Hunger Games Costumes

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Adult Huntress Costume

Do you have great hunting skills? Are you a quiet, emotionally detached, yet opinionated soul?

Perhaps you have dreams of escaping your current lifestyle and taking up with strangers from strange lands? If this sounds like you, then we may just have the opportunity youve been looking for: professional huntress!

Whether you fancy yourself an adventurer or wanderer, being a huntress is an excellent career path for the right type of person. You get to wander unexplored lands and fight dictatorships on the regular, and as an added bonus, you can become a rock star in your own right the woman everyone looks to for hope and inspiration.

Sounds like a pretty good gig from where I sit! If you want to be a huntress, then you have to dress the part.

This womens huntress Halloween costume has everything you need to take on the world, one crooked politician and overzealous overachiever at a time. The gray tunic has a laced front placket with an elastic waist for a flattering fit.

The faux suede shoulder sash is sewn to the right shoulder and left hip so you dont have to worry about losing it in your next adventure. The matching belt has a printed gold eagle and filigree design and fastens with fabric ties for a comfortable fit.

To stay undetected at night, the costume comes with a hip-length crushed velvet cape that has a chain fastener at the neck. Finally, the faux suede gauntlets have a matching gold design to top off the look.

Add pair of black leggings and a bow and arrow to take your look from amateur to professional!