Gingerbread Houses

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7-Inch Claydough LED Hanukkah Gingerbread House

Seasonal Sufganiyah Supplement You know what time of the year it is! It's time to light your menorahs and spin your dreidelsit's Hanukkah!

Nothing is better than coming together with the ones you love to commemorate this moment in Hebrew history. Well, except doing it with thisClaydough LED 7" Hanukkah Gingerbread House.

Just one tip, make sure Uncle George knows this house isn't edible before he tries to sneak dessert. Product Details The house features a blue-and-white color scheme and is molded with the appropriate Hebrew imagery.

The little attention to detail has to be the best thing about this holiday decoration. This table piece is an excellent alternative for those who don't celebrate Christmas and simply want to try something different this year for the holidays.

So put down your shammash, wrap up your songs, and then make sure you pick up thisClaydough LED 7" Hanukkah Gingerbread House!