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Realistic Tree Frog Costume for a Child

JUST RIBBITING You know that quoteabout a frog turning into Prince Charming after a kiss? Yeaaa, we don't really get that.

To us, frogs are already extremely charming. In fact, we don't think it's possible for them to get any more charming.

They're the perfect mix of unusual and adorable. They have large eyeballs protruding from their face and they always seem to be smirking in a way that says, "I know something you don't know.

" They're coatedin a semi-slimy skin, begging us to give them a tiny squeeze. Instead of walking or running, they hop from lilypad to lilypad.

That action alone makes us squeal with delight. And don't even get us started on the cute croaking sound they make!

(Insert heart-eyes emoji here.) There are many different species of frogs in the world (over 4,000.

Can you believe it?) but the exotic rainforest tree frog is a fan favorite because of its colorful markings, which is why we wanted to create this costume.

Modeled after the red-eyed frog, it's a great look for kids who are frog-obsessed, just likeus. Like we said, we already think it's a charming look, but you can always wear a crown, reinforcing that you're a prince.

DESIGN & DETAILS Our team of talented designers are frog people too which is why this costume is so realistic they love studying frogs in their downtime. The high-quality jumpsuit features a fully-functioningzipper in the back.

The hood attaches under the chin via a hook and hoop fastener tab. The hood has attached red eyeballs on top, perfectly recreating a life-sized quintessential tree frog.

The included gloves and shoe covers have rounded finger-like appendages to devise the amphibious look TAKE THE LEAP Spring into action and pick this costume before it hops away. Just kidding, it's not going anywhere.

It's a keeper!


Realistic Tree Frog Toddler Costume

One of a Kind Any kid can be a vampire for Halloween. Pumpkins are so last year and your kid has already done the whole wizard thing.

It's not too hard to be a ghost, or a pirate, or a firefighter. It takes a bit more individuality, however, to pull off a Realistic Tree Frog Costume, such as this one!

Luckily, your child is that perfect mix of animal enthusiast, nature lover, and independent thinker that can make this unique look pop against the surroundings! In this super-cool kid's costume, your child can show off their knowledge of the natural world, not to mention practice climbing and camouflagingskills.

As leader of the Biology Club, your kiddo is a fab fit for this colorful, cozy costume, and is likely to win the school costume competition for this fresh and original idea. Not to mention, the photo session of your child in your backyard tree, clinging to a branch, will be priceless!

Design & Details One of the great things about our Made by Us kids' costumes is just how easythey are to wear! Our design team knows that the last thing a young child (or the parent of a young child) needs is something complicated.

That's why this costume comprises a cozy full-body jumpsuit, with a headpiece and hand and foot covers. That's it.

The headpiece has bulging red eyes and the entire look is printed to match a tree frog's signature markings. Sadly, the amphibian's amazing clinging abilities haven't quite made it into these hand and food covers, so make sure your little one doesn't try to scale the sliding glass door or anything wearing this costume.

Now You See 'Em..

.Now You Don't One of the coolest things about treefrogs is their ability to blend into their surroundings, should they so choose.

Teach your child that in order to really hide from predators, they will need to sit very, very still, close their eyes, and not make a sound. We're not sure how long they'll be into this game, but that sweet calm and silence will be worth it for however long it lasts.