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60s Gogo Mod Women's Wig-Blonde

WARNING: TIME TRAVEL HAIR DON'TS Recent explorations into time travel have revealedastounding discoveries. Now, we've known for years that traveling into the past is generally only capable in an observational way.

(That's fortunate because humans can bevery clumsy.) However, the temporal distortions have had a truly unexpected result on our hair!

It always ends up frizzed up and often a completely different color. We show up and folks are immediately aware that we do not belong there.

Due to this disastrouseffect of time hopping, we had nearly given up our hopes of reliving the Disco Days..

. Fortunately, we realized thatsynthetic hair is somehow spared from the trauma!

DESIGN & DETAILS Thanks to our wizards of temporal designers, we can offer you this exclusive '60s Wig styled after the blondest of Mod Disco Queens. This look as side-swept bangs, natural curls that fall to your bust, and a big bump for an authentic 1960's look.

Best yet, the high-quality construction of this wig will protect your'do from time paradoxand normal wear and tear! DANCING FOR DECADES Thanks to the lasting construction of this 1960's Mod Wig, you'll be able to jump back to the Disco Age and keep dancing well into the modern era twice over.


and all without having to stop to style your curls!


Disco Mama Wig

Every decade has its memorable style. Some are fantastic and leave us wishing to bring those eras back.

Others not so much. The bright rainbow legwarmers of the 80s might be a thing we can let go.

But, despite the fact that Disco may have seen its dying days, the style of the 70s is simply too luscious to let go. Theres no question that a style like yours could not only bring back the Groovy 70s but also make it stay.

With this wave and curly, feather cut Disco Mama wig, you bring Disco back! The sparkling lights, the night clubs, the music, the dance.

The Farrah Fawcett hair! Bring the 70s out of the attic and prove that Donna Summer was right: Disco will survive all night and so will your amazing blonde locks!


White Go Go Boots for Girls

You've given her the big hair, she's got the dress, she's even sporting the lingo already by saying, "Groovy!" and "Far out!

" But what about the boots? Well, you've GOT to have the boots!

That's where these Girls White Go Go Boots come in and she can become the coolest Disco girl out on the dance floor this Halloween.

White Gogo Boots for Toddlers

You know what they say: one is never too young to learn the art of Gogo dancing. Trust us.

They definitely say that. They are very smart.

There are so many dances that a young person need to learn in life: the hustle, the YMCA, the bus stop, the jitterbug, the dab, and of course everyone's favorite, the chicken dance! However, only one dance comes with its very own accessory--Gogo!

Why not help your tyke get a 'step' up on the competition by learning all the famous 70's dances at an early age? By the time she hits preschool shell have something unique to bring to Show and Tell.

And we know shes got the energy for it! Your little one will love practicing all the classic moves in these Toddler White Gogo Boots (and then immediately passing out from exhaustion).

Plus, you'll love seeing her bust a move in a pair of platform vintage shoes almost as much as youll cherish her longer nap time that accompanies the boogieing.