Count Dooku

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Count Dooku Star Wars- The Black Series Force FX Lightsaber

Disillusioned Deserter When he was on the side of the Jedi, Count Dooku was among the most powerful Jedi out there. (Would you expect anything less from the apprentice of Yoda?

) He began seeing the decline of the Jedi, though. Heck, if he would have stayed true and tried hard, he might have been the one to help fix the issues with the Order!

But, instead, he went the way of relaxed and wealthy living right up until Palpatine put a red lightsaber in his hands and a mission to disrupt the galaxy through the Separatist Army. Now, this is the kind of Sith you really need to disarm!

Product Details Help save the galaxy when you claim this officially licensed Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber. It is part of the Black Series line of collectibles.

That means the lightsaber has quality materials, a realistic heft and weight, and exciting sound effects that respond to your movements. Designed with the unique curved hilt and gleaming red blade, this is a natural part of any Sith vault!

Complete the Collection Just because Dooku maintained the illusion of the Separatists for so long doesn't mean that his iconic lightsaber needs to be split from yourStar Wars collectibles. Unite the Forceand the Black Series with this Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber.


Star Wars Count Dooku Lightsaber Accessory

Even the greats lose their trusty lightsabers from time to time (Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke both being notable examples). That's true on both sides of the Force.


the light side and the dark side. Still, we know how difficult it is for a man of Count Dooku's style, grace, and refinement to admit to losing his signature weapon.

It's embarrassing! That's why were here to provide an identical replacement discretely and with no judgment!

So get back on top and continue your fight against the Jedi and the Republic with this choice Count Dooku Lightsaber Accessory! It's modeled after Dooku's unique lightsaber handle, has authentic details, and comes with the requisite telescopic plastic red blade (because there's no feeling in the galaxy quite like igniting one's lightsaber!

), which is two and a half feet long and lights up! A weapon as elegant as the Count Dooku Lightsaber Accessory is sure to become an extension of your awesome dark-side powers in no time!