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Adult Werewolf Teeth

Most people don't realize this, but a costume is often made or broken by the little details. Adding a pair of these customizable fangs to your werewolf costume is just the little detail it needs.

Take a bite out of your Halloween this year by adding a pair of these fangs to your scary outfit!

Adult's Ghoulish Grin Teeth Costume Accessory

Out for a Bite What makes a good monster? In some movies, the monster is up front and personal.

You see it as soon as the eerie violins start whether that means rough werewolf fur, scaley reptile skin, or a blistery horrifyinghumanoid form. And sometimes the monster is a mystery.

You might never even see it. The monsters are shadows on the walls, a horrified expression in the actor's eyes, and music that quickens the heartstrings.

While scales, evil eyes, and clawed creatures can cause gasps and squeals, there's one feature that'll always drive home the perilous point..

. a sickening smile!

Product Details Vampire teeth are nice and all buy these yellowish teeth are truly horrifying! The high-quality set has a bloody, uneven look that sticks out in any monster's face.

Ghoul Kids on the Block Are you ready to take on a horrible role? It's sure to be a lot of fun!

You can pair these teeth with any kind of monster makeup. Pair the teeth with clown makeup, a reptilian getup, or really shake up the traditional vampire character with teeth that cause a shock.

While the teeth might cause a few nightmares, you're sure to get a healthy helping of Halloween horror!

Chrome Vampire Fangs

Vampires are so in right now. Whether youre going with a suave, tuxedoed Dracula or a grungy teenage bloodsucker from Washington who hasnt showered in a disturbingly long time, theres no doubt that everyone at the costume party will recognize your character.

Theres only one problem: youll definitely not be the only one (unless youre going as Nosferatu. Well give you mad props if you show up as Nosferatu).

Anyone can grab a black sheet for a cape and pop in plastic fangs. If you dont want to spend the whole night being referred to as the short one or the one who spilled punch all over himself, you need something to up your game and make you stand out from the rest of the children of the night.

We suggest our Vampire Shiny Chrome Fangs. The customizable fangs come with instructions for everything you need to get a perfect fitand, most importantly, cement your place as the cool one at the party.

With these fangs, you'll knock everyone dead..



maybe even undead.

Devil Horns and Teeth

The Devil in the Details If you plan on dressing up like a devil, then the most important thing to get right is the little things. You know, that evil stare, the deadly voice from the pits of the underworld, and horns.

You have to have a decent pair of horns if you plan on being a demon! Well, this horn and teeth set is the perfect way to add a little detail to any devil costume!

Product Details This Devil Horns and teeth set comes with everything you need to get in touch with your inner demon! The devil horns are shaped into coiling ram horns and have a red and black color scheme reminiscent of a classic devil.

The horns fit with a headband that stretches to fit, making sure it stays snug on your head while you go about your devilish business. The devil teeth fit right over top of your own teeth to really put the finishing touches on your devil costume.

$11.99 $9.99

Discount Costume Vampire Teeth

So you vant to suck some blood, huh? Well, you do seem to have the cape, and the proper pale complexion.

You hail from the drab, and dreary land of Transylvania. The castle you used to call home was destroyed by angry mobs who didnt like when someone tried to drain them of their blood.

And you would have successfully done it too, if it werent for your lack of pointy teeth! What is a vampire to do?

Well, you can get these Vampire Teeth with just a few clicks of your mouse, and a valid credit card. You do have one of those dont you?

We always have to check with hundreds of years old vampires. You will be able to suck the blood of anyone you can catch with these bad boys.

Just please dont suck ourswe are friends, arent we?

Double Shredder Fangs

Double the Fangs, Double the Fun Have you noticed that vampires are a little uptight in most media? We get it.

These creatures of the night are ancient. They look great in velvet and tailored suits.

It makes sense that vampires would be a little reserved. However, when we think about the kinds of people that would have become vamps, we think they would know how to have a lot of fun.

They would have been the glamorous, danger-loving people that were willing to take risks and lean into the darker side of life. Perhaps you can start a new trend.

Take your dangerous character further than ever before. Set that precedent off right with a set of four fangs rather than two!

Product Details You'll suck all sorts of fun out of your next costumed event with these delightful Shredder Double fangs. They set the mood off right as soon as you open them as they're nestled into a coffin-shaped box.

They come with a detailed instruction guide to help ensure the best fit. Read them carefully and use the included paste to fix your teeth on for the night.

Are you ready to vamp up your next costumed event? Do it with a splash when you double your flashy fangs!