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11-Inch White PVC Bloody Shoe Prints Decoration

They Went That Way! Quick!

Has anyone seen a cold-blooded killer? It might have been someone carrying a dripping chainsaw or a long, pointy knife.

They definitely were tracking some evidence on the soles of their feet. They must be found before they strike again!

Product Details These exclusive 11" PVC Bloody Shoe Prints are almost criminally awesome! Stick them on a flat surface to give the appearance of bloody shoe prints skulking away from the scene of a crime.

When you're finished with the gruesome decorations, simply peel them up!


12 Piece Cemetery Decoration Kit

Grave Ganderings Is your humble yard looking a little too normal? Well, Halloween is fast approaching, so you'd better have a plan of action for spookifying your home!

So, why not turn your yard into a graveyard? Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Hey, put that shovel down there! We didn't mean to LITERALLY turn your yard into a graveyard.

All you need is the right cemetery style decor and you can have your front yard looking like the scene of a creepy horror movie..

. and you don't even need to dig up your yard!

Product Details This Cemetery Kit comes with everything you need to turn your home into one creepy lair of terror! The kit comes with 3 tombstones made out of foam materials.

They have different designs, including a Grim Reaper theme and a skull and crossbones theme. The kit also comes with 3 molded skulls, a pair of skeleton feet, skeleton hands, and some spider webs.

The kit also comes with 9 feet of faux barbed wire to help add an aura of danger to your home! The kit is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can place each piece anywhere you like in your home!


16 Skeleton Dressed Bride Decoration

Here Comes the Corpse This bride has the right idea. Why get all caught up in the little details?

Why not just appreciate the fact that you're getting married to your love? Even if, say, you happen to be already dead on the big day, that's no reason not to celebrate.

Product Details Start the wedding march for this exclusive 16 Inch Skeleton Dressed Bride! The molded plastic skeleton is dressed in a lovely antique-style gown made of lace and white mesh, and has a floaty veil over her black synthetic hair.


16-Inch Clown Skeleton Prop

What Happened Here? This is a grim sight.

Everyone knows that evil clowns are scary and dangerous. Most people would be far too afraid of them to do anything but give them a wide berth.

But as this skeleton proves, there's something out there that's even more dangerous than a spooky clown. The question is.


what could it be? Is it still around?

And is it too late to run??

Product Details Have the spookiest house on the block when you decorate with this exclusive 16-Inch Skeleton Clown Decoration! The molded plastic skeleton has a skull decorated with tufts of red faux fur "hair" and a round, red plastic nose.

It wears a collar of red and yellow material, and the waist is draped in yellow and white fabric. Last Laugh It's doubtful whether an evil clown ever actually makes people giggle, but this clown is sure to cause some smiles.

The only time you really want to see a creepy creature like this one is when it's Halloween. The scarier the better - especially since he has no interest in moving.

He wants to see all of the guests or trick-or-treaters arrive.


17 Bloody Halloween Doormat

Tidy up Your Crime Scene Just because shady and vaguely bloody things happen here doesn't mean we like to live in mess. You can absolutely bring your bloody axe into the house, but be sure to prop it up neatly on the rug - after you clean off your shoes.

Product Details Remind guests not to track into the house - mud, human plasma, anything - by laying out this 17 Inch Bloody Footprint Halloween Doormat! The brown rug is printed with red splatter and faux bloody footprints around the dribble-font words "Wipe Your Feet.


17-Inch Black Brewing Witch with Cauldron Prop

Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog What's that old witch brewing in her cauldron? It could be something perfectly harmless, like a love potion or a spell to get rid of warts, but by the sinister grin on her face, we're guessing that her brew is a little more heinous than helpful.

Product Details "Double, double, toil and trouble" - that's what this exclusive 17" Brewing Witch with Black Cauldron might say if she could talk! The realistic-looking witch wears a black robe and a pointed hat, and uses a molded plastic stick to stir a green-slimed cauldron.