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Bambi Thumper Soft Headband & Tail Costume Kit

Nearly Everybody Gets Twitterpated in the Springtime Fall in love? Eww, gross!

You'll never do that - unless you happen to meet a very cute little bunny with dewy eyes and a twitchy pink nose. In that case you'll have to admit that Friend Owl was right, but you'll be so infatuated that you won't mind if he does say "I told you so!

" Product Details You'll be twitterpated for this officially licensed Adult Bambi Thumper Soft Headband & Tail Costume Kit! The cloth-covered headband jas an attached face panel shaped like the upper half of Thumper's head.

Its details include embroidered eyes as well as soft-sculpted cheeks, snout and mouth, and two 3D ears lined with pink fabric. The tail is an oversized white pom-pom made of faux fur.

Bunny Love Dressing up as this famous bunny is sure to get you compliments. Find your fellow woodland friends and hop off in search of adventure!


Disney Bambi Flower Plush Headband & Tail Kit

You Can Call Me a Flower if He Wants To Does your little one ooze adorableness? Are they sweet, friendly, and maybe a teeny-tiny bit shy?

Do they love their friends, frolicking in the forest, and yes, even a nice long snooze in a bed of blooms? Any Disney fan or classic cartoon lover knows that it simply doesn't get any better than Bambi, and though there are so many lovable characters to choose from, your child has always had an affinity for the sweet skunk, Flower.

Wake your child up and tell them hibernation is over because thisDisney Bambi Plush Flower Kit is ready to make their Halloween extra special! In it, they can romp through the neighborhood and treat each home to their"pretty flower" nature as they knock on doors and ask (sweetly, of course!

) for candy. Design & Details Taken directly from the film, this officially licensed Disney costume kit comes with 2 pieces a headpiece and a tail.

Flower's face is created by slipping the plush likeness over your kiddo's head, thanks to a handy headband, while the black and white skunk tail can affix to an all black, or black-and-white, outfit to create the full appearance.


Disney Bambi Soft Headband and Tail Kit

Everybody Falls Down Have you ever tripped over nothing and gone sprawling on the ground? You're in good company.

Bambi knows first-hand the struggles of resisting gravity, but it doesn't stop him from having legendary adventures. Luckily for you, dressing as Bambi doesn't require you to learn to walk on all fours!

Product Details You'll be doe-eyed for this officially licensed Disney BambiSoft Headband and Tail Costume Kit! The fabric-covered headband is has an attached face panel that features embroidered facial features, a soft-sculpted snout and nose, a tuft of faux fur, and two 3D ears.

The clip-on tail is shaped like a deer's scut and lined with white faux fur. The Great Prince of the Forest Someday Bambi will have big shoes to fill, but right now he can focus on having fun with his forest friends.

This costume kit will help you fit right in among the woodland animals!