Indiana Jones

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Adult Deluxe Indiana Jones Hat

Hold on a second. We know you want to start lashing around that whip of yours, but before you start testing out Indy's other accessories, why not start with something a little easier.

After all, Indiana Jones is quite the master of his domain, but he wouldn't be who he is without his hat. This Indiana Jones hat is just like the one worn by him in the movies and won't cause some major damage around the house if you misuse it.

So right off the bat it's better than a whip. You can always learn to use that later.

Indy wouldn't be himself without his hat, so this is a key accessory for any Indiana Jones costume. It's definitely a much better place to start than wildly flailing around a whip trying to be like Harrison Ford.

This officially licensed Indiana Jones hat is made of brown felt and is in the fedora style. The hat measures 22" in circumference and has an Indiana Jones logo pin on the side.


Adventure Hat

Did you know Howard Carter discovered King Tuts tomb and supposedly unleashed a deadly curse? Some say his death in 1939 was punishment for violating the resting place of the legendary pharaoh, but who knowshe might have just caught the flu!

If you want to be the next great explorer and adventurer, then you should give our Mens Brown Adventure Fedora Hat a try! Its the perfect thing to wear when exploring Mayan temples, ancient pyramids, or seedy dives from South Bend to Shanghai.

You can even go to the grocery store and seek out exotic fare in the International Food aisle. Just because the fedora has suffered an unfortunate association with internet trolls doesnt mean there arent plenty of classic fedora-wearing characters that would still make great costumes.

Indiana Jones, Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, Freddy Krueger the key is pairing it with an appropriately formal or rustic outfit, not cargo shorts and a Tommy Bahama shirt.

Indiana Jones Toy Accessory Kit

When you engage in the sort of archaeology that puts you up against nazis, evil henchmen, and heart-snatching sorcerers, you need more than just a pickaxe and a magnifying glass in your toolkit. Indiana Jones always understood this.


and he knew that a reliable sidearm is the perfect complement to a bull whip..

. because you just never know when you'll be up against a sword-wielding martial artist who could easily beat you!

That's why you shouldn't set out on your quest for the Ark of the Covenant without this trusty Indy Accessory Kit! It's got everything you need to be sure you're properly armed.


and that you look the part, too. It includes not only a toy gun, but also a holster and a belt (because real adventurers don't just stick guns in their pants -- that can be dangerous!

) The best part of these accessories is that they have that rich brown leather look, which is such an integral part of Dr. Jones's style!

Just don't forget that signature fedora (we sell those, too!), and with the Indy Accessory Kit, you're ready for adventure!