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Big Hero Six: Tadashi Baseball Cap

Use Your Big Brain It's clear that Tadashi's head is more than just a hat rack. He's talented, warmhearted, and smart, and he takes great care of his smart-aleck younger brother.

Anyone who can build a huggable robot who makes going to the doctor fun and funny rather than a scary, needle-filled experience is a hero in our book! Product Details Show your passion for science and innovation when you wear this officially licensed Big Hero Six Tadashi Baseball Cap!

The black snapback-style hat has a plastic side adjuster band in the back, and its crown is embroidered with the red and gold logo of the fictional San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. Its stiffened bill keeps the sun out of your eyes while you work on your inventions.

So Simple, It's Genius If you want a great costume but don't want to take time away from your projects to dress in something elaborate, Tadashi is the perfect character choice for you! All you need besides a T-shirt and jeans is this cool hat.


Care Bears Fuzzy Grumpy Bear Cap

Genius Grump Grumpy Bear got it right. Sometimes a cheery disposition isnt going to help.

Just think about the last time you were cranky. We mean, real crankykick the furniture, frown at babies, ignore puppies kind of cranky.

Your cheery friend was zero help. Best intentions aside, their attempts to make you smile with jokes, treats, and happy songs just turned you into a bigger sourpuss.

But when an equally gloomy stranger bumped into you on the way home, they snapped a whats your problem at you. Their biting tone had you facing your crab-tastic mood head-on.

And, well, that had you feeling right as rain again! Design & Details Face all your grey moods head-on when you add this exclusive Grumpy Bear Care Bears Fuzzy Cap to your collection.

The genius accessory ensures you have Grumpys unique blend of sternness and cuddles at your disposal, thanks to our talented team of designers. A flat-bill cap is wrapped in super-soft faux fur to give the accessory a teddy bear-like feel.

Then, knowing that sometimes the best remedy to a sour mood is tough-love, Grumpy Bears signature glower is embroidered to the front. And with the two things combined, this officially licensed hat is sure to lift spirits whenever worn!


Dinosaur Kid's Baseball Cap

It's Always Dino Time Love dinosaurs? Who doesn't!

There's something so fascinating and awesome about huge, scaled creatures who once lumbered through the jungles and plains of Pangaea and occasionally ate each other as easily as we would eat chicken wings. Plus, after they died, their bones became basically undiscovered treasure.

People have been discovering dinosaur skeletons in crazy places! Will you be the next person to uncover a historical gem?

Product Details Look dino-mite in this fantastic Dinosaur Haseball Cap for Kids! The cotton twill cap's khaki-colored crown is embellished with an embroidered patch with the words "Dinosaur Expedition" surrounding an image of a T-rex's skeleton.

The brown pre-curved bill will keep the sun out of your eyes as you stake out your dig site and dust off your findings. Adjust it for size with the hook-and-loop band at the back of the cap.

Unearth Awesomeness Grab your pickaxe and get ready for fun! This hat will make every day feel like an epic expedition.


NASA Kid's Cap

This is a Kid's NASA Cap.

Sonic the Hedgehog Kids Cap

This is a Kids Sonic the Hedgehog Cap.