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Adult Deluxe DC Robin Cape

Holy Priceless Collection of Etruscan Snoods! Robin may have had some questionable sayings, but his fashion sense was right on the money!

Batman was all about subtlety. You won't see the a bright, gold bat symbol on the back of his cape.

We think Dick Grayson had the right idea though. Once you beat up some bad guys and have them tied up, you want them to remember who took them down as you dash off into the night.

That's why this Adult Deluxe Robin Cape is bright with the Boy Wonder's symbol printed on the back. The bad guys know exactly who owned them as they see this cape fluttering away into the night.

Pair this awesome cape with the rest of Robins sick threads, and you will be ready to take down the baddies of Gotham City. If you have someone to go as Batman with you, you two are sure to be an unstoppable duo!


Adult Deluxe Vampire Cape

Why is a cape great? Well, first, for practical reasons, it covers up your shoulders and back without any of that restrictive sleeve business, leaving your arms free for stuff like.


cool inside hand-shakes between you and the rest of your night-dwelling buddies, and..

.entertaining shadow puppets that make everyone laugh, and.


powerful gestures that punctuate your declarative speeches! Second, a cape makes it really easy to look super smooth and dramatic when you turn and leave a room.

Think about it: One quick turn of the heel and the cape flies up and makes a swishing sound and floats in the breeze and everyone's who's watching can't help but be all "OH WOW SO DRAMATIC"! Third, a cape makes you stand out.

Not just any bozo can pull off wearing a cape..

.when people see you wearing one, they see a dude who's not afraid of a little pizzazz, dig?

So you need this. You need this because every decent, self-respecting, inner-loving vampire needs a cape to call his own.

It's practically a vampire's signature calling card! And since you probably can't turn into a bat or do any of those other vampire tricks (wait.


are there other vampire tricks?), you should wear this Deluxe Vampire Cape so everyone will be so taken with what you're wearing they even won't ask you to do any transformations (which we can now go ahead and add as the fourth Pro to the list of Why Capes Are Great)!


Adult Deluxe Velvet & Satin Hooded Cape

Lately, youve been feeling stirrings from another world pulsing deep within you. Youve touched every card in your tarot deck, youve rearranged all of your healing crystals.


we guess there is nothing left to do but go all in on your intuition, now! You can master your mysterious and mystical look this Halloween when you wear this Deluxe Velvet & Satin Hooded Cape, thus completing your transformation.

We know you caught a glimpse of yourself in your crystal ball, and you were wearing this luxe long purple satin and black velvet robe. Dont fight it; give into what the stars have in store for you.

The look will work great whether youre feeling like a wicked witch, sensitive seer, or dark sorceress. Just be sure to save your magic for those who truly deserve it; its too precious to waste!


Adulty Harry Potter Costume Invisibility Cloak

Show Up in Style When it comes to designing requisite articles, our in-house design team occasionally comes across a really tough question. It's one that we imagine that folks in the Wizarding World run across from time to time, too.

For example, when you're trying to create an awesome trinket that turns back time? It's pretty easy to say that you should include an hourglass upon it!

But, when you're wondering "what does a Cloak of Invisibility look like?" you're suddenly asking a question that is quite a bit harder to imagine!

Dumbledore suspected that Ignotus Perevell, himself, created the original cloak, but all we know are the tales passed down through time. All we can say is a blissful blend of runes and wisps made this a wonder to behold.

Design & Details Our Made By Us team might not have all the magical mojo the Perevell brothers had, but we're still in love with this officially licensedHarry Potter Invisibility Cloak and we suspect you're going to love it, too! This fancy costume accessory features a hood and wide drape that falls over your shoulders and fastens with a metallic clasp in the front.

Both interior and exterior sides feature an array of runic designs, filigree patterns, and other iconic magical symbols, all inspired by the gold and black contrast of the original cloak from the films!

Black Adult Hood Cowl

Up to No Good The new stranger at the crowded inn seems mysterious. He (or she?

) hasn't yet lowered their hood to let people see their face. Why so secretive?

Perhaps they're minding their own business..

. or perhaps they're here on nefarious business!

Product Details Make people wonder who could possibly be under this Black Hood Cowl for Adults! The costume accessory is made of lightweight black cloth and features a cowl that covers your shoulders as well as your upper chest, arms and back.

The attached hood is loose-fitting and drapes over your head in a way that's perfect for theater performances, cosplay and more. A Very Good Reason Maybe you're a vigilante wanted for treason against a ruthless monarch.

Maybe you're an extraterrestrial here to scope out the planet before sending in the attack force. Maybe you just want to look cool and mysterious.

Whatever your motives, you've clearly achieved your goal of being awesome.


Black High Collar Cape

Whats the one thing every vampire needs? If you guessed fangs, you are kind of right, but the answer were looking for is a cape!

Every vampire needs a cape. Not only is it very useful at shielding them from light, but it adds to their terrifying look.

Unless youre one of those vampires from Twilight and can be in the sun for some reason, you cant leave home without your cape. If youre dressing as a vampire for Halloween, you dont need to look any further than this vampiric high collar cape for your costume.

This cape adds a striking Gothic look to any vampire costume. Its made from polyester, is about 38 long, and features a high collar that shields your face.

It ties around your neck, so you can make it as tight or as loose as you like for maximum comfort. With this vampiric high collar cape, youll be ready to stalk your victims in the shadows this Halloween.