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10-Inch Dragon with Static Lighted Magic Ball Decoration

Gift of the Dragon Magical beings rarely interact with humans. They prefer to remain solitary, away from anyone who might expose them or cause them harm.

Frankly, it's pretty incredible that this one has not only decided to remain with you but is safeguarding the gift of a scrying ball! You're basically royalty in the dragon world.

This 10" Dragon with Lighted Static Magic Ball Decoration is shaped like a dragon with outspread wings, its tail wrapped around orange flames, holding a fuschia-colored static ball. Set it out for Halloween or display it year-round!


24 Spooky Skeleton Dragon Prop

A Fine Familiar Friend Are you are a wizard who is seeking a mystical companion to keep you company? Maybe you're an ancient lich who finds that living familiars are just a little too spooked by your unnatural might.

Or, just maybe, you're a living human who wants to decorate their house for Halloween with some truly fantastic finds. For all these options and more, boy do we have the thing that will set your heart on fire!

Product Details It's time to bring a little fantasy to your home in the form of this Skeletal Dragon Prop. This is a dragon skeleton made from molded plastic.

It stands just under a foot tall and is two feet in length from head to tail. The jaw and wings move so you can position your dragon in a few different postures.

The wings have up to an 18" wingspan as well. Perfect for your spooky wizard laboratory or a way to give your Halloween decorations an epic twist.

Fire and Flight Not Included Of course, the risk of bringing a little dragon into your home is watching them knock over everything while flying and igniting your curtains when you're not looking. Fortunately, undead dragons are far less likely to cause those problems!


5 Foot Cute Skeleton Dragon Inflatable Decoration

Hooray for Halloween! When October 31st rolls around, all kinds of beasts and goblins start showing up, ready to celebrate.

Most of them are happy to join in the fun with the nearby humans. This 5ft Tall Cute Skeleton Dragon Inflatable Decoration is clearly ready to come to a party!

The inflatable figure is printed with sweet graphics, including a stylized skull and bones. Two wings jut from its back, it holds a pumpkin-shaped light to guide visitors to your home, and its horns are striped like candy corn!


5FT Inflatable Hanging Skeleton Dragon Decoration

A True Master It's clear that a powerful necromancer lives at this house. Not only does he or she have a dragon guarding the abode, but the dragon is a skeleton that has been brought back to life!

Nobody try to TP that house. You don't want to provoke its guardian.

Product Details Impress the neighborhood with a 5FT Hanging Skeleton Dragon Inflatable Decoration! The large inflatable black dragon has a white skull-detailed head, outspread wings, and printed bones.

An included loop attached to the top of the head makes it easy to hang.


5FT Tall Inflatable Hanging Ice Dragon Decoration

The Threat from the North This Halloween, more things than colorful leaves have blown in on the cool breeze. This visitor landed in a tree a few days ago and refuses to leave.

The chilly air feels homey, and it's pretty interested in the oddly-dressed residents of this southern land. Product Details Add a uniquely cool (no pun intended) piece to your Halloween decor with this 5ft Tall Hanging Ice Dragon Inflatable Decoration!

The blue and white inflatable looks like a soaring dragon with a curled tail, outstretched forelegs, outspread wings, four horns, and an open, toothy mouth.


9FT Inflatable Airblown Projection Fire Dragon Halloween Prop

Fire from the Sky Halloween is a celebration not just of spooky ghosts and bumps in the night but everything fantastical! What better time of year to embrace your love of the otherworldly, including huge winged lizards whose breath could incinerate a small town.

It's true that Smaug is kind of busy at the moment defending his ill-gotten hoard from some heroic hobbits and dwarves, and Daenerys doesn't usually loan out her favorite creatures, but this big guy is more than happy to come and help you celebrate. He even promises not to torch the neighborhood as long as he's here.

Product Details Looks like you've got a visitor from a fantasy world! This Airblown 9ft Projection Fire Dragon is an incredible addition to your yard during Halloween or any time of year when you are feeling extra imaginative.

The dragon inflates to an incredible 9-foot height and looks like a dragon sitting on its haunches with its wings outspread. The bright orange underbelly and spines set off the black legs, back, wings, and head.

He even has fiery orange eyes and a forked tongue made from a streamer!