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Toddler Costume Ride in School Bus

Get on the Bus Kids say the darndest things, dont they? Ask a kid what they want for breakfast and theyll say lasagna.

Take them to a fast food joint and theyll ask for Cheerios. Ask them where babies come from and they will give you an immediate and elaborate story about a baby fairy.

Ask them where the money comes from and they might say a Money Bush. Ask them where cats come from and theyll tell you the internet.

Seriously, what? Ask them if they are excited to ride on the school bus and, without skipping a beat, they tell you theyd rather be a school bus.

Design & Details A soft matt jersey fabric, this unique costume is also made out of a soft foam material and it fits around your toddlers shoulders, transforming him into a bright yellow school bus in the process. Your kid will be able to Vroom!

Vroom! all the way through your home as the mass transportation vehicle of his dreams.

Best of all, its one of our Made By Us costumes, so you can rest assured it was made with care by one of our in-house designers. You can worry less about the quality of the costume and more about what in the world your little one will say next.

Just make sure to teach him all the rules of the road before you send him off into the backyard to bring all those lucky people to class! Let's Go For a Drive We arent going to ask anymore questions.

Far be it from us to impede those burgeoning and lively imaginations. In fact, we want to help kids realize their goals, no matter how out-of-left-field they might seem.

The craziest dreams are usually the ones most worth pursuing, an adult once told us. So, for the kiddo that wants to be, erm, a school bus may we introduce to you our exclusive Toddler Ride in School Bus Costume!