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Deadly Night Shade Ceramic Cookie Jar

Trickand Treat Everyone loves a good snack. And if they help to satisfy the sweet tooth, they are even better!

But if you happen to come from a place that's just a little left-of-center, theingredients you use for your tasty treats might be just a little different than usual. The ghosts and goblins ofHalloween Town tend to leave the candy for kids, preferring all sorts of different delectables.

Of course, a good cookie is sure to make anyone smile! Of course, if you're grabbing a great from Dr.

Finklestein's lab, you need to bejust a bit more careful than usual. There is a solid chance that Sally has added an extra ingredient that is sure to put any mad scientist to sleep in no time!

Product Details Fortunately, you won't need to worry about your snacks being suspicious. ThisThe Nightmare Before Christmas Ceramic Deadly Night Shade Cookie Jar is here as a container sure to make you cackle with glee.

The movie replica will bring a smile to anyone's face thanks to the quirky letteringand its sweet contents. The best part?

It'll even keep any werewolves away when they spot the risk of a belladonna bounty!

Disney Mickey Mouse Ceramic Candy Jar

This is anofficially licensed Mickey Mouse Ceramic Candy Jar.
$49.99 $69.99

Dragon Ball Z Kame House Cookie Jar

This is aDragon Ball Z Kame House Candy Jar.

Dungeons & Dragons Sculpted Ceramic Decorative Cookie Jar

A Dire Decoration Generally, when you're exploring the Caverns of Chaos, you know that if you see an unusual container, you should probably leave it alone. It could be a mimic, just laying in wait.

It's probably trapped with all sorts of scary wards that will have you running back to the cleric for help. But you're an adventurer!

Who doesn't want to brave a little risk for what could be a true reward? So, it's time.

Open up the strangely sculpted jar and see exactly how the cookie crumbles. Oh.

Well, look at that. They're actual cookies.

It seems that this dungeon designer wants their adventuring heroes to enjoy a little snack before they head into the boss's chamber. (Unless the cookies are mimics, too!

?) Product Details Whether you want to treat your players to a delightful treat at the game table or show off a bit of signature style when you are decorating your den, you can't go wrong with thisDungeons & Dragons Sculpted Ceramic Treat Jar.

The dolomite material keeps it in sturdy shape while the hand-painted exterior gives it a castle-like finish. The top has a silicone seal to keep your treats secure as well as a big d20 as a handle.

(Of course, if you really want to go to creepy lengths, those spider cookies are a perfect way to get your guests to work for their reward!)


Ghost Boo Johanna Parker Cookie Jar

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Treats Even though it can't taste anything anymore, this ghost is still happy to see it human friends enjoy a sweet treat. As long as it's haunting your house anyway, it's decided that it might as well help you to store the goodies you haven't gotten around to eating yet.

Product Details This adorable Johanna Parker Ghost Boo Cookie Jar Decoration doubles as a sweet centerpiece as well as convenient cookie container! The top of the ghost's pointed head lifts off to reveal a spacious inner compartment to store your favorite treats.

$54.99 $44.99

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Ceramic Cookie Jar

This is aNightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Ceramic Jar.