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10.5 Inch Digger the Dog Skeleton

The Story of Candy Candy was an adorable terrier, who, like many dogs, loved to chew on bones. She also loved trick-or-treating with her kids on Halloween.

One fall, she heard a legend that said if a dog could find a magical bone buried under a certain oak tree and dig it up on the full moon, they would live for a long time. By the light of the moon, Candy found the bone.

She did indeed live a long and happy life, but the magic was even stronger than the legend said. On the Halloween after she turned 100 in dog years, the power of the bone and the moon combined turned Candy into a skeleton dog so she could enjoy Halloween forever!

Candy lives to this day, chewing on her bone and guarding trick-or-treaters every Halloween! Product Details Now you can have Candy help guard your home with this 10.

5-Inch Digger the Dog Skeleton Prop! This friendly terrier, complete with her bone, is the perfect prop to complete your Halloween decorations.

If youre lucky, you may even hear her howl her song to the full moon!

11.5 Inch Dog With Witch Hat Figure

Woof Witchcraft Is this a puppy with a knack for magic, or a witch who turned herself into an adorable creature? Doesn't matter, because it makes the cutest Halloween decoration ever!

This Dog with Witch Hat 11.5" Figure features a sweet, white-furred puppy with floppy ears and a soulful expression.

It wears orange-and-black-striped legwarmers, a black cloak tied with an orange ribbon, and a black witch's hat. Two chains attached to the pup's shoulders allow you to hang it from a standard arrow mount.

Most witches are scary, but you'll want to give this one a scratch behind the ears!


5 Foot Inflatable Wiener Dog Skeleton Halloween Decoration

Happy Hallo-Wiener! Greet trick-or-treaters and get the "down low" on their costumes with this 5-foot inflatable wiener dog skeleton.

(It's a long lil' doggy, which means that 5 feet is all horizontal, not vertical!) It's easy to set up and comes equipped with glowing lights, guaranteeing it will be seen no matter how far off the beaten path your haunted house may be.

Product Details This proper pupperino can be set up indoors or out. Just plug it in and the built-in motor does all the work to blow it up to full size.

No need for any special adapters or plug-ins as long as you're in the United States. (But do use a weather-protected outlet if you use it outside.

) A weighted bag keeps Fido from wandering off. (It's the next-best thing to a leash!

) If it's going to be living outside, there are tether cords to attach to loops on the inflatable. The cord can be tied to ground stakes (four stakes and four cords included) to give it extra stability, even on windy days.

This yard decoration is so cute you'll want to give it a treat every time you pass by. It's so cute that even your real dogs will be jealous.


Adult Inflatable Dog Costume

A Party's Best Friend Everyone loves that person who brings their pooch to the partyit's an instant conversation starter and levity agent. So when you come in wearing this Adult Inflatable Dog Costume, you're being loyal to the party host and giving them an assurance: this Halloween bash is going down in the books!

Because let's be real, even the best-planned parties can crash and burn. Sometimes it's the wrong mix of people, or the wrong theme, or the wrong playlist.

But when a dog arrives, the mood picks up, people have more fun, and everyone can relax. Have a crush?

Talk to them about your pup. Is there a friend on the scene who you'd rather avoid?

Oops, sorry! My dog needs to go out for some air.

You get the idea. Work this dog to your (and your party's) advantage!

Product Details We have been scouring the Halloween costume scene for a while now to bring you the newest trend in dressing up, and it's finally hereinflatable costumes! This blow-up pup takes "being a dog for Halloween" to a whole new level!

That's because just about anyone can slip on a jumpsuit, but it takes a true commitment to the spirit of the season to inflate yourself into a walking parade float. But that's just what you'll do in this brown puppy costume.

It's as easy to wear as a cloth jumpsuit, but obviously, the visual impact of your inflatable dog body and enormous dog head gives you something to bark about! No Bones About It Sure, it may take you a few minutes to get used to your new (awesome) form, but becoming a dog is never easy.

And it's totally worth it when you see how pleased all the humans around you are at your presence!

Adult Pajama Costume Pug Kigurumi

It's tiring spending the whole day at work looking up pug memes while pretending to do real work. (We've been there).

When you get done, you just want to put on some jammies and hit the couch for some serious movie time. Let us introduce you to this Adult Pug Kigurumi Pajama Costume.

Based on your favorite dog of all time, this comfy onesie makes for a great way to relax after a long day of your pug life. (We know you didn't choose it.

It chose you). Wear it any time you want get cozy, or any time you want to confuse the heck out of your pet dog.


Bubble Lil' Pup Kid's Costume

second language We've all witnessed kiddos in their dog-mode. They're running around on all fours and will only speak in various animal noises.

The problem is: how do you manage tocommunicatewith your kid when they decide to forsake all knowledge of your shared common language for a new (however temporary) life of doggo sounds? Well, we've got good news and bad news.

We're in development of a spectacular costume that will bestow you with the ability to communicate with animals of all forms. The problem is it is going to be a while before it is ready.

So, until then, we have some consolations. design & details Your tyke is going to be in dog-mode for a while, so you may as well lean into the fun of it and make it all look a little less ridiculous.


by making itadorablewith this Kid's Bubble Lil' Pup Costume. This is a soft tunic and headpiece with faux fur.

(The dark tummy is our favorite.) The hood is a floppy-eared doggo with an embroidered nose and dark, shiny eyes.

go for a walk Now, here's the grand trick. If your tyke is all in on the dog talk, all you need to do is get a Puppy costumeanda costumefora pupper and suddenly you've got a dog-kiddo who can talk like a person!

(Okay, maybe that's going too far, but the costume will at least get you through the phase!)