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Futurama Men's Dr. Zoidberg Costume

Your favorite Futurama character, Dr. Zoidberg, may have given up his comedy routine to start practicing medicine, but you are actually ready to give up your medical license to practice comedy.

Way to take a risk; we think its great! No one appreciated when youd sling Zoidbergs hilarious one-liners around the hospital, anyway.

Are you ready to operate, Doctor? Id love to, but first Id have to perform surgery.

Ha, ha. We love it!

And we think you have a bright comedic future. A silly Halloween costume seems like an apt place to start your stand-up career, so why not take it back to the source of your inspiration?

This Dr. Zoidberg Costume will finally earn you the respect you deserve for being hysterical.

And for someone who is just starting out, you really cant ask for a better comedic job than being the star of Futurama. You look really ready to transplant your entire career in this officially licensed costume, which features a sleeveless top, collarless jacket, and elastic waist pants.

Place the iconic molded latex Zoidberg full head mask atop your own and prepare to crack up the crowd tonight at your pals party. The mitts may make it hard to hold the mic, but every comedian has to start somewhere.

Just please promise us you wont up and run away from your dreams at the first sign of struggle, crying, Wub! Wub!

Wub! Wub!

Wub! the whole way home.


Futurama Slurm Can Cooler

Are you reading this in the future? Have they made Slurm yet?

What does it taste like? Are you addicted?

Silly question, of course you are! Do not go to the factory!

We hear gross things about how Slurm is made. Is there a way you could send us back some?

We want some! Give us the Slurm!

Sorry, we're not sure what just happened there. By the way, how did you get to the future?

Can we come? Will we get Slurm?

Oh? We just have to wait like everyone else?

Well, for those of us who are NOT in the future, we will just have to slip this Slurm Can Koozie around our regular (only slightly addictive) sodas and energy drinks. We repeat, DO NOT GO TO THE FACTORY!

Somethings are best left a mystery.
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