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Beauty Botched Makeup Kit

the long sleep So, like so many others, you've woken up on an operating room table and..

.the world has ended.

Yikes, this should be interesting. Folks who found access to the radio waves are coming up with excuses but long story short, there was an outbreak and half the world's population are zombies.

The reporters are not saying the biochemical plant upstream had anything to do with it but they aren't saying it had nothing to do with it either. Of course, you've got a chance to live!

You've prepared for this! But before you think about how to fill your starved tummy and satiate those parched lips -- before you think about how to defend yourself amidst apocalyptic conditions -- you remember.

product details You were getting a facelift! The turn must have happened mid-operation!

Because when you look in the mirror, the person staring back looks like a half-finished art project. Your face is barely hanging on, and your nose and lips aren't proportional any longer.

What a disaster. This latex and cream Botched Beauty Makeup Kit will get you just that sort of look.

Best of all, the application instructions on the packaging, and the fact that it washes off with just warm water and soap, make it a cinch to get in on that fantasy and back out. You wouldn't want to spend too long in that reality, after all.


Champ Bite Applique

Take that chomp like a Champ You've seen a variety of zombie movies. It's hard to get enough of the violent disaster scenario even if you're the type to shield your eyes during the gory parts.

It's all the survival, scavenging, and finding good places to hole up through a storm of the dead. But there are those serious mistakes zombie survivors always seem to make.

For one, everyone always gets on the road and panicked drivers will always make for traffic jams. Secondly, people are always yelling out and attracting more zombies when they're bitten.

They're going down making a ton of noise and attracting more enemies. How rude!

You can be different, take your bite like a champ with this handy, dandy bite applique. Hey, it's just a flesh wound.


we're sure you'll be okay! Product Details Ready to take your first bite?

Apply this bloody bite to your neck with spirit gum and you'll get an inside scoop of what it feels like to be part of the undead downfall. Undead Dining Now that you've got this wound, you have to decide what your bites backstory is.

Were you cornered trying to fight your way out of a cabin in the woods? Were you on a supply run?

You've got the bite now indulge in the drama!


Deluxe Graftobian White Makeup

A Whiter Shade of Pale If you're looking to achieve top-notch makeup for your next costumed event, white makeup is a must. From the very disturbing to top of the line stunning looks.

This color doesn't only come in handy for the newly deceased or people who've created sugar skull make up for the Day of the Dead. You'll find that once a pot ofhigh-quality white face and body paint is in your costume arsenal, your disguiseoptions begin to expand rapidly.

Bring your Marie Antionette to the next level by achievingthat super pale and pink color palette. Become a black and white film star, a high tech android, or even a domineering Snow Queen.

Want to get weird? Easy, just go white.

Product Detail This one-ounce white Propaint cake is blendable and will give you bright coverage. It stands up to smudges and you'll be able to wear it throughout the day without worrying about uncomfortable and unsightlycracking.

All you need to do is add a touch of water to make the white makeup applicable. When you're ready to move on from your breathtaking pale facade, this makeup can wash off with bar soap, water, and a washcloth.

White Out Want an even white base? It's extra doable with this quality.

We've got a few tips for you, just in case you haven't been researching your look on Youtube for months on end. First off, and most importantly, start off with a clean and dry face.

But wait, don't moisturize! Throw on some primer if you've got it.

Use a small brush for the details and a sponge applicator for the larger parts of your face. Apply the paint with quick, short strokes and watch the magic happen.

It turns out, there's a good way to go beyond the pale!

Fun World Brown Professional Cream Makeup

Finishing Touches You've got the perfect costume for Halloweenmaybe you're dressing as a zombie, or a deer, or a bear. Maybe you're going full-on werewolf or plan on moseying around the neighborhood as a sloth.

Perhaps you've chosen to dress as a scarecrow, or a sweet little dog. Well, we have good news for you!

Regardless of your Halloween style, this Brown Professional Cream Makeup can help make it next-level! A werewolf without a brown face just isn't as scary.

A deer without the perfect markings is just a kid in a cute antler hood. The right makeup separates the Halloween amateurs from the costume experts!

Product Details This tube holds professional quality, medium-brown makeup that is hypoallergenic and can wash off easily with soap and water (no special remover required). So, pick up as many packs as you need to complete your costume with professional flair!

Paint the Town Brown You've heard of painting the town red, but it's time to turn that on its head. With this makeup complementing your costume, you're ready to paint the town brown, and we hear that's even more fun!

Enjoy your look, tonight. We're glad you decided to finish it off right!


Fun World Day of the Dead Male Makeup Kit

Admit it: Youve always been intrigued by makeup and have wanted to try your hand at decorating your face just like you saw Mommy do to hers. Day of the Dead gives you permission to paint your face without ridicule, all under the guise of tradition.

So go all out. Transform yourself into the glamorous skull boy thats always been lurking underneath.

Celebrate the Day of the Dead as a living sugar skull! This Day of the Dead Male Makeup kit has everything you need to transform your face into a mask of death.

If youre unfamiliar with the holiday and are looking for tips, here are some basics. First of all, the holiday is the first of November, not Mexican Halloween, and has traditions descended both from native Aztec traditions and Catholic interpretations brought by Spanish colonists.

The Catrina, the name used for elaborate skull faces, shouldnt be scarythe holiday is meant to commemorate the dead with celebration of their lives, and all the skeleton imagery is to normalize the cycle of life and death. After all, we all have skeletons inside us.

Whats scary about that? So go all out this Dia de los Muertos with this Day of the Dead Male Makeup kit!


Fun World Family Makeup Kit

Family Fun Isn't it greatthat Halloween is a family holiday? And no family takes it more seriously than yours!

You start weeks in advance, decorating the house, carving pumpkins, and baking fun treatsto share. You pick out your costumes and hang them carefully on the back of the doors to your rooms, ready for trick-or-treating.

And you all love to use makeup to enhance your looks! It can sometimes be a bit stressful (especially with one bathroom mirror in the house) leading up to the main event, so let us offer you this Family Makeup Kit to ease your Halloween prep.

There's a little something in it for everyone and plenty to share. Even if one kid wants to be a clown and another a pirate, or one wants to be a mermaid and another a zombie, this kit has you covered from ear to ear!

Product Details This set is a powerhouse of transformation! It includes items to help you create a variety of looks, from funny to scary, and comes conveniently packaged for easy access to everything.

You'll get a 4-color makeup tray, 2 makeup crayons, 2 applicator sponges,a makeup brush, cream makeup, glitter gel, a makeup pencil, tooth black, and fake blood! Wow!

Quality Time Enjoy your Halloween with your loved ones. We hope this kit has helped you spend more time eating candy together, rather than wasting your time on frantic trips to the store for last minute Halloween makeup!