Fog Machines

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1 Gallon Outdoor Ground Fog Fluid

Here Come the Spirits Every experienced ghost hunter knows that one of the most common signs of ghost activity is a creepy fog drifting across the ground. Unfortunately, you can't always get a ghost to produce the fog on command, so sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

Product Details Create a super spooky special effect with this bottle of Outdoor Low Lying Fog Fluid! The gallon container can be used in most standard fog machines.

Be sure to follow the instructions and use it outdoors for best results.


400W Fog Machine Halloween Prop

When the veil thins and the spiritual world comes close to the land of the living, creatures from the beyond can occasionally break through to explore our world once more. Ghosts haunt and even clacking skeletons manage to crawl their way from their graves to plink around and see what theyve been missing.

The thing is that the thinning veil doesnt really give us mortals any indications of what is going on. Only the especially sentitive or lucky ever manage to notice that anything is evening happening beyond the general sense of spooky.

Its just not right! So, our team in the lab have put together some tech that helps even the odds for the rest of us.

This 400W Fog Machine might look like it is just the perfect tool to give your dining room, dance hall, or graveyard scene the right atmosphere for all your mysterious endeavors but it will also reveal where those breaches of the veil can be found. Creating 2,000 cubic feet of fog per minute, youll never be surprised by an approaching ghost again though they will look especially spooky with all the fog moving around.

We think thats a bonus, though! Be sure to pick up some extra fog liquid to ensure youre ready the entire holiday.


Bubble Machine

Bubbles Made Easy Is there anything more satisfying than bursting anascending soap bubble? By poking it with a finger or clapping both hands together, the floating droplet suddenly disappearsinto nothing right before your very eyes; it's just like magic.

A day filled with bubble-blowing is a fun and carefree way to spend a beautiful spring or summer day but it can also become quite tiring. Taking deep breaths and continuously blowing through puckered lips is all fun and games until the lower half of your face goes numb.

(Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea.) Now there's a way to blow bubbles without exerting all your energy.

Just insert batteries into this bubble machine and it will do all the work so you get to have all the fun! Product Details This helpful little machine runs on 2 C batteries (not included)and simple bubble solution.

A specific plug adaptor can also propel the bubbles. Please note, this playful machine is not exclusive to commercial bubble solution; the homemadekind will do just fine too.

Bursting With Fun Make any Halloween decor scene come to life by integrating this handy bubble machine. Pro tip: hide it behind a witch's cauldron so it appears like she's stirring up a bubbling concoction.


Froggys Fog Machine Cleaner

Keeping it Clean Want to keep that fog machine running like champ? Then you have to clean it!

Like most things, your fog machine needs some general maintenance. You can't just run it like there's no tomorrow without giving it a good cleaning, but the good news is that it can be a breeze when you use this Froggy's Fog Machine Cleaner.

Product Details This fog machine fluid comes from Froggy's Fog, the folks who know everything about fog machines! It's designed for use in water-based fog machines and helps optimize the performance of your machine.

It helps clean out any deposits that might be sticking around in the fog machine's heating core. All chemicals are FDA approved.

Easy Cleaning Method Using this cleaner solution is easy! Empty the machine of fluid and rinse out with distilled water.

Then, add a cup of distilled water into the tank. After you've use up the water, turn the machine off and rinse the tank one last time with distilled water.

After that, pour a cup of Froggy's Machine Cleaner into the tank. Run the machine again until the cleaner fluid is used up and turn the machine off.

Then, simply run another cup of distilled water through the machine and rinse the tank one more time! Finally, you just run a small amount of fog fluid in the machine to make sure it's running smoothly!


Froggy's Gallon Bubble Juice

HOW DO YOU MEASURE FUN? We've pondered many times what kind ofmeasurement we should use to evaluate fun.

Now, you can hardly use a measuring tape since, you know, fun isn't technicallytangible in the strictest sense. It's wracked our brains for decades.

But, then our friend Froggy made us realize that the only way to really evaluate something as ethereal as fun is to bottle up what helps to create it! Well, with all of Froggy's magic bubbles, it became clear.

"Fun" can be bottled up by the gallon! PRODUCT DETAILS Now that we've got that solved, you can bring home a gallon of fun with just a few quick clicks!

This gallon of Froggy's Bubble Juice is "Fun" in liquid form and sure to last you as long as you like. Use the bubble juice with a wand to create enough individual bubbles to last you a lifetime or fill a Froggy's Bubble Machine to create thousands and thousands of bouncing bubbles in moments!

THE ANSWER IS MORE BUBBLES! If you've ever felt that maybe you're missing a little bit of fun in your life, like many do on occasion, we've got the solid solution.

Well,semi-solid, anyway. You need more fun bubbles in your life, of course, and this Bubble Juice is just the ticket to make it happen.


Froggy's Gallon Fog Juice

TIME TO STIR THE POT Our best friend,Froggy, has been working for decades to craft the perfect alchemical blend that will bring the mysterious magic of the swamps to everyone else all over the world. How has a frog been working for decades?

Well, obviously he's got the magic tricks to make it happen! Are your ready to turn your Halloween party into something truly magnificent?

Need to make that witch's cauldron look like it's truly brewing something amazing? Well, get ready for the magic!

PRODUCT DETAILS You've heard the expression "a gallon of fun?" No?

Well, you're going to be saying it a lot once you get this gallon of Froggy's Fog Juice. This product is the perfect thing to keep your fog machine running as long as you like and make your den look like some truly mighty magic has been at work.

Need your party to have that extra atmosphere? Well, this is the way to do it!


Folks always have a natural curiosity when something is bubbling up fog and mystery. We're instantly enthralled.

We've gotta go peak. Just imagine the fun when your friends go wading through the fog to look in your misty cauldron only to see.


well, we can't evenimagine the tricks you'll come up with, though we can't wait to hear what's hiding in your Froggy's Fog!