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36 Inch Little Top Clown Animated Prop

Step Right Up We know that clowns often look scary. In fact, their whacky proportions, unpredictable behavior, and strange clothing are the basis of many people's deepest fears.

But what they say and how they say it can also get beneath your skin if you're not on guard. And we haven't even mentioned the cackle yet, but trust us, a clown cackle tops the list of what makes these circus dolls so terrifying!

That's why this Talking Little Top Clown Animated Prop is such a perfect pick for your haunted Halloween party. It both looks and sounds scary, so your guests can feel that rush of spine-tingling fear on two levels.

You can add it to a whole Big Top theme or let it play amongst your mass of vampires, witches, zombies, skeletons, and the like. Each of the four phrases this clown says ends with one of those creepy, chilling cackles, too.

Design & Details When activated, this 36-inch clown waves his arms back and forth, lights up his yellow eyes, and moves his decaying teeth and mouth to say some irksome phrases 4 of them, to be exact such as, "Step right up kiddies, we've got the craziest place in town right here! Aha-ha-ha.



47 Printing Curtain Clown Outside the Window Halloween Decoration

It's All Fun and Games until the Clown Gets In Did you hear that noise? Sounds like someone at the window.

It's probably nothing - our imaginations always jump right to "crazy, murdering clown," but that's ridiculous. Right?

Product Details This exclusive 47" Printing Curtain Clown Outside the Window Decoration is perfect for jump-scares! The decoration is printed to look like a weathered window split into four panes, with spiderweb details.

In the bottom left, a red-eyed clown with a sinister grin appears to poke his knife through the bottom pane.Hang it in your window to give your visitors a frightening surprise.


Adult Blue and Red Evil Clown Mask

Not Clowning Around Sure, regular clowns are scary. But this deranged, sadistic clown mask is downright terrifying.

It seems to tap into a primal fear that many share, and it simply sends shivers down the spines of even the most stalwart Halloween celebrants. So.


if you're going for an absolutely horrifying Halloween, then we applaud you. But just beware that wearing this clown mask likely won't make you many friends, though it may mean taking home the costume contest prize.

If you want to be extra super-duper creepy, don't disclose your true identity or talk at all throughout the night. We know it will be hard, but everyone will wonder who is behind the ultra-eerie clown, and why he keeps smiling at them and holding a finger to his lips Shhhhhh then running a finger along his throat in a menacing act of murderous delight.

Doesn't it make you just want to run for the door and never look back? Design & Details The beuaty of this creepy mask is it really doesn't matter what you pair it with, though a clown suit would complete the look to perfection.

It's a latex molded full mask with holes at the eyes and nose, and the most deranged, menacing clown face we ever saw!

Adult Chompo the Clown Mask

If scaring people is your game then Chompo is the name! You are sure to be the creepiest dude on the block in this Scary Chompo the Clown Mask.

People will undoubtedly cross to the other side of the street when they see you coming while wearing this molded latex mask, don't take a personally clowns just get a bad wrap. Especially a creepy clown such as Chompo.

This scary Chompo the Clown Mask bears a strange resemblance to the Joker. I mean if the Joker had a brother, lets say an older one, Chompo would be it.

They both share a come near me and Ill rip the skin from your face look. It may or not be the creepy tufts of red hair, yellow uneven teeth or the fact that this mask covers your entire face so nobody will know whos underneath.

All we know is you are sure to give anyone who comes near you a scare.

Animated 7FT Funzo the Clown Decoration

Ready? Set.

Funzo! There are a LOT of things that seem like they would be fun in the world, but really aren't.

Becoming an adult is one, for instance. Or hot, overcrowded concerts.

Or clowns. Clowns are the epitome of something that could be really fun, but somehow they manage to just be terrifying.

What's up with that? Well, experts have a lot of ideas about why coulrophobia(the fear of clowns) is so common.

Some say it's because of a clown's oversized features. Many others feel their over-the-top motions cause panic in people.

Or it could be the various "killer clown" storylines in the media. However you slice it, clowns are just creepy.

And none more so than this Animated Funzo the Clown Decoration! If you stop and look at the details on this ginormous clown, you too will see that there is absolutely nothing "funzo" about him this towering terror is 7 feet of pure mania.

Design & Details Looming tall over your Halloween festivities, this deranged clown decoration adds that perfect amount of creepiness you have been seeking to help greet your guests and show them what's in store beyond your front door. Made exclusively in our design shop, this wire-framed clown features a classic striped clown suit alongside not-so-classic details, like white wrinkly skin, stringy orange hair, red teeth, demented face makeup, teeth shoes (whatever those are, they are terrifying), and eyes that light up when activated.

Coulrophobes beware! This clown may be too much "funzo" for you to take, even on a good day.


Animated Evil Clown 17 Groundbreaker Decoration

The Clowns From Underground October can be a fickle time of year. In general, the air is cool and the snow has yet to fall.

And that means the ground is not yet frozen. And THAT means your abode is totally susceptible to the Clowns from Underground.

Oh, you haven't heard of this particularly deranged subspecies of killer clowns? They dwell underground and come out at the first whiff of chocolate, nougat, and pumpkin spice.

So watch out Halloween night, or they will certainly invade your lawn and make you sorry! That's a fun story, right?

And you can tell it at your annual Halloween bash if you put thisAnimated Evil Clown Groundbreaker Decoration on your lawn! It will terrify your party guests and send them shaking into your home, where more scary fun awaits.

Clowns are plenty irksome when they aren't emerging from the ground with glowing red eyes. Add this decor item's animation and horrific face paint, and you have a fright fest in the making!

Design & Details This item is scary as can be, with a gauzy layer of cloth covering the entire thing. A rope is tied around this clown's neck, and its green hair, face paint, clawlike nails, and jagged teeth add to the eerie illusion.