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Cat in the Hat Family of All Things Dr. Seuss Patch Set

Family Fun They say a love of chaos runs in the family. Who's they, you ask?

Well, we've been asking around, and apparently, it's everyone you know! You can't be that surprised.

After all, remember the time your mom wore rollerskates to the grocery store and ran into a pyramid of cans? If not, you may have blocked it out.

Must have been a pretty embarrassing event. Still, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

You recently showed up to pick up your children at school while wearing dressed as a magician, which caused quite an uproar! If a love of fun and chaos runs in the family, perhaps you ought to embrace the madness with Cat in the Hat Thing costumes for everyone in the family.

Go ahead and prove them right with patches that'll give two generations license to stir up a little fun! Product Details These patches are a great way to connect the family at your next costume party!

The patches are labeled with Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, and Dad. They are easily applied and come with instructions for application.

Pair this set with our Thing 1 and Thing 2 patches to bring the kiddos into the fun!


Disney Mickey & Friends Halloween 4pc Loungefly Pin Set

Terrific Trick or Treat What's better than a night filled with dressing up in amazing, whimsical costumes and collecting all the candy that you can get your hands on? Why, sharing the experience with friends, of course!

Everything's more fun when you're doing it with loved ones (unless they try to steal your candy). Product Details Celebrate a magical Halloween with an officially licensed Disney Mickey & Friends Halloween 4pc Pin Set by Loungefly!

The gorgeously detailed enamel pin accessory set includes a pin shaped like Mickey raising a top hat, Donald holding a treat bag, Daisy wearing a witch hat, and Minnie in spiderweb shoes. Each one has a secure back.

Hooray for Halloween Nothing will get you in the Halloween spirit better than this set of pins inspired by Mickey and Co! Pin them on an outfit, or put them on a favorite bag to celebrate the spooky holiday all October long.


Loungefly Disney Winnie the Pooh Halloween Gang 3-Inch Sliding Pin

One Spooky, Silly Night You've waited all year and now the time is finally here! Quick put on your best costume and get a nice, big bag to carry treats in.

We're headed through the Hundred Acre Wood to Christopher Robin's house so that we can celebrate Halloween together! Product Details Head out for a night of spooky fun, wearing this officially licensed Loungefly Disney 3-Inch Winnie the Pooh Halloween Gang Sliding Enamel Pin!

The colorful pin depicts Winnie the Pooh and his costumed friends against a twilight background of purple sky, full moon, and twisted trees. Tricks and Treats Galore Everything, especially trick-or-treating, is more fun when you can do it with your best friends.

Even if Tigger keeps jumping out of the bushes to scare everyone and Eeyore is convinced that he's only going to be given his least favorite candy, it's a marvelous experience because it's shared with loved ones.