Bob's Burgers

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Adult Bob's Burgers Bob Costume

Bob Belcher is just man with a passion for meat. Burgers, that is.

Some of his creations include the Total Eclipse of the Havarti Burger, the Cole Came, Cole Slaw, Cole Conquered Burger, and even the Take a Leek Burger (which comes with sauteed leeks). Yes, his creations might go unappreciated by his regulars, like Teddy, the guy who once tried to eat a sponge, but WE admire his guts, his skill with a patty and his sheer determination to be the best burger man the world has even seen!

Of course, we also have a healthy appreciation for that mustache too! Chances are, you probably admire one of those things about Bob too, otherwise you probably wouldn't be eyeing this Bob's Burgers costume!

This licensed Bob's Burgers Costume will have you looking like the swarthy burger chef from the cartoon series. It comes with his signature apron, so you'll be ready to grill up one of your newest burger sensations, like maybe the Fry Hard Burger (burger with a hard fried egg), or perhaps you could attempt to Chick Cor-Pea Burger (comes with chick peas).

We also recommend starting an intense rivalry with that pizza chef across the street, Jimmy Pesto.

Adult Bob's Burgers Gene Costume

Not everyone can be just as cool as Gene Belcher, the outgoing burger boy at Bob's Burgers! He has everything an 11 year old guy could want, like a hamburger suit, a cheap MIDI keyboard that can play fart noises AND dog barking sounds and he even has his own Beefsquatch mask.

The only thing that could possibly improve his life is if he could finally be reunited with fancy talking toilet (alas, his $14,000 toilet now resides on King's Head Island). Do you want to be as cool as the middle child of the Belcher family?

Well, now that's completely possible with this licensed costume from the show, Bob's Burgers.With this Gene Belcher Costume, you can finally become your favorite hamburger clad kid.

It's a burger-shaped tunic, so it immediately invokes the style of the cartoon character. You may even feel like working a shift at the restaurant or heading off to Wagstaff to make fun of Mr.

Frond (even though you'd probably rather be enrolled in Fart School instead). Of course, you'll need to get your own MIDI keyboard, complete with an array of weird sound effects, if you want to put on a show like the real Gene Belcher.


Adult Bob's Burgers Linda Costume

Are you in love with dinner theater? Do you obsess about synchronized swimming?

Did you break it off with a mildly annoying City Health Inspector to start a relationship with an aspiring burger cook with a swarthy complexion and a magnificent mustache? Then you might just be Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers!

She's the one-woman chorus that's ready for song and dance between serving burgers of the day to loyal patrons of her family's restaurant and trying to keep her sister, Gayle, from going completely bonkers. Of course, if you find yourself feeling a bit like Linda, then we may just have the perfect costume for you.

This Adult Bob's Burgers Linda Costume brings you the signature look of Bob's number one gal from this cartoon series. It includes the apron worn by her during a hard day of work at the burger shop.

It even has the Bob's Burgers logo right on the side, so everyone will know that you're hard at work serving up lunch. To truly be in character, you're going to need to practice up on your show tunes, since no Linda costume is complete without a flashy song and dance number in the middle of serving up the burger of the day.


Adult Bob's Burgers Louise Costume

Hey, taking over the world through the use of voodoo while trying to hide your secret crush on Boo Boo AND while tormenting Mr. Frond, is tough work, but Louise never gives up on the task.

After all, one of the Belcher family kids has to shoot for the stars! (Gene and Tina certainly aren't going to do it.

) She's one of our favorite characters from Bob's Burgers, from her adorable pink bunny hat, down to her maniacal laugh and even her affinity for her Kuchi Kopi night light. If you're interested in world domination, bright colored hats or even just working a few shifts at the family burger joint, then this licensed costume may be perfect for you!

This Adult Louise Costume turns you into the scheming, yet amazingly adorable daughter of Bob and Linda Belcher! Since the costume comes with her signature green frock and the necessary bunny hat (which you will never want to take off of your head once you have it), you should have no problem getting into the role.

Of course, if you plan on convincing everyone that you're the one and only Louise, you may just have to cook up some kind of kooky get-rich scheme to pair with your new look!

Bob's Burgers Kuchi Kopi Adult Acrylic Beanie

Ambiguous Buddy Have you ever wanted to feel simultaneously safe and creeped out? Yeah, most people haven't.

But here, to change all that, is Kuchi Kopi from the world of Bobs Burgers. He's small, green, and has an unknown origin that quite honestly just makes us more intrigued by this little guy.

His look suggests Kuchi Kopi comes from a Japanese manga. The fact that Bob's daughter, Louise Belcher, has several everyday items designed to look like the lime-green creature only supports that idea, but the ruling is still out.

It doesn't help that Bob also is noted to reference Kuchi Kopi asa spirit that can be different things to different people, suggesting he may in fact be some otherworldly being. Product Description Wherever your beliefs about Kuchi Kopi land, one thing is for sure, he's got us caught up in his bizarre, yet adorable, look.

With a Bobs Burgers Kuchi Kopi Adult Beanie, you'll have a simple way to bring Kuchi Kopi into your life and share his likeness with the world. This bright green, knit beanie is one size fits most and sure to bring a smile to your face every time you catch a glimpse of his wide-eyed stare in the mirror (assuming it doesn't actually startle you).

Case Closed? Okay, we've been doing just a little more thinking on this whole Kuchi Kopi mystery and we're starting to side with Bob.

Just think of his importance to Louise or how he comes to Bob in Bob's time of need. Very spooky.

Very exciting. Are you convinced?


Bob's Burgers Louise Women's Hat

Just like Louise Belchers, your mind is an intricate, dangerous scheme-making machine. So how do you hide that deranged genius from your family and everyone at school?

Louise Belcher cleverly disguisesor at least distractsfrom her penchant for mania and mayhem with something pink, cute and non-threatening to offset her other qualities. This Bobs Burgers Louise Hat has pink bunny ears, just like the one Louise wears.

It gives you the look of a sweet, innocent little girl, while in actuality youre plotting the alarmingly gruesome downfall of all your enemies! Perfect for helping Bob out in the restaurant, getting your older sister Tina out of her shell, bossing your disgusting older brother Gene around, or just hanging out with Tammy Larsen and Jimmy Pesto Jr.

, youll be ready for anything Louise-like in this hat. Guard your Kuchi Kopi nightlight vigorously.

Curse, threaten those around you, and generally be a source of mayhemcarry on like you should be shocking the neighborhood and still be treated like a sweet little girl! Thats the perk of wearing pink bunny ears.

A little green dress and Mary Jane shoes will help. So will being a little girl.

But these bunny ears will get you most of the way there, we promise!