Harry Potter Accessories

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Gryffindor Tie

Every little wizard-in-training wants to go to Hogwarts when they're old enough, because as far as Schools for Witchcraft and Wizardry go, it's the top of the class. But for better or for worse, they don't get to pick which House they'll be in, and they have to rely on a chatty old hat to tell them where they'll be living for the next few years.

That makes it pretty tough to plan your wardrobe for the first day of school if you don't even know what color your uniform is going to be..

. We know, it's all magic, and they can change their clothing colors with a flick of a wand.

But what are you supposed to do before you learn that particular spell? Well, if you really really want to be in House Gryffindor, we have got you covered with this Gryffindor Tie.

This licensed, dapper looking necktie looks exactly like those worn by Harry Potter and his mates in the movies, and could help your chances of getting into your house of choice. No Sorting Hat can argue with a tie this magical!


Harry Potter Ravenclaw Patch Striped Scarf

Happy Deathday to You It's time for the ghosts' annual Deathday party, and youyes, you!have received a personal invite from Helena Ravenclaw, herself.

Don't spend too much time fussing over what to wear, but make sure you're properly prepared for the festivities. Ghosts typically thrive in cooler temperatures, so a proper Deathday party is bound to get chilly!

Wrap yourself in this Ravenclaw House Patch Striped Scarf from Harry Potter and prepare to be wowed by the experience of a lifetime. But, uh, take our word for iteat before you arrive.

There is nothing on a ghost's menu that will delight your senses. Trust us.

Product Details All the ghosts will know you're a true eagle, through and through, when they notice the cute leather patch on this officially-licensed scarf (as if the house hues didn't give you away, already!).

This cozy knit features alternating color blocks in navy, sky, and gray, and cute fringed tassels for a perfectly pulled-together, cold weather accessory. Wise and Wonderful We're not sure how you snagged such an elite invite, but we know those ghosts are very exclusive about their party guests.

You must have some major pull around the castle. Tell us everything from your otherworldly experience, and be sure to let us know how this scarf goes over with those who've crossed over to the other side!


Harry Potter Slytherin Patch Striped Scarf

Just Slytherin' Along If you're a snake, life can be slow going; it can be hard to get around without legs. But if you're a Slytherin, then life is basically flying by, moment to momentthat's how much fun you're having!

While some in the wizarding world used to mischaracterize all Slytherins, we know today that the stereotypes are simply not true. There are amazing serpents out there, using their bright ambition, tireless drive, and cunning mind for good in the world!

In fact, you've dressed like one for Halloween, and you couldn't be more proud of how you sorted your costume. Now, you just need the finishing touches, like this Harry Potter Slytherin House Patch Striped Scarfsee what a positive impact you're making already?

Product Details This is a genuine, licensed scarf taken straight from Hogwarts and brought to your doorstep by owl! It's a soft knit in dark green, light green, and silver, and the fringed tassels at the ends coordinate perfectly.

A small leather snake patch adorns one side, while a tag reading "Harry Potter" rests on the other. Pride and Joy One day, you'll have a little witch or wizard of your own, and you can share with them all the pride of your Slytherin roots.

A new generation of serpents is changing the way the world sees the green and silver, so keep being fabulous out there, decked in your house colors!

Slytherin Scarf

Yes Slytherin When you get sorted into Slytherin, you're basically destined to become a dark wizard, or at least some kind of magical delinquent. The good news is that you get to wear the coolest scarf at Hogwarts.

(Because we all know the ones who practice the Dark Arts are the snappiest dressers.) Made from knit fabric, it's striped in the Slytherin house colors of green and silver.

The house crest badge decorates the long side, and the edge is lightly fringed. At 63 inches, it's long enough to keep your neck warm while still fluttering stylishly in the breeze.