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100 UL Purple Indoor/Outdoor Light Set

Orange You Glad..

. .


you didn't pick orange? Hear us out!

Halloween always leaves people seeing orange. And don't get us wrong, we love orange.

We understand why traditional holiday colors can have such appeal. Red and green for Christmas.

Red and pink for Valentine's Day. Red, white, and blue for the 4th of July.


.there's something equally magical about stepping outside of the box and going your own way when it comes to holiday decorating.

This Purple Indoor/Outdoor Light Set still says "Happy Halloween" with the best of them, but it does so in a subtly more unexpected way. Long thought of as the secondary color of Halloween, purple holds a lot of appeal, especially when festooned on a bare tree branch, wrapped around your porch, or lining your front door.

Purple is a little mysterious, a bit cool and dark and dangerous, and the long-favored hue of witches worldwide (something about it being a complementary color to green). So hang these purple lights with pride and prepare for a Halloween just as unforgettable if not more so than one decked out in orange.

Design & Details This is a classic string light set, with 100 bulbs and measuring about 25 feet long. You can connect up to 5 sets together for a true Halloween purple-palooza!

$9.99 $18.99

10-Inch Dragon with Static Lighted Magic Ball Decoration

Gift of the Dragon Magical beings rarely interact with humans. They prefer to remain solitary, away from anyone who might expose them or cause them harm.

Frankly, it's pretty incredible that this one has not only decided to remain with you but is safeguarding the gift of a scrying ball! You're basically royalty in the dragon world.

This 10" Dragon with Lighted Static Magic Ball Decoration is shaped like a dragon with outspread wings, its tail wrapped around orange flames, holding a fuschia-colored static ball. Set it out for Halloween or display it year-round!


10-Inch Lighted Blazing Scenes Decoration

Great Skulls of Fire Halloween is right around the corner, so you know what that means, right? In with the macabre and out with the mundane.

Its time to break out all the classic Halloween decorations you set up around your place every year. However, you dont want to stop there.

Youve got to keep up with everyone else in the neighborhood. So its always good to add a few new decorations to the mix.

This 10 Inch Blazing Skull Light-Up Decor will be the perfect addition to your home this time around. Its not just your average spooky prop.

This decor has the ability to spit out hellfire! Well, not really.

Its more like this prop projects a fiery light, but still. It looks as awesome as it is haunting.

Is this skull suddenly appearing from the deepest darkest fire pit of hell? Your guests this Halloween will never know!

Product Details This plastic decoration plugs in with the attached cord. The skull measures to be approximately 14inches long and 10inches tall.

Once you plug the skull into a wall outlet, the hellish light will project from the backside of the skull. Instructions are included to answer any questions you may have about this product.


11 Inch Black Light Ghostly Bat Skeleton

Night Flier This bat died and didn't realize it. Instead, it kept flying through the night like everything was normal.

It's first sign that something was wrong was that the mosquitoes it gulped down went right through it. Its second sign was that it kept getting used as a Halloween decoration.

Product Details You'll go batty for this 11" Ghostly Bat Black Light Skeleton! The plastic decoration is shaped like a realistic bat skeleton.

The skull has plastic bat ears, and the entire thing glows when illuminated by a black light.


11.5 Inch Antique Gold Resin Raised Arrow Textured Pumpkin

Vintage Veggies When youre after vintage styling for your fall or Halloween dcor, you cant go wrong with a jack-o-lantern. Though, for a true vintage feel, youll want to choose a turnip instead of a pumpkin.

But then you have to find a way to make a carved-up turnip look chic, and honestly, we havent even figured out how to do it. Instead, we turn to traditional pumpkins with grinning faces and lovely tabletop pieces like this 11.

5 Antique Gold Resin Arrow Textured Pumpkin! Product Details Ensure your seasonal dcor fits the aesthetic when you add one or more of these ornate decorations to your display!

Measuring 11 1/2 inches tall and finished with a soft golden color, this stylish gourd makes an excellent addition to any fall or Halloween setup. Pair with more metallic colored pieces for a modern yet antique look or mix and match with playful seasonal items for a unique look.

In fact, you may be able to give a jack-o-lantern turnip new life when matched up with this special squash!

110 Spider Web Window or Door Covering Decoration

Creepy-Crawly Hey guys! Stick with us this year when you go trick-or-treating.

We'll show you where all of the good houses are. Mrs.

Winkle lives on the corner and she hands out whole caramel apples to every kid, so you'll definitely want to hit her up. The Joneses always give full-sized candy bars - they're awesome!

Mr. Thompson asks you to do a trick before he gives you a treat, but he gives out five-dollar bills, so it's worth it.

And the house on the end of the block? Ummm, we don't know who lives there.

They always dress in black and we're pretty sure they have a spider problem. Best to skip that one!

Product Details Enter if you dare! This 110 Inch Spider Web Door or Window Covering is perfect for adding some creepy flair to your home.

It stretches over an entrance or a window and looks just like what might happen if a giant arachnid decided to spin his home over your house. No oversized bug swatter required!