Halloween Special Effects

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1/2 Gallon Jug of Blood

Blood Bath So, we're going to level with you. There are only a fewreliable ways to come by a full jug of blood.

A few are very gruesome ways that you would expect (which we won't outline here), but let's just say that they are quite..

.involved (not to mention illegal).

But the very best, least messy, and most legal and gentle way to go about obtaining a large quantity of blood is to simply nab this Half Gallon Jug of Blood! Trust us,there is nothing that real blood can do that this stand-in can't!

And in a handy jug that keeps it stored nicely, this product is bound to make your Halloween dreams and nightmares come true! Design & Details There are so many uses for fake blood at Halloween!

Perhaps you want to be a vampire or a zombie back from the dead. Maybe you are wanting to impersonate an on-screen serial killer or a deranged killer clown.

Or perhaps you simply want to use this blood to spatter on your porch, windows, and mirrors to create an eerie haunted house effeect. However you use this 64-ounces of vibrant red, realistic fake blood, it'll be a scream!


Cemetery Party Scene Projector Halloween Decoration

Ain't No Party Like a Cemetery Party Looking for a fun and easy way to step up your Halloween party this year? Then look no further.

Weve got one word for you: Projector. To be a little more specific, this Cemetery Scene Party Projector.

Its the perfect accessory for you to add to your haunted house this year. No need to fuss with tons of wildly complicated decorations when you have this projector.

You wont have to break a sweat in order to have the scariest home on Halloween. This Party Light Projector transforms an ordinary wall or a typical front yard into a spooky graveyard!

Product Details The only thing scarier than a haunted cemetery would be one that changes colors. It was a daunting blue, then the scene morphed into an eerie green, and now its a hellish red.

Oh me, oh my! Goodbye!

is what all your Halloween guests say when they see this dark magic at work. The scene depicts ghoulish eyes in the black of night, theres a living tree with a wicked scowl, then, of course, there is the tombstone with bats flying overhead and a creepy cat nearby.

Grab this Halloween Party Projector and make your house the most haunting place in the neighborhood