.

It's soft and comfy as well, so your little gourmand will remain happy all night long. Don't hesitate to enjoy this costume as much as you care to wear it.

Bon apptit!