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Baby Yoda Halloween Candy Bag

Perfect For Candy, It Is When Luke Skywalker was a child, he hardly got any candy at all. He lived way out in the boonies, so the houses were too far apart to get any large amount of candy.

If he did convince Uncle Owen to make the journey all the way into Mos Eisley Spaceport, he still had to outcompete all the other local kids as well as the scummy villains of the port themselves, who didnt mind stealing candy from children. Thats why, when he was older, he took Grogu out to all the best neighborhoods of Coruscant.

He always made sure that Grogu dressed in his normal clothes because he was already so cute in them! People just loved oohing and aweing over him, but for some reason they refused to stop calling him Baby Yoda.

In any case, they would bring in so much candy each year that they couldnt eat it all! This Is the Way To Candy Though you might not be as successful at trick-or-treating as the literal cutest being in the galaxy, you can at least make out like a bandit with this cool bag!

The reusable, artfully-designed bag shows both the titular Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, which is a sure way to get a few extra pieces of candy from us. We cant promise that youll fill the whole thing up, but you can be sure that the force will be with you!


Bubbling Cauldron Candy Bag

This is an exclusiveBubbling Cauldron Treat Bag.

Dinosaur Egg Treat Bag

WHAT A TREAT Kids will love their dinosaur costume because it allows them to connect with their inner fierceness. A dinosaur costume means children can use their outdoor voice inside; they can be as loud as they want!

(Right mom and dad?) They can stomp around the house, practicing an intimidating roar because that's what real dinosaurs did billions of years ago.

A dinodisguise also means plenty of scares are ahead. Get ready to be surprised, snuck up on, and startled because little dinosaurs will love testing out their new, powerful roar to see how high you jump.

Eeek! You'll love watching your child's imagination take over!

The dino egg treat bag accents all dinosaur costumes. Not only is it a convenient way to carry goodies around, but it also encourages more imaginative play.

Now your child is a scary, roaring dinosaur carrying around a speckled, treat-filled egg! PRODUCT DETAILS The dino egg treat bag is a Made by Us accessory.

Forget about buying a new treat bag every year, this is the only one you'll ever need since it's made from high-qualityfabric and created to last. It features a sturdy handle with green circles throughout.

EGG-TASTIC It's made to go with every single dinosaur costume!

Drawstring Jack O'Lantern Treat Bag

Modern Addition Youngsters today. They have it so good!

When you were a kid, in addition to walking uphill, both ways, for 10 miles in the blowing snow to get to school, you also had to research things in actual books, show up for your social events (no texting and cancelingat the last minute), and gather your Halloween treats in a pillowcase. A pillowcase!

Well, we can't say whether all this technological advancement is good or bad, but we can say that a pillowcase is no place for one's most beloved stash of sweets. Not to mention, this Jack O'Lantern Treat Bag is totally useful if your child's costume requires them to carry something, like a sword, staff, or wand.

Having your kiddo's hands freewill make it easier for them to cross the street holding their little sibling's hand, as well as ring doorbells and reach for treats! Product Details This perfect pouch features a classic backpack design with an even more classic jack o'lantern print atop its orange base.

It can expand in the middle as it fills up, and doing so reveals a fun candle surprise! There is a mesh side pouch for a water bottle or flashlight, and a drawstring top for easy access.

Trick or Treat! So go ahead and remind your child how much harder things were for you growing up, a little perspective never hurts.

They'll appreciate the convenience and coolness of this Halloween bag even moreand maybe they'll even get curious about the "good ole' days" and go check out an actual library.

Elmo Plastic Treat Pail

Elmo Is So Happy to Go Trick-or-Treating! Sometimes Halloween can be a little too spooky!

With all of those witches and goblins running around, little trick-or-treaters might be worried about collecting their own candy. Luckily, they have their own personal monster friend to go with them and make them feel comfortable.

Product Details Bring the nicest monster in the world along with you on Halloween night with this officially licensed Elmo Plastic Trick 'r Treat Pail! The plastic bucket is around six and a half inches tall and has been molded and colored to look like Elmo's smiling face.

A wide opening in the top makes the ideal place to store treats, and the plastic handle can be moved forward and backward. Better Together Everything is more fun when you do it with friends!

Carrying this pail when you dress up for Halloween will make you feel as though you're trick-or-treating on Sesame Street.


Fire Hydrant Costume Treat Bag

Here Come the Heroes When you hear the sirens, you know that help is on the way! The brave firefighters in their big red trucks will come roaring down the street and screech to a halt in front of the blaze that needs drenching.

Those trusty fire hydrants are exactly what they need to get everything under control like the heroes they are. Product Details This exclusive Fire Hydrant Trick or Treat Bag is just what your aspiring frontline worker needs to complete his or her Halloween costume!

The red polyester felt bag is shaped like a fire hydrant and printed with realistic details. A sturdy felt handle is attached near the top opening.

Off Duty Most nights, this firefighter would be out smashing through walls with axes and carrying kittens down ladders, but tonight they get to go trick-or-treating with everyone else. It's a less dramatic job, but the end result is much tastier!