Grim Reaper

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10 Foot Towering Animated Grim Reaper Prop

Not so Terrible Travel Guide When you signed up to go on the trip of a lifetime, you didn't think that your travel guide would be death, himself. At first, you were a little bit worried about him taking you to your final destination.

But since there were no refunds available, you went ahead with your journey. Turns out, it was a pretty amazing adventure!

The pictures you got of the River Styx are like nothing you've ever seen on the Instagram of your globetrotting pals. You were able to meet long-dead souls like Aristotle and Edgar Allan Poe.

As soon as Death dropped you off on the right side of the veil, you gave his services 5 stars and let him know that he could always visit you, as long as he waited until your old age before harvesting your soul! Product Details This Reaper figure will make a wonderful host for your Halloween display!

He stands at an awesome 10 feet tall. Plug him in and his eyes will glow and blink.

He moves his jaw and moves his head while repeating four different phrases that are on volume control to perfect it to your setting. Death has wide skeletal hands and a dramatic robe that flows around his eerie body.

You can choose from three different activation modes: steady on, motion sensor, and the step here pad. Perfect for a wide variety of Halloween displays, the Reaper is sure to be a favorite prop for many Halloweens to come!


3FT Animated Hanging Reaper with Sickle Decoration

Always be Lurking Have you ever taken a look at Medieval artwork? There's often a skeleton or skull lurking in the background while people go about their day-to-day work.

This was supposed to remind any admirers of the work that death was coming around the corner, sooner or later. Can you imagine people still doing this today?

Just popping a skeleton emoji in the back of their selfie photos. Yeah, we don't think that would actually happen.

But the reaper still lurks in our decor during the Halloween season! Follow an ancient tradition and let the reaper hang out in your yard during this spooky time.

Sure, we don't have to deal with Smallpox and The Black Death anymore but it just might remind your friends and neighbors to enjoy themselves while the living is good! Product Details This three-foot-tall reaper is big enough to pack a punch and small enough to fit in a wide range of spaces such as porches, apartment windows, and front yard bushes.

Running on batteries, this Reaper has glowing eyes and an eerie voice that's sure to freak out anyone who passes by. The skull has a loop at the top of the head, making it a breeze to display anywhere you want to spread a little gloom and doom!


5FT Tall Inflatable Reaper Riding Unicorn Decoration

Oh What Fun! What do you do when you're dead inside but still want to have a good time?

You make friends with a rainbow unicorn, of course! This 5 Foot Tall Reaper Riding Unicorn Inflatable Decoration puts a hilarious spin on the typical scary Halloween decor.

The sturdy inflatable decoration depicts a skull-headed Grim Reaper holding his scythe while astride a smiling, prancing unicorn. The figure has a built-in weight bag to keep it stable and lights up when plugged into a wall outlet.

Bet you never thought that the sight of a Reaper would make you laugh!


60 Inch Swinging Reaper Prop

Welp, it looks like this reaper's done reaping for the day. Now he simply wants to enjoy the rest of his day by taking it easy and playing on the swings!

Aww, who would have thunk it? The Grim Reaper, Death himself, actually prefers to unwind after a long day by hanging out at the park.

His favorite activity at the park isn't watching kids fail on the monkey bars like you'd think, no instead he'd rather swing his worries away. There is nothing he loves more than feeling the wind rush by his skinless face.

If you want to ensure that your soul won't be snatched by this deathly entity, we advise that you meet Mr. Reaper at the park and push him for a little bit.

He'd love it! Add this decor piece to your yard for some frightful fun.

He's sure to give the neighborhood children quite the scare while simultaneously securing your spot in the scary yard hall of fame!

6FT Tall Reaper with Staff Prop

Reaper Madness Reapers have a hard job. And in the past, we've known very little about their free time.

Until that is, one of our writers came back from beyond to give us the inside scoop. Not only did Gary give us brand new information on the personal life of the guys with the scythe, but he's also the first to ever write an expose with a planchet!

But enough about poor, dead Gary. According to our source from the beyond, reapers are serious about relaxing when they're not out corralling souls, which explains why they wear robes all the time.

When they're not steaming their bones in a sauna, they can be found mixing up macabre martinis and blowing off some fog by singing karaoke. Turns out, while you might not want to run into a Grim Reaper on your front doorstep, they really know how to live it up in the afterlife.

Product Details Bring some of that reaper interest to your Halloween decorations this season when you invest in this intimidating fix-foot figure. With metal supports underneath this cloth figure, you can easily assemble and disassemble it when the season is over.

This is great because running into this character while rummaging in the attic for Easter decorations might send a shock through the system! From the dramatically long hands, tattered cheesecloth veil, and intimidating staff, this reaper will be a favorite part of your Halloween decor for years to come!

Just Chilling Are you ready to transform your home this spooky season? This tall prop packs a lot of punch.

Pair it with all sorts of cemetery props such as gravestones, fencing, and the classic cotton spiderwebs. Setting the scene is delightful, just watch as trick-or-treating kiddos build up their courage to knock on your front door for treats.

You're sure to be full of spooktacular spirit. As they say, you are what you sow!


Adult Dark Reaper Costume W/ Hooded Robe | Scary Costume

Six Feet Blunder The other day you were out on your porch putting your feet up on a sunny day. It was a nice day and you were taking your time reading the newspaper and suddenly you looked up and saw a heavily robed man walking up your sidewalk.

Of course, you were feeling a little nervous. Who was this?

What's with the getup? Turns out it was the grim reaper himself.

He was coming for a soul. At first, he thought you were the hit but thank goodness you had drunk your first cup of coffee so you were on top of yourgame.

You asked him to check his address book to make sure he had the right place. After all, you were feeling healthy as a horse.

Turns out he was looking for 44th Ave southand he was at 44th Street. An honest mistake.

He stayed for a cup of coffee before heading out to the right address. Turns out, the grim reaper isn't such a bad guy after all.

Design & Details You'll look chilling in this raggedy Grim Reaper costume that's Made by Us. Our designers make sure our costumes are a step above the rest.

Take the sleeves, for example. With layersof black gauze, your spooky pointing game will be stronger than ever.

The layers go all the way up your arms for a stand-out smokey look. The hood has a veil to make your face extra mysterious.

And finally, your hands will have a boney appearance with printed white bones on the top. Reaping what you sow If you're a Halloween fan, there's nothing better than dressing up in a classic costume.

Dressing up as the Grim Reaper is as timeless as the guy's profession. Finish this look up with a scythe and you're sure to drum up plenty Halloween enthusiasm!

What does that mean? Well, more treats of course!