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Crime Fighter Nerdy Glasses

It's A Crime Now listen, we know there are people who don't like to dress up for Halloween. At least, we have heard these people exist, though we cannot for the life of us understand why they refuse Halloween merriment.

It's a total mystery (and to be totally honest, we kind of think it should be illegal!).

But luckily, you are an expert crime-fighter and mystery-solver, and your sleuthing may be just the thing we need to uncover what is behind this costume reluctance. Now, to get started on your path to the truth, you'll need to pull together a stellar disguise of your own to look the part.

You'll want to be thorough and detailed not just a simple mask that someone could pull off to reveal your identity. These Nerdy Crime Fighter Glasses, for instance, are just the accessory to add to your brown bobbed wig and orange turtleneck top.

They will conceal your face just enough so that you can get to work solving the world's greatest mystery: who is behind the anti-Halloween costume crew? Design & Details This perfect pair is exclusive to us, so don't go asking the gang to pick them up anywhere else!

It's an oversized square frame, with tinted lenses that won't give you away no matter what mystery you choose to solve.


Dorky Nerd Wig

Have you noticed how cute nerds are now? They are so adorable and nerdy.

With their sweet little rocket ship patterned bow ties and sweaters. They can talk about Star Wars and explain complex mathematical concepts using almost poetic language.

But, maybe we are biased, sitting here wearing our bow ties and playing with our Wookie figurine. We're just happy that our style has changed from the squares during the 50s who can't get a date to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

But, if you want to channel your inner Lambda Lambda Lambda brotherhood this Halloween, you can by wearing this Dorky Nerd Wig. Now, we can't promise that someone wont try to pants you, or give you a swirly, or put a 'kick me' sign on your back.


or any of the other things that can happen when you are a nerd. (Did we mention how happy we are that nerds are cute and important now?

) But, it can be fun to be the smartest on in the room. Oh, and don't forget to grab your pocket protector.


Geezer Nose Adult Glasses

Off the Lawn..

. Onto the streets!

It's about time you let the grumpy old man who lives within lose this year! That's right.

Now you too can go to dinner at four. Call your friends and leave long voicemail messages that start with you calling out, "Hello?

Pickup!" as if answering machines still played in people's houses.

The old man in your soul can book a cruise and grumble about the food the whole time you're out on the ocean. You can pick up playing Bingo with your friends or if they want to be more active, a little pickleball will do.

Are you excited about early retirement? Get onto the geezer scene with these hilarious glasses!

Product Details Slipping into these glasses is sure to be a good time. The glasses include the nose of an old wise guy and wild eyebrows on the top brim.

They fold up and store easily so they can be ready for instant silliness at a moment's notice! Good Old Standard While dressing as an old guy might be the newest Halloween trend, this pair of geezer glasses can be brought out for all sorts of reasons.

The perfect offering for a retirement gift, a fiftieth birthday celebration, or themed parties, you may want to order several pairs just in case!

Glasses - Broken


Class Welcome to your first A.P.

class. What's that?

No, you've got it wrong. This is not an advanced placement class, this is a class for accident-prone students.

We can see how that would be confusing but what can we say, the teacher of this class is also mistake-prone. For our first class, we're going to focus on risk mitigation when it comes to trips and falls.

The most important thing for you to remember is if you're balancing on something or trying something new, make sure you find a safe placement. Rollerblading near water or standing on one leg near a campfire are both dangerous.

However, balancing on a short wall in the middle of a grassy lawn might be worth the risk. Looks like that's the bell.

Next week we're covering knocking items over so be sure to read the chapter on liquids that stain! Product Details This pair of glasses will make the heart of anyone who's nearsighted skip a beat.

The black glasses have lenses printed with a shattered design. A great accessory for nerd costumes and accident victims, you're sure to have a lot of fun slipping on these surprisingly stable broken glasses!


Nerd Kit Bricky Blocks

make lemonade Some people aren't exactly thrilled to be out and about at a function like a costume party. So we're big fans of announcing as directly as possible that you are, in fact, fun.

You can do just that by building the word "FUN" with this cool Bricky Blocks Nerd Kit. Or you can just rely on the fact that these are super unique and eye-catching to send that message.

product details Bricky Blocks is cool because you can put your own spin on it! This Bricky Blocks Nerd Kit comes with plastic glasses and a bow tie, but you can customize the glasses to fit your style, costume, or whim!

The bow tie has an adjustable elastic band on the back so you can always count on comfort when you sport it. One size fits most, too, so you won't have to worry about that when putting together your costume -- just get it, set it, and forget it.

build better What do you want to build? We've always wanted to build a large fountain we can throw coins into for good luck, and a jungle gym about five stories high.

We suggest you keep your expectations in check, though!

Science Nerd Girl's Costume

Total Cutie Pi Your kiddo is gaga for geothermal energy. She's a whiz at robotics.

She flips for physics. And her chemistry sets outnumber her dolls by the dozens.

Your little brainiac can't get enough of the scientific world, and she is ready to show everyone she meets this Halloween just how happy is she is to be a "science nerd!" Cool!

We love a gal who knows who she is, what she likes, and who doesn't apologize for it. That's why we think this Girl's Science Nerd Costume is too cute for your brilliant little kiddo.

Because pretty soon, she is bound to become a powerful, smart, genius and head some cool engineering firm or design the world's first water system on the moon. So, better get on her good side now she's gonna rule the world someday!

Design & Details The irony of this costume is there is truly nothing "nerdy" about it! It's cool as can be, from the darling details and careful craftsmanship achieved by our fabulous in-house design team.

The dress is styled to look like a retro top and pink plaid jumper, complete with a science pun on the front, as well as pleats, a collar, and a matching bow at the neck. Add some super-cool kicks, a pair of too-big glasses, and maybe a beaker or test tube for a fantastically smart look!

Science Fair Flair Even after Halloween has passed, your brainiac will find fun ways to wear this look. Maybe she'll sport it at the science fair to claim her first place ribbon, or to celebrate Pi Day her way!