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Barbie Adult Ken Box Costume | Barbie Costumes

Far Out, Dude! Whoa, dude!

Who knew Ken had such a groovy style? Ken has worn a lot of outfits since his creation in 1961, but this has to be one of the most rad of them all.

However, what really makes this work look is the iconic pink box that Mattel has used since the very first Barbie. If you're looking to go retro this Halloween, this vintage style toy box is the perfect base for you.

He's so vintage, he's not even out of the package! This Barbie Adult Ken Box Costume is mint perfection.

Product Details The rockin' look featured in the photo is inspired by the Totally Hair Ken Doll from 1991. That's right, folks, he had fully styleable hair and even came with his own hair gel.

You'll have to get your own hair spray or hair gel to get the perfect hair swoop, but there are endless opportunities for outfits with this box tunic! The bright pink box is made of 100% polyester and comes with the poles necessary to hold its 3D shape.

Now, what to wear underneath it? Keep it fully vintage by copying an old Ken Doll look, like the model here, or try out something of your own creation.

No matter what, there is always the swim trunks and towel option! Break Out of the Box Mix it up this Halloween with a funky costume that really lets you get creative.

Everyone will recognize this signature look, so get ready to model that hot look like the Ken model you are! Whether you are going to a party with friends or taking your kids trick or treating in the neighborhood, this costume is sure to get smiles and laughs.

And maybe some candy? No promises, but come onwho can turn down Ken?


Barbie Styling Head Adult Costume

Party Style Its a rare person that doesnt want to play with a Barbie styling head. As a child, you physically could not keep yourself from doing Barbies hair or fixing her makeup, even if it wasnt your styling head.

And whether you stuck to the plastic compacts or grabbed Moms blush and your markers, Barbie was in for a treat! Now, when your toddler asks you to join those makeover excursions, you cant, and never want to, say no.

So, when you decided the goal of your costume party would be to get people interacting with each other, you knew you couldnt go wrong with the classic toy! But, setting a whole bunch of Barbie busts out might look more childish than macabre.

And while you want playful, you dont want playroom. Luckily, this Barbie Styling Head Costume is the perfect compromise!

Product Description Spark all the conversation with this officially licensed look! Inspired by the classic Barbie toy, this costume is sure to make you the host with the most playful costume!

The tunic style top pairs perfectly with your own leggings so you can effortlessly complete your look. Everything else you need to bring your favorite plaything to life is included!

Wear the shiny blonde wig and the headband with the bright pink bow to ensure your party guests have something intriguing to discussare bangs the right choice? Maybe that bow should be a scrunchy?

While guests debate and chuckle at their own childhood memories, you can rest easy knowing the styling tools are attached to your costume, so that perfectly polished Barbie hair and thoughtful costume makeup will be left untouchedvery unlike the styling heads of your youth. Halloween Playtime Halloween is all about having fun.

Bring playtime to the party with this Barbie Styling Head Costume for adults! Whether you hope your costume will inspire a guest to do your hair up nice, or youre just hoping to boost the nostalgia factor on the night, this officially licensed look is sure to help!


Women's Barbie Exercise Barbie Costume

Come On, Barbie, Let's Do Zumba And one! And two!

That's right, you got this! We can hear the thumping music of the old workout videos now.

It's back to the eighties with this Women's Barbie Exercise Costume! From the original 80s Barbie doll to the similarly styled Barbie of the Toy Story series, this leotard look has become a staple often seen in pop culture.

So, make this Halloween a throwback, grab your boombox, and get ready for some high knees exercises. And maybe some Burpees.

Kidding! You can make up your own routine, or have none at all, in this stylish retro look.

Product Details This electric blue leotard screams 80s workout videos and vintage fashion. Just step in, zip up, and start doing some stretches!

The leg warmers are not attached, so you can pull or scrunch them until they are just where you want them. The belt is also loose, so you can tie it however you please.

And yes, the wig IS included! Once the wig is just right, pull on the sweatband to complete your workout chic.

Want to take it one step further? A pair of nude heels will have you on your toes, just like Barbie.

(How does she work out with those feet, anyway?) Ready to Dance Every hair in place, Barbie?

Perfect. Like, how is Ken going to resist you in this outfit?

It is so groovy, girl! Forget Kenit's time to work out by hitting the dance floor!

Or maybe you are getting your steps in with your kids as they go trick or treating. Either way, this outfit is ready for anything, be it chasing down children or getting fancy at the Halloween dance.

Fashionable and fit, Barbie girl is ready to head out into a Barbie world!