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15 Inch Bat Prop

Batstheyre ubiquitous creatures at every spooky house. Who knows why they have a thing for old mansions.

Maybe there are lots of dark nooks and crannies to hang upside down. Fast forward to your next Halloween party, and imagine hanging this 15 Inch Bat Prop in an inconspicuous location and waiting for your guests to scream in terror.

Yes, this bat is the perfect prank item! May we suggest that you name him and adopt him as a pet?

This black plastic bat has green eyes and floppy wings, which we think makes him truly adorable. It can be hung using the elastic band that is attached to the top of the wings of the bat or by five suction cups on the underside.

Great for scaring even the bravest of your friends! We understand these bats are fiercely loyal to their families, and spend many years of service scaring the bejeebers out of unsuspecting friends.

Treat it well and he wont fly away to the nearest mansion..

.just keep him happy by placing him in a dark box when not in use.


3D Make Up FX Bat Stickers

Batty for Bats Some people are scared of bats, but ghouls, vampires, witches and other shadowy specters know that these little critters are lots of fun! They eat disgusting bugs and their wings make a creepy but cool sound as they flutter through the dark.

Instead of having a cat familiar this year, why not choose a bat? Product Details Show your affection for the creatures of the night when you wear these Make Up FX Bat Stickers!

The cute plastic stickers measure approximately one and a half inches long to be small enough to attach on your face, shoulders, arms, and more. No glue is required thanks to their adhesive backing.

3-D details make these super fun accessories for a spooky outfit! Bat Attack We all know that bats don't just fly into people's hair.

That's definitely an old wives' tale. But did you know that they do love landing on your face and arms and anywhere else that they can get a good grip?

Scientists have just discovered this interesting fact. We're sure that makes you feel better about going outside at night!


3-Pack Black Bats Prop

Vampiric Vermin Technically, the word vermin refers to animals that are harmful to crops, spread diseases, or are generally a nuisance. However, many people use the word to simply describe animals that they personally dont want to have around.

Depending on where you live, bats may or may not qualify as pests. Although they do carry disease, they dont have much contact with humans, and they do an incredible service to ecosystems by eating thousands of truly pesky insects.

Somehow, bats got a bit of a scary reputation. And we have to admit, it is unsettling when they swoop around in large swarms at dusk, and we certainly wouldnt want to see one drinking the blood of cattle like they do in some parts of the world.

That particular habit is what earned them the name vampire bats, and ever since Dracula featured vampires that shapeshifted into bats, their image as a scary animal was fully solidified. We think theyre a great dcor option if youre looking for something a little eerie to put in your home!

Design & Details We made this 3 Pack of Black Bats so that you could add some spookiness to your home this year without having to keep any live animals on hand. Their bright red eyes and tiny fangs help them look like theyre ready to swoop toward you at any moment.

Hang them all together or spread them throughout different rooms to spread the scariness!

4FT Tall Inflatable Hanging Bat Decoration

The Only Thing Worse Than a Regular Bat Call the exterminator! Our house has bats!

But they're not just any bats. Please ask the company if they have extra-nets, because they're going to need them.

Do they all have their rabies shots, too? Product Details Frighten your friends with a 4FT Tall Hanging Bat Inflatable Decoration!

When fully inflated, the decoration resembles an enormous blue bat with outspread red wings. The mouth features white fangs, while the wings are tipped with white spikes.

Use the attached cords to hang it from a sturdy support.


80-Inch Black Bat Door & Window Panel Decoration

Going Batty Theres nothing quite as creepy as the experience of walking into a cobweb. Sometimes, theyre almost impossible to see, and can really take you by surprise.

Its startling to be casually walking along and suddenly have something stringy sticking to your face. So, while they might be a good element of Halloween dcor, most of us dont really want them in our house.

We recommend that you try bats instead! Bats still have that spooky factor but are much easier to see when you hang them up around your house.

We love to add them to our Halloween dcor! Product Details This 80-Inch Bat Door and Window Panel Decoration is a great way to add a bunch of bats to your space without hanging them up one by one.

If you hang it in a doorway, you might have to walk through it just like a spiderweb, but unlike a spiderweb, this decoration wont stick to you! If you like to decorate with bats, youll love this festive panel!


Adult Fleece Bat Costume

Meet Belfry. We call him that because he lives up in our tower's belfry.

Belfry is the first cuddly bat that we have encountered so we decided to name him. He's kind of like a pet to us.

We feed him insects regularly and sometimes we even snuggle. It's hard not to snuggle with a bat that is this soft.

Usually when you think of bats, spooky noises and icky wings come to mind, but our pet bat is different. He loves snuggles, kisses, and hugs.

Like Belfry, here, you can be the bat that everyone wants to be buddies with in this Adult Fleece Bat Costume! Once folks warm to you, you can teach them how wrong theyve been about bats all along; after all, many traditions see a visit from a bat as a harbinger of positive change.

Now that youve got them listening, you can tell them more! Like how bats can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes in an hour and can consume their body weight in insects every night.

Think of how many bug bites youd get in the summer without bats! Also, bat mothers can find their babies among thousands or millions of other bats by their unique voices and scents.

Awww. Were pretty sure wed be able to pick Belfry out of a crowd, too!

So snuggle up to this not-so-spooky costume and open your wings for lots o hugs this Halloween!