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Adult IT Pennywise Neck Gaiter

Not Amusing Clowns are scary. Maybe in some kind of parallel universe, someone found them funny or amusing, but these days, clowns are just synonymous with death and destruction.

A lot of that has to do with the IT movie. The Stephen King inspired movie really turns up the creep factor on clowns by introducing us to Pennywise, the clown who's favorite pastime is murdering unsuspecting victims in Derry.

That freaky clown is the reason we have a tough time sleeping at night! Of course, if you like that general sense of uneasiness that Pennywise exudes, then perhaps you want to infuse your everyday life with a bit of IT.

This IT Pennywise Adult Neck Gaiter will let you bring the freaky clown with you as you venture out into the world! Product Details This neck gaiter is officially licensed from the film and is designed to fit over your face.

It has a printed design of Pennywise's face on the front, giving it an eerie aura. The great thing about this neck gaiter is that you can simply slip it down and wear it around your neck like a scarf when you no longer need to wear it as a face covering!


Adult Sally Face Wig and Mask Combo

Faux Features You'd think that losing your face would be the worst thing that's ever happened to them. But that was just one dark event in this little boy's life.

Sal has been confronting and helping ghosts ever since! His life in his small town isn't your basic ghostie tale either.

There are horrors around every corner but of course, Sal always keeps a stiff upper lip. We suppose that's one nice thing about wearing a fake face every day!

Product Details The Sally Face mask was designed by the artist Connor Deless, a designer from Trick or Treat Studios. Closely based on the indie horror video game, Sally Face, fans of the show will instantly recognize this piece!

With all the close details that we've come to expect from Trick or Treat Studios, watching Sal come to life will be a delight for any fan! The mask comes with black straps, a bright blue wig with thick ponytail holders, and the finely tuned mask made with injection-molded plastic.

To complete your look, pair this mask with an oversized black t-shirt, torn maroon skinny jeans, and a pair of blue sneakers and you'll be ready to head out on your haunted adventure!

Adult Snowman Face Mask

Snowman Daydreams Is it weird? When we were young, we didn't just build a snowman when it snowed.

We actually dreamt of becoming a snowman. We wanted to chill out in the North Pole with Santa and his reindeer.

We wanted to have a carrot for a nose and a couple of pieces for charcoal as eyes. Maybe it's because we're from Minnesota and we get waaaay too much snow every year.


Anyways, our strange little dream seemed impossible, until we set our sights on this delightful Snowman Face Mask. The adorable mask features a uniquely snowman-style design that will have anyone ready to live out their snowman dreams.

Product Details This Snowman Face Mask is a simple mask made out of a spandex blend material, which means it stretches to fit your face. The elastic on the top and the contoured chin and nose help make this a one-size-fits-most mask.

The ear loops fit are also made out of elastic for fitting. Of course, the best part about this mask has to be the printed snowman face on the front!

It'll help you feel like a cool Christmas character in no time! (Note: not intended for use as a medical-grade PPE.


Alien Face Mask

Mysterious Monsters What kinds of creatures dwell in the far reaches of the universe? According toStar Wars, you'll find all matter of species running around galaxies near and far.

Folks searching the stars speculate that there are little green men just waiting for the opportunity to visit Earth..

. perhaps even possess us!

You never know what they can do with their telepathic powers and wordless wonders, after all. Well, there's one thing that we can surely do to blend in with the aliens among us.

Product Details Bring a bit of outer space style to your daily wanderings when you wear this Alien Face Mask. This little green guy fits on your face in a far more comfortable way than most horror films suggest!

Elastic cords keep the mask in place while the shiny green and black pattern make it look like a creature from the stars has found a home right on your face! No fear about any alien goo, either, since the mask can be popped into your washing machine with nothing to fear!

Combine this with a costume for a really creepy look or just bring it out for your daily wear to keep the cold of space away.


Bear Sublimated Face Mask for Adults

Fuzzy Contradiction Bears are amazing creatures. On the one hand, they can appear as sweet and cuddly as the stuffed animal sitting on the end of a bed.

On the other hand, they can rip your face off if you so much as look at their cubs or their food. They lope through the forest with unhurried majesty, but also get stuck in garbage pails and need to be rescued by forest rangers.

Product Details This Adult Bear Sublimated Face Mask is the face-covering that suits all of your needs! Whether you are feeling loving and huggable, or Mama Bear murderous, slipping this mask on expresses both sides of your personality.

The polyester velour and broadcloth fabrics are contoured for your nose and chin, making it comfortable enough to hibernate in for the winter. Elastic ear loops secure it over your face.

Just remember to take it off before you bite into a salmon!

Bear Sublimated Face Mask for Kids

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! Lets all be bears for a while!

Bears seem to have a good life. Deceptively sweet-looking with their broad, fuzzy faces, they lumber around the forest eating berries and searching for honey.

Their preferred diet sounds fantastic to us, and so does their routine of slumbering through the winter months. A habit that avoids slushy sidewalks and chilly winds while getting some beauty sleep?

Sign us up! No wonder bears always look so rested and cute.

Product Details Your little wild thing will love wearing this Child Bear Sublimated Face Mask! The polyester velour and broadcloth fabrics are contoured for the nose and chin, making it comfortable enough to hibernate in the whole winter long.

Elastic ear loops secure it over your childs face. Its great for imaginative play, or just for some added protection against coughs and sniffles.

Maybe it will even encourage him to nap more!