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Adult Get Real Loaded Hot Dog Costume

We don't know about you, but we've a soft spot for junk food. We're talking fries, sloppy joes, doughnuts, burgers.


it's all amazing. So juicy.

Such tasty flavors. They're our favorite foods from carnivals, fairs, and diners.

The good stuff. Corn dogs, kettle corn, milkshakes, cheese curds, funnel cakes.


wow. We're getting hungry.

What were we talking about again? Oh yes, junk food.

The stuff we treat ourselves to when we're out at a baseball games or a grill-out. And missing from this list?

Who could forget the hot dog? This iconic little sausage-in-a-bun has been around for decades.

Popular from street-vendors to sporting events, this tasty finger-food can be garnished with any of your favorite relishes. That's what makes hot dogs one of our favorites.

Not only are they tasty, everyone can personalize them with their favorite toppings. Everybody gets exactly what they want on their steamy weenies.

Dang it. We're getting hungry again.

We love hot dogs so much we even have a costume for them. Our Adult Get Real Loaded Hot Dog Costume is 100 percent polyester.

It has a hot-dog-shaped foam tunic with the picture of a fully garnished hot dog printed over top. Check out that onion, relish, and mustard!

You'll look downright appetizing in this outfit. Now if you'll excuse us, we're pretty sure it's break time somewhere and we're think we saw a vendor outside.



Adult Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Package Costume

Ideal for a Roast When your friends invited you to a roast in your honor, you didn't know what to think. Were they going to have a campfire and roast some dogs or were they going to take turns making fun of you?

You didn't dare ask. That could add fuel to the fire (no pun intended).

After debating back and forth in your head for a few days, you decided to wear an outfit that would be appropriate for both occasions. Maybe, if you were dressed in a super silly outfit, people would focus on that rather than digging deep into your ego.

After all, how can a friend focus on that time you forgot to pack any underwear when you went on a road trip together if you're literally dressed as a pack of hotdogs? Costume Details This instantly recognizable Oscar Mayer hot dog package costume is sure to be a hoot at a wide range of events!

It's easy to slip into this costume, slipping over your head with holes for your head and arms. The bottom is open for a wide range of motion.

With a plastic layer of film covering the realistic photos of the hotdogs, you'll look fresh and ready for the roasting. The back of the tunic is a plain, white, breathable fabric.

Slip this over your own clothing and you'll be ready to celebrate a wide range of occasions! Relish Every Occasion It's great to have a costume that you can return to again and again.

If you're a hotdog enthusiast, this package of dogs might be that! A great choice for Fourth of July parades, state and county fairs, and of course, Halloween!

You can even dress up with buddies when your friends dress up in our other food costumes such as the S'more group ensemble. Let's have a roast to your new favorite costume!


Adults Hot Dog Costume | Fast Food Halloween Costumes

SUMMER FUN FOR EVERY SEASON The struggle with summer is that, no matter how much you try, it is only going to last a brief amount of time. In a snap, you go from that bright and sunny beach-time weather to the cool, crisp breeze of autumn.

But, the summer fading away doesn't have to mean that you let go of all the fun that you've had. Sure, you might not be running out to the lake or setting off the fireworks outside of summer, butsome things are a necessity year 'round!

We're talking about the delight that comes from grilling up food and celebrating with friends and family. Those weenies are perfect for every kind of gathering.

Stewed up in BBQ sauce for the holidays, diced up in Mac & Cheese for the kids..

. There's no limit to the deliciousness of the hot dog!

Well, perhaps we can think ofone kind of hot dog that shouldn't be prepared for dinner. And, we suspect after you climb into this style, you'll agree.


DESIGN & DETAILS Prove that not all hot dogs are designed for digestion when you slide your buns into this exclusive Hot Dog Costume. This great look was designed in-house by our geniuscreative team, clearly after we kept them from a lunch break.

The full body suit looks just like a giant hot dog with a mustard squeeze inside a perfectly sized bun. Your head pokes through a face hole and two arm and leg holes allow you all the mobility you'll need to run away from your hungry guests.

INNUENDOS ASIDE The only thing that is going to be difficult about your day when you're in this amazing Hot Dog Costume is avoiding all the jokes and innuendos that you're going to want to say! Of course, that might be part of the reason you're looking to become a giant hot dog.

So, you'll enjoy every moment with this big..

. costume.


Baby Hotdog Bunting Costume | Funny Halloween Baby Costume

When you're at the ball park there is just one thing that everyone wants, a hot dog. This classic snack food is beloved by people of all ages.

Now your little one can become his or her's favorite food with this fun hot dog costume.

Corndog Costume for Adults

Not Just Any Dog There's something about a corndog that's a step above any other sausage products! Unlike a hotdogor even a brat, the best version of this fried frank is available only at the best events of the summer.

You wouldn't simply get out the deep fat fryer and prepare some corndogs after work. No, eating a corndog means that you're walking the grounds of your county fair, petting mini ponies and seeing if you have the skills to milk a goat.

It's available at events where the crowds are steady, the sun is hot, and the memories are plentiful. And that, friends, is why this original "food on a stick" is a favorite for so many people.

No one eats a corn dog when they're sad. A corndog is pictured beside"funfood" in the encyclopedia.

So, if you're looking to become a crowd favorite, there's no need to wrap yourself in a moistcornmeal dough and jump into a fryer, simply get a hold of this costume! Product Details This costume was designed by our in-house designers who also to be huge fans of fair food.

It's a simple favorite of our staff, much like the edible original. The tunic simply fits over your head and torso with the flexible stick extending from the bottom.

With a squirt of mustard down the middle, you'll surely make people smile and salivate at the same time! Coming back for Seconds Here's the thing with classics, people want the same classic at the same time every season.

And oncethey get a taste of your corn dog hilarity, people are going to expect you to rock this classic food look again and again. Lucky for you, this exclusive costume is durable enough to please the crowds time after time.

Now all you have to do it fend off all those folks who showed up hungry!
$49.99 $79.99

Dirty Hot Dog Apron

"Big" Man on Campus OK. OK.

We get it. You'rethat guy.

You're the one who promises a good time and delivers a good time. You're the one who will stop at nothing to make your buddies laugh.

You're the class clown, the life of every party, the king of inappropriate humor. Did we get this right?

You know what, friend, every group needs a guy like you, and we want to help you be your true self this Halloween. That's why we think we have the perfect costume for you.

This Adult Dirty Apron Hot Dog Costume is a seemingly innocent (and easy to wear) costume look with a big surprise. It's right up your bawdy alley!

Now, if you'll just excuse us while we go cancel our lunch orderwe had a footlong coming. Product Details This apron is as clever as it is hilarious.

It's a red apron with the words "Delicious Dick's Footlongs" on the front, alongside a hot dog image. At first, your friends may be confused.

"Did you come as a short-order cook?" But just you wait, lift the apron's corners and invisible strings will lift the "footlong" out from your body in a strategically placed location.

Haaaa! Get it?

And don't even get us started on that hotdog bun underneath! Hot Diggity Dawg Congrats, funny man!

You did it. You took home the costume contest prize, and you did it by being authentically yourself.

Now, make your rounds and let everyone at the party "enjoy" your costume's dirty little secret. It's a good one!