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Deluxe Latex Horse Mask

Ever heard of a reverse centaur? It's the mythical animal with the face of a horse and the body of a man.

It has been said that their magical powers are second to only the liger and the marmot! Theyre also considered very attractive to the opposite sex (and to others who arent even a part of their species) and a coveted part of any infantry!

Don't take our word for it, though: Wear this Deluxe Latex Horse Mask with your next Halloween costume and see how magical it makes you feel! Made of brown molded latex, this is a full face and head mask in the same of a horse head!

It also features a synthetic brown horse hair mane in the back of the head for that mystical horse hair realness typea look! So slip this on for your next Halloween or costume party and get ready for a mythical, legendary time!

(Warning: mask does not actually grant magical powers at this junction in time.)


Toddler Corduroy Horse Costume

Havent you herd? Sometimes being a horse is more fun than being a real boy.

You get to run around wild and free all day, eat as much as you want, and feel the breeze in your mane. So would you rather be a horse than a kid, yay or neigh?

Make playtime or Halloween extra fun with this Toddler Corduroy Horse Costume! Let your little stallion roam the plains of your backyard in this number and we bet you wont be able to take your eyes off of him as jumps over obstacles and hoofs it around the fence line.

Hes also bound to rack up some extra candy in his trough at Halloween as he trots about the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Thats because this look is so stinkin precious, the folks handing out candy wont be able to resist him as he paws the ground for more.

And can you blame them? Of course you cant.

No one can resist his little face as it peeks out from under the plush hood of this zippered corduroy jumpsuit. So its a good thing your little foal is too young to make heads or tails of all the newfound power his ears and tail bestow upon him.

Hes too busy galloping through the green grasses of life to abuse it.
$49.99 $69.99

Toddler Happy Horse Costume

Horses share a special part of America and its founding. Just imagine what our country would have been like without horses to carry the wagons.

Or what the cowboy would have been like without his trusty steed. We don't rely on horses to get us around anymore, but we still love to watch them race, watch them perform in pageants, or just ride them for fun.

Their majestic coats and rapid trots are some of the many reasons why we still find them so fascinating. This goes double usually for kids.

They love to hear those horse's neigh and stomp their hooves, and they love to pet those gentle animals at petting zoos or, if they're lucky, on the farm. If your little toddler loves everything about horses, we might have the perfect costume for that future cowpoke this Halloween.

Presenting our Toddler Happy Horse Costume. This one's an exclusive and we know you're going to love it!

The costume is 100% polyester velour with faux fur and faux leather. The jumpsuit has a back zipper with a long tail sewn on back.

There are faux leather mitts sewn to sleeve cuffs that fold back to free hands, and faux leather hoof shoe covers that are sewn to the pant cuffs with elastic bands for easy removal. The hood has soft-sculpted nose and ears with appliqued eyes and a faux fur mane; this fastens under the chin with Hook and Loop fastener.

Your little child will love this furry costume for Halloween!