Darth Vader

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Adult Darth Vader Neck Gaiter

No More Sand Does Darth Vader ever get too hot in his full helmet? The guy has to travel to the ends of the galaxy in the name of the Galactic Empire, so he's probably had to spend some time on some seriously hot planets.

He probably avoids Tatooine though. Too much sand there.

Anyways, we've been wondering if maybe Vader had better face-covering options for those warmer climates. We think something like this Darth Vader Neck Gaiter would suit the Sith Lord well on trips to those desert planets (it also helps keep sand out of your face)!

It even has his signature mask designed into the front! Product Details Officially licensed from the original Star Wars trilogy, this Darth Vader Neck Gaiter is an adult-sized face covering.

The mask is black and features Darth Vader's mask in front. The gaiter can be worn over your face, or around your neck when not in use as a face mask.

It provides a great option for anyone who wants to do their part by wearing a mask, while also letting you showcase your love of everything Star Wars. It even works as a great option to cosplay as your favorite movie villain!

This mask can also help reduce the spread of viruses when worn in public, but it is not a N95 device. It is also not intended for use as a surgical mask.


Darth Vader Adult Gloves

We love and respect Star Wars so much here at HalloweenCostumes that the Dark Lord of the Sith keeps a standing vigil over our office 24 hours a day. And once in a while, we hear rumors of a daring Rebel plot to poke the guy, just to see if hes awake under that awe-inspiring helmet.

But nobody ever has the courage to go through with it! And none of us thinks twice about borrowing Boba Fetts helmet when we need a little extra focus or inspiration, in case you were wondering.

But the fearsome features of a great Vader outfit can make even a minor lack of faith seem downright dangerous! So whether you can actually use the Force to choke insubordinate officers or youre just bluffing to freak out any eavesdropping Rebel spies, youll want to pick up a pair of realistic gloves like these!


Darth Vader Adult Half Mask

The Costume Game Is Strong with This One So you want to go over to the Dark Side this Halloween? You'll need more than just a red lightsaber and a sweeping cape.

You're going to need a scary mask, too! Product Details Practice your deepest, scariest voice, because this officially licensed Darth Vader Half Mask for Adults will turn you into the famous Sith lord!

The molded plastic mask covers your entire face and is shaped just like the helmet worn by Emperor Palpatine's right-hand man. Clear viewing ports let you see clearly enough to force-choke an admiral.


Darth Vader Authentic Mask and Helmet Set

We can't wait for the future, when cybernetic implants will surely let us listen to The Imperial March in flawless hi-fi just by thinking about it. But until then, we'll just have to stare at this stunning Darth Vader Authentic Mask & Helmet and try not to get drool all over ourselves.

Because whenever we're in the presence of one of the most iconic masks ever committed to film, immortalized in high-quality injection molded ABS plastic, our jaws drop--and we could swear we start to hear our favorite Sith lord's familiar orchestral motif! From the moment you look on it with your own eyes, you'll surely agree that it's no longer possible to underestimate the power of the dark side.

Our first peek brought back feelings we'd not felt since the opening trumpet salvo of the film that started it all! Which you're probably going to want to watch again, since it will let you appreciate the authenticity of this incredible mask, cast from original studio molds.


Darth Vader Breathing Device

The path to power is paved with long years of study and practice. For some, that means an arduous road of discipline and silent contemplation.

For others, it means actually using that power that youve worked so hard to gain! For one of the most enigmatic figures in all of the galaxy, Lord Vader, it wasnt too difficult a choice.

Quiet reflection while your favorite gal might meet her own doom or fighting to claim what is rightfully yours and protect those you love!?

Well, fear might have indeed lead to anger and ultimately the dark side, but at least Darth Vader has his health! Er wait So, perhaps health is a bit of an issue, but not all is lost.

It is as they say: we can rebuild him; we have the technology! Were pretty sure that was a different guy, but the idea still works.

Now that youve got yourself all suited up, all you need is a device to help you breathe because even Sith Lords need that. Have an easier time with this Darth Vader Breathing Device.

Easily attaching to your existing Darth Vader mask, youll be able to keep yourself convincingly alive with the press of a button. Of course, there are going to be some heavy breathing sounds that make you seem a little more dangerous, but we suspect that youll be just fine with that feature.


Darth Vader Child Costume

Don't Underestimate the Force Those foolish Rebels are at it again. They think that they can stand up to the Dark Side, but having been a Jedi in the past, you know what a threat these brave but misguided souls can be.

It's going to be up to you to conquer their forces, shoot down their X-Wings, and prepare the way for Emperor Palpatine's takeover. Nothing's going to stop you from carrying out your plan - wait.

You have a son? And a daughter?

Whoa! Talk about a plot twist.

Product Details Are you doubtful that this officially licensed Darth Vader Costume for Children will be the best costume ever? Your lack of faith is disturbing.

The jumpsuit costume is printed all over with cool graphics to make it look just like the Sith Lord's famous armor. A control panel is printed across the chest, just above the attached belt.

Boot covers secure under your feet, and a short cape attaches to your shoulders. The plastic Vader mask completes your journey to the Dark Side!

Now You Are the Master Grab your red lightsaber and practice your deep, scary breathing, because this costume will have you ready to lead the Empire's Stormtroopers to victory! Either that, or it will help you lead a group of friends dressed as Stormtroopers and other Star Wars characters to find a lot of Halloween candy.

That sounds like a much more fun mission, and doesn't even require a planet-sized killing machine for success. Everybody wins.