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50s Black Frame Glasses

Every major playervillain, hero, or even supporting characterknows that the right accessory makes for the lasting image. And that was never truer than in the smart and stylish times of the Gold and Silver ages.

Think back to the smartest and snazziest of lasses. Lois Lane, Mary Jane, Catwoman, and even the perfect depiction of the smart librarian ready to give the important clue the keen reporters and would be Mad Women of the 50s One image comes to mind and you can perfectly evoke that bygone era with these 50s Black Frame glasses.

Rhinestone decorated and sturdy plastic frames with clear lenses, the glasses ensure clear vision and that perfect blend of smart and intimidating appearances. Narrow the retro frame down on your nose to give a look that lasts.

Add to your existing costume or outfit to complete the look or give it an accent that wont be forgotten. The cat frame will give your eyes that wide and alluring look that will leave you thinking, Purrfect.


50s Pink Frame Glasses

The 1950s arent always thought of as one of the most colorful eras of American history, especially when you compare them to decades like the roaring '20s, the psychedelic 60s, or the day-glo neon 80s. But even though a lot of the days entertainment was black and white, there are still plenty of flashes of rosy color to be found in the Eisenhower era.

Whats more 50s than a pink Cadillac, for instance? Or how about the pink flamingos that started popping up in the lawns of newly built suburbs?

And every teenage fashion plate kept at least one pink poodle skirt in her wardrobe. And then you have these snazzy specs, representing the classic cat eye style in bright, bold pink.

With pointy, plastic rims and glitzy rhinestone details, theyre just the sort of eye wear you might spot on a sassy car hop, at a swingin sock hop, or out for a cruise up Blueberry Hill. Theyre a blast from the past and a splash of colorful attitude no matter what era you happen to be living in.


50s White Rhinestone Glasses

Cat Eyes, Cat's Meow There was a time when wearing glasses was all the rage, as long as you could pull off the look of cat-eye glasses. The fifties had such a great style!

Full poodle skirts made everyone's figure flattering. Then there were the high waisted pencil skirts of the emerging career woman that we can picture writing down notes while rocking beehive hairdos.

Every woman loved this look from high schoolers sipping milkshakes at diners to housewives brewing up ridiculous gelatin creations for dinner parties. So when you're coming up with a fifties-themed costume, cat eye glasses are a must-have!

Product Details These white glasses go perfectly with a pastel and white poodle skirt. The wings are studded with pretty rhinestones and the lenses are clear so you shouldn't have to worry about not seeing the sights of your sock hop or soda jerk.

Good Golly, Miss Molly! It's easy to have a great time when you're dressed as a fifties kind of gal!

From bobby socks to fluffy petticoats, you can go as far as you want! The thing is, whether you decide to go as a bad girl who's attending a drag race or you're a housewife who can whip up a pie in no time, these glasses will be the perfect touch for your look!


80s Black Scratcher Costume Glasses

Old School Cool It's not as easy as it looks, Writin' licks to these hooks Always on the beat, we never cheat When we're making our song Rhymes so nice, you'll say 'em twice When you sing along To be a hip-hop genius, it's no fuss You just have to listen to us You don't need classes, just wear these glasses And never, ever cuss. Don't turn that dial, They got classic style, so just give 'em a try Wear them for a while, no need to ask us why.

Product Details If you want to look like a true wordsmith, then you're going to need a pair of fresh glasses. Why?

Because all of the best MC.s and DJs wear them!

These 80s Scratcher Glasses bring you some old-school, hip-hop style to pair with your mic skills. The glasses feature thick plastic frames, which were made popular in the 80s by various hip-hop artists.

The clear lenses are plastic. Just toss these on your face and you might just feel inspired to write something tricky.

Be sure to check our other great 80s gear to put together that old-school look that other rappers have to respect!


80's Orange Shudder Shades

The 80s Called They said you look totally radical. Okay, so maybe an entire decade can't really make any phone calls to the future, but the 80s definitely were a special time.

It was the age of teased up hair, bright neon colors, and cassette tapes. It was the age of New Wave, Hair Metal, and colorful antics.

It was the age of spectacle, which we somehow lost in the angsty age of the 1990s. Well, we're on a crusade to bring that sort of audacious style back.


one pair of shades at a time. Product Details These bright orange shades are simple plastic frames.

They don't feature lenses, but they do have a shutter style front, which is much better than silly clear lenses. They're intended for ages 3 and older, and are one size fits most.

Just pair it up with your shoulder pads, your neon scrunchie, and maybe some spandex to really help the 80s get the comeback it deserves! Back in Style When you pay homage to the 80s, you indulge in the greatest decade of them all!

Make sure to dig out your favorite cassette tapes (we suggest Thriller) and toss on your Members Only Jacket.

Aviator Glasses

High Altitude Dude It's a beautiful day. Blue, sunny skies.

Fluffy clouds. It's a great day to be flying!

If you were a pilot, where would you fly to? Would you land in a tropical paradise or do you crave a cosmopolitan lifestyle?

Why hold yourself back? Slip on your sunnies, sit back and picture all the places you want to go.

Once you're in control of your own mental airplane, the world is truly your oyster! Product Details There's nothing like a great pair of aviator sunglasses to bring a range of characters to life!

Pilot, cruise captain, and cop costumes simply call out for a pair of aviators. The lenses have a gray smoky color and gold-tone wire frames.

A great pick for a costume wardrobe staple, keep these glasses on hand for the next time you're ready to take to the skies! Ready for Takeoff Make this vision come to life when you slip these aviator glasses on!

Check out all of our uniform costumes. From police officers to pilot and captain costumes, these costume sunnies go with all sorts of themes.

Some accessories are classics for a reason. Now all you need to decide is what character you want to be first!