Halloween (Movie)

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Butcher Knife Prop from Halloween

To the Point Do you know what we think? Probably not, so we're going to tell you.

We think that if you want to scare you party-goers, and we meanreallyscare you party-goers, then you'll need some pretty convincing decorations. We're talking skulls and spooky spiders.

We're talking cobwebs and bloody cups. Some drippy wax candles?

A potion bottle or two? Maybe even a hatchet.


oh and knives. Nothing is scarier than some dude in a crazy mask running around with a knife.

Of course, you wouldn't just wantanyold knife. After all, someone could seriously get hurt if they aren't watching what they're doing and you've got an actual knife on hand.

That's why we at are happy to offer some quality props that maylookscary, but are, in fact, harmless.

Take this Halloween Butcher Knife Prop for example. Even though this prop looks scarily realistic, it is a fake knife.

That means it's not going to accidentally slice anyone open and youdon'thave to worry about dicing up your party-goers. That is, you don't have to worry about dicing up your party-goerstoo soon.

You go ahead and take your time and do it the right way..



Halloween 2- Haddonfield Memorial Hospital Metal Sign

Open Door Policy Residents of Haddonfield have been led to believe that Haddonfield Memorial Hospital is high security. Why else would they let the hospital take a dangerous patient like Michael Myers?

But it turns out, the hospital has been sweeping a few shortcomings under the rug. Who else could have escaped from the hospital?

Has Haddonfield let other classic killers escape and resume their reign of fear just in time for future sequels? Without a serious investigation, we'll never be sure!

Product Details This metal sign will let everyone know to be wary. There's a hospital just around the corner that's at the center of all sorts of terror!

Aged with spots, it looks like you could have swiped it straight off the streets of Haddonfield, Illinois. Post this sign on your porch or hang it up in your home with the hole at the top for Halloween parties to set the right tone.

A foot tall and a foot and a half wide, it'll stand out without taking up too much room. Officially licensed, this is a sure sign that you're a deep fan of the Halloween movies!

Just be sure and leave Laurie Strode off your guest list!


Halloween 3 Adult Pumpkin Mask

Sounds Suspicious Hey, cool mask! Is that one of the accessories made by the Silver Shamrock company?

We heard that they were recently under investigation for trying to murder everyone with microchips made from Stonehenge fragments. Yeah, it was a pretty big ethics violation.

But don't worry, that one's probably fine! Product Details This officially licensed Halloween 3 Pumpkin Mask for Adults comes without any Stonehenge slivers so that you can get enjoy all of the creepy nostalgia without having to deal with the "fatal brain waves and bugs crawling out of your mouth" side effects.

Made of natural latex, the pumpkin-shaped mask covers your entire head and has a smiling jack o' lantern face cut into the front. The Plot Thickens Enjoy your Hallowen 3-themed costume this year!

Try getting your friends to wear the witch and skull masks so that you can have a cool group costume. It might be smart to make sure that they're not androids in disguise before you join up with them.


Halloween 3 Skull Adult Mask

Just Good Fun Check out these cool masks from Silver Shamrock Novelties! That factory sure makes awesome Halloween accessories.

This one is even fitted with a special microchip containing a small piece of Stonehenge. Not sure what it does, but it probably doesn't have anything to do with the recent murders and bugs crawling out of dead peoples' mouths.

At least, we're pretty sure it doesn't! Product Details Get up to plenty of schemes and skullduggery while wearing your officially licensed Halloween 3 Skull Mask for Adults!

The latex mask covers your entire head and has an access slit in the back. Its molded to look like a cracked and aged skull, with snaggle teeth bared in a sinister grin.

The eye sockets conceal viewing ports so that you can see where you're going. Happy Halloween Unlike the movie version, this mask is perfectly safe to wear!

You'll be able to terrify your friends in comfort without worrying about nefarious plots.


Halloween 3 Witch Adult Mask

Season of the Witch Suspicious murders, a shady factory owner, and missing pieces of Stonehenge: Sounds like a recipe for a fun slasher flick! All you need is a really scary costume to fit right in with Conal Cochran's androids.

Product Details Investigate suspicious activity at the Silver Shamrock factory while wearing an officially licensed Halloween 3 Witch Mask for Adults! The latex accessory will help you blend in, while also making you look nice and creepy for the holiday.

The face covering is molded to look like a snarling witch face, complete with wrinkled neon green skin, a hooked nose, warts, and and an open mouth containing three snaggly teeth. The attached faux fur hood covers the rest of your head.

Eye holes let you see where you're going. Save the World Are you determined to expose a fatal conspiracy, or are you in on the plot?

Either way, don't watch any commercials while you wear this mask, just to be on the safe side.


Metal Halloween Strode Realty Sign Decoration

House Hunting in Haddonfield Are you looking to settle down in beautiful Haddonfield, Illinois? There are so many lovely houses available.

You'll find houses with doric columns, neatly painted shutters, and shining original wooden floors. And if you're looking for a real deal then you'll want to check out the old Myers house.

As long as you're willing to leave town on Halloween every year, you're sure to be perfectly safe. If you want a guide to find the perfect place to live in Haddonfield, you'll want to go through Strode Realty!

Just be sure to stay far away from that bargain house in late October. Product Details This Strode Realty metal sign is the perfect deep cut for horror fans.

Put it up on your porch and anyone who has seen Halloween will think about that fateful moment when Laurie Strode put her dad's realty sign on the Meyer's house's porch. Hang this sturdy sign anywhere that's sheltered enough to keep it somewhat dry to prevent it from rusting.

Though, a rusty Strode Realty sign would be super spooky as well. Perfect for Halloween parties and all-year horror fans, this sign will bring your spooky Halloween interests to life!