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Iron Man Treat Bowl Holder

Tony Stark has an Iron Man suit for everything. From the primitive Mark I he built to escape captivity to his autonomous Iron Legion and the intimidating Hulkbuster, Tony is never without a trick up his sleeve, and that trick is usually a new suit of robotic power armor.

So it should be no surprise that he has some tiny ones for around-the-house tasks. Theres one to fluff his pillows.

Another scrubs the toilet bowls. (Who wants to do that themselves?

) But Tonys favorite just stands on his desk and dispenses candy. I mean, he could have programmed J.



S. to do it or just use a bowl like a normal person, but Tony kind of has a thing for robots.

You might have noticed. Yes, Tony Stark is not only a billionaire playboy and superhero, but hes also an avid lover of candy.

If you want to have the mental energy to crack wise and invent new technologies, youre going to need to keep your blood sugar up! He throws parties where full-sized Iron Man suits stand around with bowls of treats for guests.

. He has such a sweet tooth, hes had to confront the demon at the bottom of the candy bowl.

Now from Stark Industries, you can have the Tony Stark experience at your own desk or party. This Iron Man Candy Bowl Holder might not be a tiny Iron Man robotper the Sokovia Accords, that technology is far too dangerous to disseminate to the publicbut it does look just like one, which is the next best thing.


Wolverine Halloween Candy Bowl Holder

What's better than having the best haunted house for Halloween? Having the treat bowls that no one will shut up about!

After you're done making your home look as scary as possible, your party will be perfect with this amazing Wolverine Candy Bowl Holder. You can be sure your treats will last all night when you place it in the capable hands of this X-men hero.

The look on Logan's face says 'Hey, bub. One candy at a time.

' Those claws are just down right scary too! Whether you need Wolverine to be the bouncer for your candy bowl on Halloween or just for another random night of nerding out with your best friends, he is up for the task.

You can trust that not even villains like Magneto or Sabretooth will get their greedy hands on a single delectable treat. Take a look at the rest of the amazing superhero and villain candy bowl holders we have and have the ultimate collection of decorative treat holders.