Batman Villain Costumes

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Batman: Arkham Origins Adult Deluxe Deathstroke Costume

The age old question: What superpower would you like? Many jump to flight and invisibility, but those are all pretty noticeable even invisibility leaves people wondering how the heck you get places without ever being noticed or vanish at the blink of an eye.

It only takes an observer one chance to see you jump into the air or fade into it before your identity is on the evening news and people come running to figure out precisely what makes you tick. At least in our real society, you need some abilities that have a few more subtle qualities.

Strength, speed, prodigious wit, subtle-but-exceptional regeneration. Any of those powers would be particularly helpful and could be easily enough explained away by the suggestion that anyone viewing them was simply mistaken.

Or, better yet, join a combative group as a mercenary or military soldier and not only are your skills explained but you have a profound use for them. A few examples of superpowered folks have appeared throughout the multiverse with a net of such abilities, though one always stands out particularly dark and intriguing.

We didnt say superhero powers, after all. So, perhaps you want to make use of all those powers and couple them with some astounding swordsmanship.

If so, you might be the perfect candidate for a new super serum by stepping into this Batman: Arkham Origins Adult Deluxe Deathstroke costume. The guy has been all over.

Fighting the Teen Titans, Batman, and Arrow, hes got a grudge against him from lots of pretty beefy folks, but were not at all worried for him. With this molded foam chest piece armor and a dark tinted jumpsuit with printed design throughout the gear to reflect Deathstrokes unapproachable style, youll be ready for anything.

And, even better, the molded vinyl mask protects your secret identity from any upstart heroes!

Boys Two-Face Costume

Even though Batman is one of the most beloved comic book, movie, and TV characters of all time, not EVERYONE loves Batman. Some kids are a little devious.

Heck, some kids are a little villainous. Why deny them their nature and force them to be a hero?

At least thats the path that Harvey Dent took when he became the notorious Two-Face villain in the Batman series. Villain or not, we all know that Harvey had his own demons that he struggled with.

From being envious of Batman to falling in with the wrong crowd, Harvey could never quite make things work in his favor, no matter how hard he tried to do the right thing. In the end, his emotions got the better of him and he felt the only way he could truly make his mark was to fight against Batman instead of with him.

This Boys Two-Face Costume is for the boy who spends his time concocting villainous schemes and kids who have a strange penchant for flipping coins. This costume is officially licensed from the Batman series and is made of 100% polyester for a comfortable, breathable fit.

The shirt is a one-piece garment with the tie, jacket, and faux pockets it attaches with a Hook and Loop fastener closure in the back. Also included are the matching pants.

The costume also comes with the classic face mask and, to complete the look, a printed, foam, two-sided coin. No true Batman group costume would be complete without this two-faced villain!


Kids Deluxe Bane Costume

Even fans of the Gotham Rogues will be impressed by the detail on this Kids Deluxe Bane Costume. Hey, its never fun to have your favorite teams season cut short by a masked madman and his reign of terror.

But we think its a good idea to let bygones be bygonesespecially when they result in a great-looking outfit like this! And we dont think that anybody could be more stylish than the Dark Knight.

But style isnt that important when youre powerful enough to shut down a whole city! Thats why official set comes with a rugged, action-ready jumpsuit featuring a molded chest piece, knee pads, and a plastic belt.

With a latex version of Banes signature mask and a leathery-looking gauntlet, itll make anyone look tough enough to survive in the darkness of an underground prison! Though Bane might be seriously evil, hes nothing if not hard-working.

How else could he have gotten the strength to snap Batman in half like a toothpick? And who can deny that the villains chilling voice and calculating personality give him some of the best lines in the movie?

You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it!

For a guy with just one name, he sure has a way with words! And someday, you and your child can analyze them to better understand the razor-thin line between the Caped Crusader and the lunatics he battles.

But for now, just let your child enjoy their time behind the mask!