Halloween Essentials

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Pumpkin Carving Set

Will you attempt to carve a Picasso-esque figure, or a swirling ghost in the firm golden flesh of a pumpkin? Most people pick a pumpkin and become inspired by its shape.

Will you see a vampire, a bator maybe even President Trump? Yes, theres an orange joke in there somewhere, but we didnt actually come out and say it.

We think we are pretty clever, but were not here to gloat. Back to pumpkins Whatever it is you imagine, you can carve to your hearts desire.

This Pumpkin Carving Set is much safer than traditional kitchen knives, but still requires some caution. The serrated knife will carve all of the circles, nooks and cranniesand take on some pretty complicated angles that are required for jack-o-lantern teeth.

The best part is the compliments youll get as the result of your creativity and handiwork!

The Flashing Mouth Guard

Never Fully Dressed without a Smile Is there anything more exciting than receiving a special smile when you least expect it? It can change a mood from gloomy to cheery in only a moment.

It doesn't even matter if you're seeing the smile or making it happen yourself! Smiling wide can boost your immune system and reduce your stress levels.

It can also make you rich. It's been proven that people who smile a lot get promoted more often.

So now that we know how important smiling is, wouldn't it be a shame if we let our smile fade into the night? Product Details This simple prop can make your toothy grin shine from a distance.

You can simply pop the clear teeth into your mouth and flash a multi-colored smile at anyone you see. Whether you're dressing up for a candlelight parade, festival, or trick-or-treating, you're sure to be spotted in the darkness.

Talk about Beaming Are you looking for a fun twist for your Halloween costume? This flashing grin will make any costume a little different.

Make a tooth fairy costume extra hilarious or a Greek god extra stunning. Your grin makes you, you.

Why let it disappear just because of a little darkness?