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20 Gladiator Shield W/ 29 Sword Prop Set

"Are you not entertained?!

" Of course you are! Who isn't thrilled by an aggressive showing of grisly hand to hand combat?

Steel yourself against your opponents, gladiator. Victory could bring you freedom!

And what better path to victory than using this sword and shield? These are no ordinary weapons.

No, this sword they will put on display as the sword you used to cut down Cragulus the Cranky (Not a real gladiator. We just made that up), the sword you used to control the mob of Rome.

And your shield is your faithful protector, always. With these two weapons, you stand poised to deliver swift justice to those who dare face you, whether it be some unskilled criminals or the emperor himself.

Remember your training, fight for your family, and entertain the mob watching you in the heart of the Coliseum. Just make sure to wait for the thumbs up or down before you finish off your opponents, if you can restrain yourself.

$24.99 $19.99

39 Foam Excalibur Prop Sword

The chances of you finding a sword stuck inside of a rock during your daily travels are quite slim. You could spend your entire life scrambling through piles of rocks, looking for a sword of your own.

Of course, you could also try checking every lake in the land to see if the Lady of the Lake is hanging out there. If you actually manage to find her, you can ask her to give you a sword.

The last option is to just get this foam Excalibur sword from us! It might not slice and dice your enemies like a real sword.

It also may not prevent you from an untimely fate merely by having it at your side, but this foam Excalibur sword does have a realistic look that will have you feeling like King Arthur himself. Its made of foam, so its really quite safe to carry with you to any Renaissance fair.

Just make sure to keep an eye out for Mordred when you wield this toy weapon, since we hear hes out for blood!

Aged Deluxe Cleaver

You've Been Chopped You were sure that your chili cookoff cooking show was going to go over well. You filmed your culinary process from beginning to end.

But when you uploaded it to the internet, the reception didn't go over well. "Disturbing", the critics wrote in the comment section.

"Why is he cooking in a dimly lit shed?", others questioned.

The last straw was when you read some smartie's "Tetanus, anyone?" comment.

These people had never even tasted your delicious chili. They wouldn't know real flavor if it.



. if it hit them in the mouth.

You were going to take your tools and show the world that you have the skills to be a celebrity chef and no one can stop you! Product Details Are you dressing up as a misunderstood villain this Halloween?

An ancient meat cleaver is a classic prop weapon of choice! This lightweight cleaver has ancient-looking details on the blade, making it a great pick for all sorts of unhinged costumes.

Whether you're dressing up as a manic clown, a classic slasher villain, or a spooky ghoul, this prop will add just the right amount of spice to your next Halloween costume. Go ahead, serve up some fear this Halloween!


Ares Prop Sword

You just cant call yourself Ares, the God of War, without wielding a really deadly weapon. It would be like calling yourself a plumber without owning a plunger.

It would be like calling yourself a race car driver without having a race car. Yes, if you want to be considered the brutal head of carnage and conquest, youre going to need one impressive sword at your side, just like this one, which is officially licensed from the Wonder Woman movie.

This Ares Sword is a molded toy weapon based on the one wielded by Ares from the Wonder Woman movie. It has a deadly look thats ready to do battle with anyone who stands in your way.

Of course, its made out of plastic, so you may want to think twice before using it in any epic battles against heroes, but you will look quite intimidating as you swing it through the air.

Attack on Titan Sword Prop

Dealing with Titans Titans are real jerks. You know how it goes.

One second, you're just hanging out, eating some potatoes with your pals. The next second, you got a Titan bashing through the walls, wreaking havoc, trying to eat everyone for dinner.

Not cool, Titans. Not cool.

Well, if you're like Eren Yeager and his fellow Survey Corps operatives, then a Titan on the loose means it's time to get to work! Among their many tools to take care of Titans, they each carry their own set of ultra-hard steel blades, the only thing that can bring one of those nasty Titans down!

Of course, this officially licensed Attack on Titan Sword isn't made with the same material as the advanced weaponry from the anime series, but they recreate the iconic look with amazing accuracy. Product Details This replica blade brings you a toy version of the weapons used by Eren Yeager and the rest of the crew from Attack on Titan.

It has a rigid core and foam exterior to give it a light, yet solid feel to it. It's a must-have item for any Attack on Titan cosplay and it doubles as a great addition to any anime collection.


Barbarian Combat Shield and Sword Weapon Set

Crom, grant me strength! Nothing like waking up to a battle in the morning.

Thats the kind of life youre signing up for when you decide to become a warrior. Because warriors are made, not born.

Anyone can be born into a barbarian tribe that lives by the strength of its sword arms, but it takes determination to make it your calling. This shield and sword set gives you the kind of tools needed to fight on to see another sunrise.

Without them, youre just waiting to be slain by some Nordling named Svard. This warrior sword and shield is made of plastic with cloth straps on the shield and a cloth sheath for the sworditll stand up to another plastic-armed warrior, but dont test its mettle against steel, iron, or dragonbone.

Both pieces are covered in archaic designs to imbue you with the or protections againstor blessings ofthe dark gods. Take your pick.