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101 Dalmatians Patch Costume Companion Bag

Doggone Awesome Making evil plans to steal peoples dogs and turn them into coats is a much harder job than many people think. There is the investment in the planning stages, the psychological toll it takes, and the fact that it is hard to get unfamiliar dogs to be caged.

It is rough out there for sure! This plush Dalmatian is the perfect way to get around at least one of those problems.

Dogs may still not like you and you certainly will still have to plan, but at least this cute plush will help heal the psychological damage! Product Details Completing your costume is as easy as grabbing this 101 Dalmatians Patch Costume Companion.

This bag is a great, stylish addition to any Cruella, Dalmatian, or henchman costume that you are planning. The plush pet is cute and true to the style of the movies, while the zippered pocket is a great place to stash your phone, wallet, or other small items.

Make sure you are ready to rock the runway with this stylish accessory! Spotted a Cool Accessory If you are missing one item before you are ready to step out and show everyone your awesome costume, then you are in the right place.

From the pound to the runway, everyone will love your cute, little pet!

1920's Costume Handbag with Chain

Make a Statement Like the flapper gals of the 1920s, you enjoy making a statement with your style. As much as you love the standard flapper dress with all its gorgeous accessories, though, when you decided to dress as your idols for Halloween, you knew youd want to find a way to push the envelope even further.

Instead of just a bobbed haircut and knee-length beaded dress, you want accurate accessories. But not just accurate in a way that fits the fashion trends of the day, something that builds a character thats even edgier than a flapper girl!

Product Description It may not look as flashy as expected, but this 1920s Flapper Handbag is exactly what your costume needs! Inspired by the small handbags women in the 20s carried, this simple accessory is the all-day bag the era was missing.

Combining the understated style of daytime bags with the glitz and glam of evening bags, youll be ready for any occasion without switching handbags! Store your compact, coins, and smaller essentials inside the sophisticated black satin bag.

The golden hardware keeps everything safe inside while the attached tassels and an art deco print make a fashionable statement all whenever you need!

Ace of Hearts Costume Purse

The Extra Ace If you want to win, it's good to have an ace up your sleeve. At least, that's what we've heard people say.

But if you ask us, that seems a bit inconvenient if you ask us! What about those warm summer days when you feel like going sleeveless?

How are you supposed to bring around that extra ace with you everywhere you go? Well, our expert designers came up with a simple solution that will let you take an ace with you to any party.


and it will even help you carry a few of your necessities! That's what we call a winning hand!

Design & Details This Ace of Hearts Costume Purse is a Made By Us design that's perfect for anyone who's looking to draw the right card! The handbag is shaped like an ace of hearts card from a standard deck of cards.

It has a zipper compartment on top with space inside to fit a few necessities for your evening, like your phone, or some cash and cards. It also comes with a detachable wrist strap, so you can carry with ease around your wrist.


instead of trying to hide it under your sleeve! We recommend pairing it with many of our Alice in Wonderland-themed costumes.


Aladdin Rajah Costume Companion Bag

Tiger Tricks and Treats After watching Disneys Aladdin an immediate want is to live like Jasmine. Not just because shes a princess.

She has an incredible room! Covered in colorful draped, filled with a giant bed, and featuring a balcony thats beyond perfection, it looks a bit like paradise.

Plus, that outfit! Flowy, playful, and elegant as possible?

Sure perfection! Then, theres Rajah.

Sure, before seeing Aladdin tigers were always the villains, and you understand the dangers of Jasmine having one as a pet. But hes a gentle giant!

Always looking to help and entirely sweet, except to those that dont deserve kindness. Unfortunately, getting a tiger for a pet isnt in the cards (for more reasons than mentioned above).

So, when putting together the costume thatd let you become your favorite fictional royal, it was time to find alternative companions. Product Details Youve come to the right place!

Like genies released after too many years spent in an itty-bitty living space, were ready to grant your wildest wish with this Aladdin Rajah Costume Companion. This officially licensed plush bag is modeled after Jasmines feline confidant.

Fiber-filled and wrapped in plush fabrics that define Rajahs shape and coloring, this costume accessory is the safe way to keep a tiger close at hand. Featuring an adjustable shoulder strap and zipper along Rajahs back, the accessory is as helpful as the animated character.

Carry the accessory comfortably with the attached strap and store the bare essentials in the pocket for a charming bit of convenience!

Alice in Wonderland Costume Clock Purse

Tea Time Time works differently in Wonderland. For instance, though it's always time for tea, anyone who's attended Mad Hatter's tea party never gets any tea.

Probably something to do with the dormouse in the teapot. But outside of the tea party, time works a little as it does in a dream.

After all, Alice shrinks down to the size of a mouse and outgrows poor White Rabbit's house all in one day. If you're heading to Wonderland, you're going to want a watch that you can have on you at all times!

This colorful clock purse is the perfect item to add to your Alice in Wonderland costume. Keep one eye on the clock and your items close at hand once you sling this Made By Us purse over your shoulder!

Design & Details Designed by our in-house creative team, this purse is a fun way to keep the Wonderland theme going while keeping your items handy. You'll love the unique details such as the cog and heart lace around the golden face of the clock.

The strap of the purse is detachable and adjustable, allowing your purse to fit comfortably over your costume. The perfect size for your phone, wallet, and keys, you can be sure that you're prepared for your next trip to Wonderland!


Axe Firefighter Costume Purse

An Axe-ellent Accessory Axes should be standard equipment for everyday life. No, really.

Imagine your locker door at school or at work is jammed. No more fruitless banging on the latch grab your trusty axe!

Need to split a slice of chocolate cake 50/50? Whip out that axe!

Got a loose thread dangling off your jacket? Axe!

Ok, maybe that sounds far-fetched, but admit that it would be a lot of fun. And be honest don't firefighters look SO cool when they crash through a wall?

It's the only situation where its socially acceptable to smash in a door. Can anyone say "bucket list?

" Product Details Be prepared for anything with this exclusive Axe Firefighter Purse! The purse's body is shaped to look just like a firefighter's trusty tool, right down to the blade and handle.

We submit that this purse is even better than a normal axe because it fits all your other valuables inside its blade, thanks to the zippered closure at the top. Sharpest Purse Around This exclusive Axe Purse is guaranteed to be a smash hit anywhere you take it!

Pair it with a firefighters costume or just bring it along as a conversation starter.