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Adult Batman Comfy Throw

Just some lounging in the bat cave Lounging in the Bat Cave probably never really sounded that appealing. It's dark, drab, and.


well, full of bats! But.

That was before you knew you could pack a blanket along. A cozy blanket can really turn everything around.

Sure, there will still be a ton of bats, but at least you'll be wrapped up nice and snug. Especially if your blanket has sleeves, and is styled with superhero style!

You probably didn't know that blankets came that way, but we're here to make sure you do. With this Adult Batman Comfy Throw!

It has sleeves, and a full character print of Batman's uniform. We think it's time to head to the cave to do some hanging out!

Product Details DC Comics officially licensed, this blanket is a Comfy Throw, aka the blankets that come with sleeves! Super popular with people who like to snuggle up, this blanket also features costume details of a classic comic book Batman.

Which makes it a great selection for fans. 100% polyester, it's made with super soft polyester fleece, and comes in one size to fit most adults.

Make it comfy and cozy! Wearing a blanket is sure to make a spooky cave comfy and cozy, and if you think that's a trick, you should see what happens when you use thisBatman Adult Comfy Throw right in your own home.

It'll be great! Be sure to shop our entire selection of costume inspired apparel and accessories to make your movie night the best around.


Adult Classic Iron Man Silk Comfy Throw Blanket

Futurized Technology Some technology seems almost too good to be true. Case in point, Iron Man's incredible weaponized suit.

Besides building it in a cave with limited tools and shrapnel in his heart, he also gave it flying power and it kind of worked pretty well for the first try. Afterward, they just kept getting more and more advanced (how did he make a suit that's just contained in a couple of wristbands?


) Finally, it wasn't a challenge anymore, so Stark started looking around for another project. That's when he decided to make the coolest thing of all - a blanket you can wear!

Product Details Become Iron Man - but more comfy! - in this Classic Iron Man Adult Silk Comfy Throw for Adults!

The gold material is printed with graphics of Iron Man's classic red, black, and gold suit with a brightly-colored Arc Reactor in the center of the chest. The soft blanket slips on over your head and has loose, wrist-length sleeves for the ultimate cozy experience.

I'm Iron Man If Tony Stark made this technology available, there'd be no more battles to fight - the bad guys would be too comfortable to get out of bed! Boom, world peace.


Adult Comfy Throw Avengers Mighty Captain Marvel

Cozy Carol A day at work for Carol Danvers can be a doozy. When she's not busting apart Thanos' starships with her bare hands, she's keeping an eye on her Flerken kitty pal, or trying to battle against super-powered aliens.

She also assists the Avengers whenever things go completely sideways on Earth! If any woman could use a nice sofa session, it's her.

That's basically what this Captain Marvel Comfy Throw is all about. It's designed for some superhero style relaxing after a hard day's of work (that may or may not include a full day of whooping some bad guy butt).

Of course, if it's good enough for a superhero like Carol Danvers, then we think you should be able to make good use of it too! Product Details Get ready for some ultra-cozy superhero work!

This Captain Marvel Adult Comfy Throw comes licensed from the Avengers and it does a great job of recreating her iconic costume in a vibrant print on the front and back. It even showcases the gold star symbol on the front of the chest.

The throw fits like a robe and is made out of a super soft fleece material. That means it's great for taking a little catnap on the couch with your Flerken pal.

The real next level on this costume is to use it for your next costume party! If you want to guarantee that you're the most comfortable person at the party, this comfy throw is a surefire way to do it.

Sofa-Avenger You don't need any superpowers to use this Captain Marvel comfy throw. You just need a strong sense of justice and the courage to plop down on the couch for a nice recharge session.

You could even invite a few friends over for a superhero slumber party in your new comfy digs!

Adult Comfy Throw Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe

No Huddle, All Cuddle Keeping warm isn't the only thing you can do while wearing this Harry Potter Gryffindor robe. You could sip on a nice cup of tea while you read a charming tale of a boy wizard who defeats an evil sorcerer, or you could try mixing some of your own potions in the kitchen.

Us? We like to practice our Patronus Charm while wearing it.

We were pretty surprised to find out that our Patronus animal was a Velociraptor riding a woolly mammoth. We can only imagine what kind of Patronus Charm you'll summon when you wear this robe and start waving your wand around.

Product Details Practice Harry Potter downtime in style when you're wearing this officially licensed Harry Potter Robe Adult Comfy Throw around the home! This large fleece blanket robe is made of soft fleece fabric and features signature Comfy Throw sleeves.

It measures a generous 48 by 71 inches, and it can be worn to keep you warm and comfy while still looking professional and studious since it features the Hogwarts tie and emblem of Gryffindor on the front breast. So, go on, wrap this throwaround your shoulder and then grab your wand.

Let's see what happens when comfort and magic work together!

Adult Spider-Man Silk Touch Comfy Throw

I Can Feel My Spider Senses Tingling..

. .


they're telling me Spider-Man is taking a day off from hero work. If Spidey can do it, so can you!

And you can look just as good doing it, too. Whether you're wearing this silk touch comfy throw at home or to a casual Halloween party, you'll feel great about it, we guarantee it.

Do all the things Peter Parker would do on his day off. Eat all the snacks.

Have a movie marathon. Play your favorite online game.

Just hang out! When you've got this wearable blanket on, nobody can stop you.

Product Details This Spider-Man Adult Silk Touch Comfy Throw is a costume, a blanket, a robe, and a bed, all in one. Spider-Man's body is printed onto the front with such fine detail that people may do a double take at first.

The only thing you'll be fighting with this on is sleep. And how could you not?

It's warm, comfortable, and hugs whoever wears it (because it's one-size-fits-most) in the most soothing, relaxing way possible. You can even wear it to the premier of the next Spider-Man movie!

There's only one way to beat reclining seats, extra-buttery popcorn, and a huge soda, and that's if you're literally wearing a blanket, too.

Batman Adult Comfy Silk Touch Throw Blanket

From Couch Potato To Bat-tato Finally, you can look just like your favorite hero while you lounge around on the couch. Rewatch the live-action movies or your favorite animated Batman series while you stay warm in this Batman Adult Silk Touch Comfy Throw Blanket.

Youll look ready to offer Bruce a hand in his fights with the Joker and the other supervillains terrorizing Gotham. However, youll be so comfortable that youll just let the professional handle the dirty work.

Chances are you would just end up slowing him down anyways, so you might as well sit back, grab some delicious snacks, and enjoy the show. The Bat-tails This cozy throw blanket is made of 100% fleece polyester and is super soft to the touch.

Measuring at approximately 48inches by 71inches, itll cover you from your neck on down. There are also sleeves attached to the blanket.

Whether you need to turn up the volume or toss a Batarang at a crook, you wont have to worry about your warmth and comfort being disrupted. This officially licensed item is also machine washable.

So whether you spill some guac or get clown makeup smudged all over, toss this blanket in the wash and have it clean in no time!