Halloween Decorations

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20 Piece Family Pumpkin Carving Kit

A Family Affair Lots of families get together for the winter holidaysa December gathering around a table is nothing unusual. But your family makes a big to-do of Halloween, and all the siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even neighbors gather together to carve pumpkins, brew potions, and decorate for an unforgettable haunted house.

The main event is a grand spooky feast on All Hallows Eve before taking all the kids trick-or-treating. Cool!

Will your family adopt us? But seriously, you don't expect to host this year's grand Halloween gathering with the one hand-me-down carving knife you have, do you?

No way! You'll be a laughingstock.

You'll need a few of these20 Piece Family Pumpkin Carving Kits for an efficient and festive event your (awesome) family can be proud of! Product Details This handy tool set has everything you and yours need for pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Whether you want to create the most basic of Jack-o-lanterns or the most intricate Impressionist image, this set has you covered. It includes 12 stencils, 2 scoops, 2 carvers, 2 detailers, and 2 markers, all in a slime-green hue that will be easy to locate among the pumpkin pieces.

We can't wait to see what you create! Host(ess) With the Most(est) Have fun hosting this epic event for the first time, and make sure you pick up enough of these kits to cover your crowd.

The point is to lay out the newspaper and all spend time together as you carve your pumpkins. And don't forget to add us to the invite list!


72 Inch Cocoon Corpse Prop

Stay away from deadly creatures lurking in the shadows. You may end up like this 72 inch Cocoon Corpse for example.

We're pretty sure this poor guy thought he'd be safe but clearly he was wrong! Now, he's nothing more than a lifeless corpse hanging on your porch now.

Poor guy! You'll be able to create the perfect Halloween scene when you add this detailed prop to your holiday decor.

A life-sized corpse is crafted from green foam, and is wrapped in silky spiderweb material. It comes complete with a wire attached to the feet, so you can hang it upside down and make it appear as though this poor soul ran into a giant spider and had a very, very bad day.

You could also use this frightening prop in a variety of other positions, or pick up a few of them to create a wicked beast's lair. Whatever kind of scene you assemble, we're sure that all of your guests will be leaving with a fright!

(And maybe a newfound fear of spiders too!)


Colossal Pumpkin 10 Piece Carving Kit - Orange

SLICE N' DICE On a beautiful fall weekend in October,you and the family pile into the mini-van foran autumn adventure. It's time for a trip to the local pumpkinpatch so you guys can gather orange gourds for displaying on the front steps.

It's a yearly family tradition and one everyone looks forward to dearly. Once everyone is back at home, clutching their perfect pumpkins, it's time to get artsy.

This is when regular pumpkins transform into glowing Jack-o-lanternsthe kind that get plenty of praise and attention on Halloween. Help your pumpkin, soon-to-be-Jack-o-lantern, stand out from the others that will inevitably be in the neighborhood by picking up the 10-piececolossal pumpkin carving kit.

It comes with everything needed for expert pumpkin craftmanship. Make intricate and detailed shapes with everything seen here!

PRODUCT DETAILS Carve pumpkins like a certified pumpkin carving professionally. (Do those even exist?

) Anyway, this carving kit comes with a super goop scoop, perfect for scooping out the icky insides. You'll also get one small saw, one detailer and one marker for drawing on thepumpkin first.

You'll also get 6 pop out stencils to help create a masterful Jack-o-lantern. FUNKIN PUMPKIN Let us know how your Jack-o-lanternturned out by leavinga product review for the carving kit below!


Froggy's Quart Bubble Juice

BUBBLE JUGGLE Froggy's alchemical explorations began in the swamp when he noticed that curious bubbles would rise up from the waters on a rare occasion. Enthralled, he'd watch them float in the air until they'dpop and release a brief kaleidoscope of color.

It was fascinating. But, far too rare.

He needed more. That is when he turned to alchemy.

From here, he created countless wonders and, now, the magical bubbles fill the swamp all day and night. Of course, bubbles in theswamp hardly helpus.


PRODUCT DETAILS Fortunately, Froggy is a generous soul and has made it possible for you to bring the magic home with this quart of Froggy's Bubble Juice. This quart bottle contains enough non-toxic, water-based solution to create thousands of prismatic bubbles to fill your days.

Use with a bubble wand for individual fun or fill one of Froggy's Bubble Machines to create a truly magical environment. NOT YOUR NORMAL SOAP BUBBLES Sure, you could do up some dishes, throw some liquid soap in a tub, and splash around to make a few bubbles.

But, that's hardly a fun or lasting environment. With Froggy's Bubble Juice, though, you'll have some high-quality bubbles and the option to let a machine do all the work so you can just focus on the fun!


Glow Spray

YOU GLOW, GUYS! The dark is a scary concept for a lot of people because you can never be entirely sure of what lurks in the blackness once the light switch is flipped off.

Darkness is associated with doomand gloom. Not much thrives in the darknessexcept little trinkets capable of glowing in the dark.

When in the light, glow in the dark objects appear normal, even boring but hit the lights and that very object shines in the blackness. How inspirational!

If you love anything that gives off a greenish glow in a dark room, the glow spray needs to be yours. Use this handy aerosolspray to give many things a radiating brilliance.

This spray can be used on signs and plastic objects so they can glow once the sun sets. It's ideal to use on Halloween decor so make sure to pick up a couple cansso all your pumpkinsglow.

PRODUCT DETAILS The 4 oz. can of spray maybe used on any inanimateindoor or outdoor object.

It's also ideals for banners and other arts and crafts projects. The temporary spray paint can be easily washed and away with soap and water but should not be used on skin or hair.

Please read all instructions before using this item. THE SPARK IN THE DARK Pro tip: spray an object in your roomwith this to create a quick and easy nightlight.


Hand Gelatin Mold

Need an extra hand when you're getting ready for your big Halloween party? How about two?

How 'bout thirty??

You don't want to let things get out of hand when you are in the middle of planning. You got the feeling during your last party that everyone thought your boring old jello cubes were a little out of touch, but you couldn't really put your finger on why.

It would be nice if you could fix that problem with just a flick of your wrist, but you'll have to dig a little deeper to really get a grip on the matter. We've got just the thing to slap some new life into your party dcor!

With this Hand Gelatin Mold, your costumed party-goers can feast on some spooky jello hands to get into the Halloween spirit. Just mix up your favorite flavor, chill, and serve!

Now your guests will be thinking more about if they prefer fingers or palms more, and less about all the inevitable hand-puns!