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3 Piece Buried Alive Skeleton Kit

There's something that we've been pondering for a while now. Why does Home and Garden magazine never feature human remains decorating opportunities in their October issue?

Everyone knows unique variations on the classic spooky skeleton is the only way to keep your fall dcor fresh. With our 3 piece skeleton you'll cause your neighbor's to come up with their own questions.

Such as, "Is that skeleton sinking to it's dark fate, or rising from the dead?" They might also ask, "How can I ever compete when my neighbor's yard is so darn chic?

" The realistically painted bones make your skeleton stand out in a world of bleached and sadly cartoonish skulls. The skull's open mouthed expression seems to form a grin that is permanently welcoming the Halloween season.

Maybe you'd like more back story to your skeleton set. Feel free to set this skeleton in a sandbox and put an explorer hat on the skull, for that died in quicksand look.

Also try placing your skeleton set in freshly turned flower beds for an undeniable fresh grave appeal. You'll find the opportunities for weird decorating fun are virtually endless.

This three piece set is easy to install with steaks attached to the ends of the arms to keep them in an upright position. This skeleton strives to be useful, if you'd like to show where to get on the path of horror or that there is bowl of candy on the porch, both the arms and wrists can bend, so your skeleton buddy can tell passerbys the way to go.

Go ahead, get creative with some spine tingling dcor this year.

5 Piece Buried Alive Skeleton Kit

Do you want to turn all Hallows eve into a full-blown night of the living dead down at your end of the block? Its actually not that hard!

All it takes is a dark sense of humor, a little can-do spirit, and this 5 Piece Buried Alive Skeleton Kit! This ingenious kit features lawn implantable bone appendages--a realistic looking skull, forearms, and legs with articulated hands and feet--that are stake mounted for easy installation into the ground.

It will really look like the dead are rising from their earthen graves, right in your front lawn! We just hope that you dont come across any real skeletons while you are staging these pieces, they have been known to crawl out from the dirt to defend their own kind.

Thats how believable this kit really is!

6FT Tall Reaper with Staff Prop

Reaper Madness Reapers have a hard job. And in the past, we've known very little about their free time.

Until that is, one of our writers came back from beyond to give us the inside scoop. Not only did Gary give us brand new information on the personal life of the guys with the scythe, but he's also the first to ever write an expose with a planchet!

But enough about poor, dead Gary. According to our source from the beyond, reapers are serious about relaxing when they're not out corralling souls, which explains why they wear robes all the time.

When they're not steaming their bones in a sauna, they can be found mixing up macabre martinis and blowing off some fog by singing karaoke. Turns out, while you might not want to run into a Grim Reaper on your front doorstep, they really know how to live it up in the afterlife.

Product Details Bring some of that reaper interest to your Halloween decorations this season when you invest in this intimidating fix-foot figure. With metal supports underneath this cloth figure, you can easily assemble and disassemble it when the season is over.

This is great because running into this character while rummaging in the attic for Easter decorations might send a shock through the system! From the dramatically long hands, tattered cheesecloth veil, and intimidating staff, this reaper will be a favorite part of your Halloween decor for years to come!

Just Chilling Are you ready to transform your home this spooky season? This tall prop packs a lot of punch.

Pair it with all sorts of cemetery props such as gravestones, fencing, and the classic cotton spiderwebs. Setting the scene is delightful, just watch as trick-or-treating kiddos build up their courage to knock on your front door for treats.

You're sure to be full of spooktacular spirit. As they say, you are what you sow!


Cemetery Kit - Scary Graveyard Outdoor Decorations

Get ready to turn your front lawn into a graveyard this Halloween with this Cemetery Kit. The kit includes two styrofoam tombstones which have four plastic stakes (two per tombstone).

These plastic stakes are used to stick the tombstones into the ground. The skeleton jaw, head, and arms can be placed in front of the tombstones in any way you'd like.

The skeleton jaw and head can be connected to make a full skull or kept separate if you like. There is also a bag of spider webs that can be positioned on the tombstone, skeleton, and fence along with the three plastic spiders.

Finally there are four plastic fence pieces that can be placed standing in the ground in front of the skeleton and tombstones. This kit will get you set to terrify your neighbors!


Collapsible Wood Grain Look Coffin 5 Foot

There Goes the Neighborhood Wow! Your house has really been through a lot since October first.

We thought you might have a spider problem a few weeks back when webs began to appear throughout your bushes and front porch. Then there were the bats that seemed to be beating at your windows at all hours of the day.

Then we thought the pumpkins were a way to bring some color to your decor. Then we saw there were scary faces carved into each one!

We thought the final straw would be the freshly dug graves complete with gravestones all over your lawn. Now, that recordhas been topped with this creepy wooden coffin.

Is there someone in it? There's only one way to find out.

and honestly? We probably don't have the guts to open the lid.

This just better be as far as you go. .

. wait!

Why are all these scary little ghouls and goblins wandering the streets? We'd better put our house up for sale before this neighborhood gets any worse.

Product Details Unlike a real coffin, this coffin is lightweight and collapses when you're ready to store it. The pattern makes it look like its been in a terrible tomb for a hundred years with subtle shades of brown and gold.

Just in case people think this is just an intricate box, they'll be set right with the infamous RIP on the lid. At five feet long this coffin will take your yard from snoozyto spooky in no time!

Dead on Decor So, whether you decide to hide in this coffin and scare passers-byor you simply let it help your house look like one of Dracula's cast offs. It pairs awesomely with our variety of skeletons and spider webs.

Take it as far as you want just knowthat as long as this coffin is around, your decor is sure to be dead on!

Complete Skeleton Graveyard Decoration Kit

Uh Oh There's been some terrible news! After the recent flood, the graves in the local cemetary were all waterlogged and weakened.

When the water evaporated, bones from the graves were scattered across town! And it's starting to become clear that some of the bones' former owners aren't too happy about being above the ground's surface again.


Product Details Don't feel like robbing a grave to get your Halloween decor this year? Try this Complete Graveyard Skeleton Decoration Kit instead!

The kit includes all of the molded plastic pieces you need to deck out your home in skeleton bones.